by Brian Solis

So, you have the next killer Facebook app developed and ready to unleash to the world. You burned the midnight oil, cranked through thousands of lines of code and you are going to release your baby to the masses. Now what?

Puzzling over how to do this and do it before your competitor does used to have you scratching your head…until now. GoGrid released its new QuickStart Facebook Servers to help you get to market faster. GoGrid is platform agnostic and using just a slick web interface, you can choose which OS you want (Windows, Red Hat Enterprise or CentOS), how much RAM you need, assign static IPs, load balance and off you go. GoGrid makes the Facebook configuration process easy as well with a custom interface via a web browser. The steps take just a few minutes.

Using a simple web interface, developers or sysadmins can quickly create application or web servers by selecting predefined operating systems (e.g., Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS), RAM allocations and pre-built templates (e.g., LAMP, ASP.NET, etc.). Creation of database servers (e.g., MySQL, PostreSQL or MS SQL) is just as simple. Add free web-based load balancing, static IPs and metered pricing into the mix and you can have a fully developed network infrastructure that is cost-effective, easily managed and scaled all through a polished web UI.

I guess you can think of GoGrid as Web 2.0 meets cloud computing with traditional hosting thrown in for a complete solution. If you’re a Facebook developer, give it a shot, it just might save you time and money while helping you start building your user-base, today.

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