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One of the hottest songs to hit the airwaves over the past few weeks is not something you think would become mainstream. “Gangnam Style“, a song with a rocking beat by the South Korean artist, Psy, has become such a sensation, it’s even been performed by Psy himself on the Today Show during their Toyota concert series. After more than 215 million views on YouTube, this pop sensation has definitely opened itself up to a myriad of spoofs and parodies, including this Chatroulette version and the creative wedding version.

Being here in the tech capital of the world, I suppose it was only a matter of time that it would become a huge hit…and the community definitely did not disappoint.

Organized by co-founder, Danielle Morrill, the startup community put together their own version of “Gangnam Style” and today it was released to the world for everyone to see. It’s a mish-mash of footage from both people who videoed themselves doing the dance and also when Mrs. Morrill’s camera crew went around town collecting footage. But just who in the tech world would best portray the indomitable spirit of Psy? There are obviously a few good choices, but in the startup parody, it actually was a bunch of different people just having fun doing the horse-riding dance and everything else.

So why did Mrs. Morrill and the rest of the team do this parody? Who knows…probably because it was fun. But it used a cast made up of mostly startup people–hence the Gangnam Startup Style motiff. So take a look at the video and enjoy the great talent behind it, including folks like The Peep Project’s Ben Parr, 500 Startup’s Dave McClure, August Capital’s David Hornik, Parse’s James Yu, VerticalResponse’s Derek Overbey, Trulia’s Ginger Wilcox, Peter Mullen, Echo’s Chris Saad, Google’s Amy Higgins, TextPlus’ Heather Meeker, Chute’s Gregarious Narain, TechZulu’s Amanda Coolong, YourTrove’s Seth Blank, Kabam’s Kevin Chou, Holly McNamara (and her dog Kiwi), HereLab’s Siqi Chen, Mochi Media’s Jameson Hsu, and many more…

The video was filmed at the house, the San Francisco Design Concourse, the Villa SFO, and other locations. It was directed and edited by Fawaz Al-Matrouk.

Oopa Gangnam (Startup) Style!

Photo Credit: Final scene of “Gangnam Startup Style” taken by Michael O’Donnell/

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