Joanna Stern and Justin Beiber at CES (credit: The Verge)

The mainstream media has just gotten much more tech savvy.

News broke tonight that well-regarded tech journalist, Joanna Stern, will be leaving tech and gadget blog, The Verge. After nearly five years of being a tech reporter for LAPTOP magazine, Engadget, and ultimately The Verge, Mrs. Stern will be moving forward in her career and take over the lead technology editor role with ABC News. In her personal post, she reflects on her journey to live her dream about learning new technology and how it’s taken her from humble beginnings within a New York public relations agency to being a journalist. From reviewing over 90 laptops since 2008 to writing articles about consumer tech and gadgetry, Mrs. Stern has earned a solid reputation as someone who you could rely on to tell them what’s important about the latest and greatest in technology.

Perhaps one of the biggest successes in her career as the chance to work with legendary tech journalist Josh Topolsky at Engadget and ultimately following him to his new publication, The Verge, and help build it from the ground up. Mr. Topolsky issued a statement on The Verge that was bittersweet–it’s sad to see one of their star reporters leave, but they understand that it’s a great move for her:

Obviously we wish Joanna the best — we’ve always been her biggest fans, and know she’s going to do amazing work at ABC. We’re also proud to consider her a permanent part of The Verge family, one of our founding members and best friends.

It’s actually a really great move for Mrs. Stern to move to ABC News–obviously it’s not ideal for The Verge, but it’s an interesting trend to see more of the mainstream media start to adapt technology and bring it to the forefront instead of burying it on their website or as side news. CBS News bought the former CNET a couple years ago and NBC News even dabbled at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2010 with an NBC Universal booth. It’ll be really interesting to see how Mrs. Stern bolsters ABC News’ current offerings and helps move technology away from the shadows and into the forefront to be shared alongside politics, world events, and sports.

Congratulations Joanna on this great move. We’ll miss your writing on The Verge, but look forward to seeing your success on ABC News.

Photo Credit: Singer/actor Justin Beiber and Joanna Stern at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 via The Verge

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