by Michelle Lentz

There are so many of these web-based applications out there that are free. You’re left wondering if some of them even have a business plan. (No names mentioned.)

Jott apparently does have a business plan, as they came out of beta yesterday, after 2 and half years. It seems that perpetual beta does have an endpoint. Congratulations to Jott! This means a lot more than just some site revisions and losing that pesky beta from the logo though.

As of midnight, Sept 8, Jott is going to charge.  As much as I’m accustomed to using Jott for free, I can’t blame them for setting up a subscription service. It’s a good model for other Web 2.0 companies.

It looks like my dependence on Jott will require me to get the $3.95/month plan. I need to send email reminders to myself on a daily basis, and Jott has proved just the tool to do it. It’s most useful when I have an “important thought” or such and I’m driving down the road. I can’t type, but I can certainly call Jott (or just record using the iPhone app).

When asked why productivity (or Premium) Jott Links now have a charge, the folks at Jott replied that

We are more than happy to still provide a service that enable customers of other productivity-focused companies to input to-dos and accomplish other tasks using their voice via Jott. However, it does cost us money to run Jott and given the value we provide to customers, we feel we have come up with very reasonable monthly and pay-as-you-go plans that let you access those links. We decided to keep Twitter, Blogger, and other blogging services free to help spread the word about Jott, as they are one-to-many communications mechanisms. Amazon and Zillow are Jott Links that give Jott Basic customers an idea of what can be done with the service and other Jott Links.

All of your current Jott links will still work after the conversion, so no worries about lost data. If you choose not to select a plan, you’ll be automatically set up with the Jott Basic (free) plan.

What do you think of Jott charging after 2.5 years?

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