NYC Fashion week is coming up once again to display the latest and greatest designers and frocks.  What eye candy to go and participate in the events, attend the shows and hobnob with the fashionably fabulous!

With the ever-growing popularity of fashion brands tapping influential bloggers for their marketing campaigns, fashion week is now sprinkled with self-made fashion blogging icons amongst the editors of Vogue and Elle.  As it says in a post in today’s, “… some of the popular personal style blogs have bigger followings than many niche print fashion magazines.”

For bloggers or aspiring bloggers who are able to make it to NY Fashion Week for business or pleasure, there is one event that should be a can’t miss. Independent fashion bloggers this week announced their Evolving Influence fashion blogger conference on September 9th at the Hudson Hotel.

The one day event will begin at 9:00am and is filled with sessions on how to make a living with your blog, actively engage with your community and keep up that compelling content.  Speakers include Emily Schuman of the popular blog Cupcakes & Cashmere (who I wrote about before), Yuri Lee of and Phil Oh of Street Peeper.

Tickets are $60 for the full day event that includes four seminars, lunch, an after-party and giveaways! Not bad at all! Now… if only I were in New York instead of Michigan… sigh!

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