This morning I asked Santa to call a close friend and my little brother. I assume Santa did. Just to be sure, I also asked Santa to email me.

For the last few years, Google and NORAD have happily tracked Santa on Christmas Eve. This year, Microsoft wooed NORAD over to Bing, but Google is still in the game. On Christmas Eve, they’ll have their own Santa Tracker, using Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google what-have-you. Until then, you can go to to entertain yourself and your kids.

SantaTracker is a bright and fun HTML5 site (with an accompanying app). You can Pokies play mini games and poke around, waiting for the “developer elves” to launch the map once Santa gets on his way. You can also call Santa and leave him a voice mail. Finally, you can have Santa call a friend or send them an email. Of course, being on top of social media, Santa also sends Google+ messages 24 hours a day.

The messages can end up being slightly hilarious. The way Google has arranged it, you feel a bit as if you’re playing Christmas mad libs. Give it a try and send yourself or a friend a surprise message from Santa.


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