by Michelle Lentz

Today, Facebook launched real-time notifications within Facebook Chat. As of today, when you’re online with Facebook Chat, notifications will appear automatically and in real-time abouve the Chat bar as pop-up alerts.


The Notification pop-ups will let you know when you’ve been tagged in a photo, someone has written on your wall, and so onĀ  – it’s everything you’d normally see by clicking the Notifications icon.

The Facebook blog notes that this will be a great feature to speed up Facebook-gaming:

A common use of notifications with applications on Facebook is for multi-player gaming. For example, when you’re playing a game and take your turn, your opponent receives a notification so they know to take their turn. The immediate notifications can help you play a game faster.

If you find this annoying, you can turn it off. Click that Notifications icon and you’ll find that you can click the X near the notification and turn off that type of notifier. If you weren’t aware, you can do this with a lot of things in your feed as well. I hide just about every quiz my friends take.



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