Take a peek into a hackathon assembled on the fly.

By Marissa Louie, July 2

What happens when someone come up with a half baked idea that could -potentially- change up the commerce game, then decides to act upon it?

We are about to find out because in the past few hours we’ve assembled a team including up to 8 developers, 1 designer, and myself on the fly to hack it out and see if it will work:

  • William Nelson
  • Craig Benson
  • Sugam Pandey
  • Steve Enzer
  • Lucija Kordic
  • Ari Greenberg
  • Joanne Sun
  • Michael Arace
  • Suyash Joshi
  • Marissa Louie

We even have a sponsor who called with a generous offer:

Special thanks to appbackr, The New Way to Finance Your Apps.

The premise: I came up with an idea for a new platform about a day ago. Then we announced the hackathon on a whim.

The plan: Spend up to 48 hours developing an iPhone app while challenging ourselves to produce something of value to society.

This weekend should be a blast. Perhaps more fun than the trip to Belize, surfing, and golfing outings I cancelled in order to build this!

About the Author:

Marissa is a contributor to Adotas, BusinessWeek, and Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter: @malouie

Marissa Louie is the Founder and CEO of HeroEx, San Francisco’s affordable 1 hour delivery service, where customers buy items then have them delivered in 1 hour or less.

Contact her at (510) 375-1941, or email marissa@heroex.com.

About the Author:

Marissa Louie

Marissa Louie, Founder and CEO of HeroEx.comLocal express delivery in under 1 hour - now in San Francisco!Email: marissa@heroex.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/malouie BusinessWeek blog: http://mbablogs.businessweek.com/youngfemaleentrepreneur Adotas articles: http://adotas.com/author/marissa-louie

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