by Victor Karamalis


Do you ever get that feeling like someone is looking you up through Google or Facebook? If so, Facebook has added a new privacy feature called ‘Friend of friend Privacy.’ This feature expands the control of who can view your profile, notes, photos, and other content like mini-feeds. This answers the issue for who will see your friend’s profile or at the very least, put a stop to it should one choose to do so.
Basically, one can control exactly who can see what by including or excluding certain friends or friend lists. For example, when you ask to friend someone, there will be a drop down ‘profile limited’ list to set what they can see on your profile or the friends that are connected to you. This is yet another layer of privacy in addition to who can search for you and how you can be contacted under the privacy settings of Facebook.

For Facebook, this step is seen as a very responsible approach to protecting its users’ privacy. Conversely, this may put the pressure on Linked In which broadcasts every addition or connection to others. It is also a known practice that business people search on Linked In through other people’s connections and advertise that person’s degree of separation. However, the real innovative feature I would like to see is who has ‘touched’ or checked my profile or my friend’s profile when looking through mine on either network.


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