by Michelle Lentz
I like to post something light on Fridays, something fun. But “the Internets” are all abuzz about the data portability-Facebook-Google kerfluffle. That’s just not light or fun – nor is it something I feel prepared to voice my opinions on just yet. 

So I dug through my archive of press releases and came up with Pinger/Pingercast Messaging. This is definitely fun.

Pinger itself seems to be a social network via voice messaging, all accessed through your mobile phone. So take that technology and apply it to publicity and you have Pingercast. I have a friend with a great band in New York City. If he signed up for Pingercast, he could then broadcast voice messages to all his fans and friends, via their mobile phone.

The first thing you do after signing up is to create a custom widget for your site. It’s HTML code, so you can drop it on MySpace or any other location, I assume, that accepts HTML (so probably not Facebook). When people visit your site, they can choose to sign up for news sent to their phone. In Your Voice. This is a great personal branding statement, I think. Whether you’re a struggling musician, a well-known blogger, or just Joe wanting to keep up with Joe’s family, it’s a more personal way to connect with others than blast emails or SMS. Here’s a shot of Indina Menzel’s Pingercast box from her MySpace page (she’s a Broadway star):

To send a Pingercast, you just upload a .Wav or .Mp3 file to the Pingercast site or you can call a phone number to make a recording. With a few steps, anyone can set up a subscription widget to gather names and numbers of their fan base or friends, record messages and send them to subscribers’ mobile phones. Fans can then easily reply and even forward messages to propel your message onward.

Once your message has been sent, Pinger provides metrics to track how many people joined, listened, forwarded, or replied. Your fans pay for minutes, I assume, if applicable in their wireless plan.

Right now, Pingercast is in beta, which means its currently free and they want your feedback. If you’re interested, whether to communicate with Aunt Em and Uncle Henry or to broadcast to your fans, it’s a nifty add-on to your site.

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