Have you noticed that the people in your Twitter stream seem to be turning green?

It’s not with envy and it’s not eco-conscious. Green is a new meme that shows support for those in Iran, speaking out against the election results. If you look at the trending topics, #IranElection has been hanging out at the top for several days.

I saw someone tweet that turning your avatar green isn’t really going to help anyone or anything, but I respectfully disagree. It’s a small way to help show solidarity with those who are speaking out. It’s good to know you’re not alone.

The Green meme was most likely started by Arik Fraimovich, a “friendly web-geek” in Israel. His HelpIranElection page has several ways you can go green with your avatar.  Many people are also taking their blogs or Facebook photos green as well.

Alternatives to going green? I added a green ribbon to one of my images using Photoshop, and you can also download Show Support avatars. You can show your support in other ways, by following these tips on BoingBoing.

How to Go Green:

Quick One-Click Go Green App from Arik (automatically adds a green tint)

Green Support Avatars

Green Ribbon (I used Photoshop to add the ribbon)

Use Picnik.com to add a “Night Vision” effect to an image


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