by Michelle Lentz

Technology is great, isn’t it? Here are some fun and/or useful things you can do to stay involved in the election process all day long, just like CNN.

Twitter Vote Report: Use Twitter (and other mobile tools) to report on how the vote is really going during this election. The group is urging everyone to use the “hashtag” of #votereport as they do so.They also have a slew of additional hashtags and phone numbers to indicate how long the wait is and if there is a problem. All tracking is done through the currently slow (but probably overloaded) and, of course, you can also use The main Vote Report page is currently listing a 2 hour wait just down the road from me in Covington, KY. Color me surprised. This is a non-partisan Web site from the Evolve Foundation that lets voters record voting issues. When voters share their story, their issues are sent to a local voter protection organization, who will look into the issue and follow up with the voter via e-mail or phone. There is also a widget that can be embedded in your web site.

Indecision 2008: I wish I’d found this blog back in the primary season. It’s had me in stitches for 3 days now. Run by Comedy Central (those Daily Show folks), the writers will be blogging non-stop today. Comedian Patton Oswalt will be liveblogging the election results, crazy news shows, etc, starting at 7 pm ET tonite. Finally, Meebo has partnered with Comedy Central to integrate chat rooms into the Indecision 2008 site so you can participate in the madness.

Current Diggs the Election: Al Gore is involved in the election again, but this time via his Current TV. Beginning 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT, “Current Diggs the Election — Your Election Night Party with Digg, Twitter and Diplo” surfaces the best of the Web to TV with a real-time stream of the most important results, facts and information, creating a comprehensive newsfeed that gives viewers a completely new way to experience election night. For the first time, Digg headlines will be streamed live on TV, featured as part of Current’s multimedia dashboard that includes tweets from Twitter, along with video commentary from and

Don’t forget to vote!

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