Today, President Obama helped score big points for Google+ with a Hangout interview. While most interviews with the president usually rely on a medium like a major network or a press conference, it seems Obama has decided to take his message straight to the people by having select questions being asked to him. So far, in watching this interview, there are questions about jobs, the economy, small businesses, and much more. Google is moderating this and they have a few people already lined up to question the leader of the United States. Even questions submitted to the White House from YouTube are being showcased here – I just saw one of an Occupy Portland protester ask about why she can’t get a job for five years.

While these great Hangouts aren’t anything new for Google+, this is the first time ever that a sitting president has had direct and unfettered lines of communication with the working man and woman in the country — Google+ is calling it the “first-ever completely virtual interview from the White House“. This isn’t a debate and people are free to interject and interrupt the president (as one did early on) and have a true conversation. Of course Google+ hangouts are subjected to the 10 person limit and with Obama taking up one space (naturally), it only leaves nine spots for people to ask questions. According to MSNBC, according to a Google spokeswoman, all questions being asked were “submitted and ranked by the YouTube community and selected by Google.” Looks like the WhiteHouse didn’t vet these people and the ones that had the highest growth probably got the prized spots in this Hangout.  This ain’t one of your normal press conference, folks!

To watch the Google+ hangout and hear the President’s response, click here.

Photo Credit: The White House via Edjane Obama

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