Shit Silicon Valley Says

Well someone had to have done it. Nearly every time I’m looking at my Facebook News Feed, someone is posting one of the newest memes to crawl through the Interwebs. From “Shit White People Say” to “Shit Vegans Say” to even “Shit [enter location] Says“, a whole lot of these spin-offs are coming out of nowhere! And often times they’re funny and maybe even eye-opening, but for those of us in the tech community, we now have one of our very own: Shit Silicon Valley Says

Directed, filmed, and starring the incredible tandem duo of Tom Conrad (CTO of Pandora) and Kate Imbach (VP of Marketing at 8tracks), this 1:46 video takes you through the seedy underbelly of the tech community to give you a really great taste of just what we’re talking about. From poking fun at product ideas to terminology to even describing startups as clones of other startups (e.g. “it’s like Pandora for cats!”), there’s lots of great humor to be had just by watching it. It’s so popular that, as of this writing, the video has received over 600,000 views along on YouTube, not to mention coverage on sites like LaughingSquid.

If you’re in the technology scene, you have definitely got to see this video and see how many of these statements you hear on a daily basis and even how many YOU make. It might just surprise you.

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Ken Yeung

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