It was great to see my partner-in-crime from Photobucket days, Kurt Collins, at his own launch party for Enole.
Enole is seeking to change the world by enabling online users to interact with the offline world by unifying and authenticating their identity through Single Sign-On (SSO). Think about a world where (eventually) you could replace your wallet, your keys, your credit cards, your passport with just one device? Wouldn’t it be even better if this turned out to be a more secure solution than the carrying around all that stuff? This is the problem Enole seeks to solve for the world. Kurt Collins and Aaron Knoll founded the company in October and launched December of 2009. Being entrepreneurs with lofty inspirations, they started out on their mission by bootstrapping the entire venture. Their first live demonstration of the product was ZapCash at the Future of Money and Technology conference and only a few months later they were finalist at the Venture Beat Mobile Beat 2010 Competition. Already there are over 10,000 consumers on the platform, including users for the online dating site, who’s CEO Christina Brodbeck is also an angel investor in Enole.

The team is comprised of 6 passionate evangelists with backgrounds at companies such as Photobucket, VeriSignProtocall, Clearspring Razorfish and members of their board include Erick Tseng, Head of Mobile for Facebook. They recently publicly launched their development platform and it provided the perfect excuse for Kurt Collins, known as Master of the Universe and Mary Shenounda, known as Total Frakking Package, to throw a launch party and announce to the world that they have arrived.

Mary Shenouda and Kurt Collins

The Guys Ready to Party and Support Kurt's Launch

Dan Kaplan and Arad Rostampour
Ash Damle, Vivian C Chien, Benjamin Wan and Christina Brodbeck

Bala Musrif, Kurt Collins, Bernadette Balla, Adam D'Amico and Sharon Lin

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    Azzia Zur10 August 2010 9:44 pm

    Great party, great product, great Kurt!