by Brian Solis

In one week, Robert Scoble, Fred Wilson, and Stowe Boyd have discussed how they have placed Mac Minis in their living rooms to Webify their home entertainment system.

Many A/V enthusiasts run home theater PCs (HTPCs) with as part of their sophisticated rigs, however, it’s not for the everyday family.

For example, I’m currently running several Tritton and Ximeta wireless servers throughout the house and backyard to provide our music, movies, home video, and image libraries to any PC or notebook, wherever you are on the premises. I also have MediaGate MG350HDs connected to each TV, including the living room. These inexpensive devices are pretty slick. They’re wireless and they connect back to the main PC in my office to call any content on demand, and they are true HD ready. I can download or convert any content at 1080p resolution and run it from the MediaGate device as if it were a Tivo.

I’ve had this setup for a couple of years, and truthfully it still works extremely well. What I don’t have in the living room is the ability to display the Web on TV, but I’m not sure that I need it yet.

Forget the HD DVD v. Blu Ray debate. It’s about the Web…just like the future of CDs is about the Web.

Expect 2008 to be the first year where the masses start to dabble with bringing Macs or PCs into the living room for a more interactive entertainment experience. Boyd, Wilson, and Scoble, may already be onto something with the Mac Minis.

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