Velveteen RabbitI often compare new social tools to the Velveteen Rabbit story from when I was a kid. When does something stick around long enough and make enough of an impact to become a “real rabbit”? I’ve felt this way about social recruiting as I’ve struggled through my job search for the last six months. apparently had the same question and spent some time doing some research. Their conclusion? Basically that by the end of 2012, social recruiting will be a “real rabbit” but it’s not quite there yet.

Some stats that struck me:

  • Currently, 92% of companies allocate less than 10% of their recruiting budget to social.
  • Only 16% of companies have a Twitter account dedicated to HR  / Recruiting.

So why, why why why, am I wasting so much time socially looking for a job? Because job boards sure as hell aren’t cutting it for me. Like the other thousands of candidates out there, I spend at least 50% of my time on job boards. But it feels so fruitless and it’s definitely hard on the psyche and the self-esteem. I want recruiting to go social.

The good news for me? estimates that 45% of companies will increase their social recruiting budgets in 2012.

I wonder by how much. Isn’t it time to become a real rabbit?

Here’s the 2 minute video chock full of information about the current state of social recruiting:

Is Social Recruiting Real?



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