With all of the commotion over whether or not Web 2.0 is the new bubble, all one has to do is attend an ad:tech party to see that we have a long way to go – if the caliber of the party is in any way the current benchmark.

bub.blicio.us got back!

DoubleClick held the official ad:tech closing party at the W in San Francisco, and without or without Google’s recent acquisition, the party was very bub.blicio.us.

The evening started in the lobby as anxious invitees casually convened and waited for the doors to open. In fact, the pre-party spilled outside the front entrance with upward of 20-30 people enjoying the nice weather while catching up on their day at the show.

When the doors finally opened on the 3rd floor, the group instantly swarmed the registration table making it quite the chore to get in.

Peter Berg and Adriana Gascoigne

Upon entrance however, we were quickly comforted in the fact that our waiting would be handsomely rewarded.

Rebecca Weeks of DivineCaroline and Lindsay Mure of Adfemme

The party featured an open bar, of course, and scrumptious edibles that are usually reserved for the more elite tech parties. The highlight however, was the Cirque du Soleil-style performances throughout the evening. Unbelievable, I think some of them are missing skeletal frames.

I attended the soirée with Justin Kan of Justin.tv, and of course, he was one of the night’s most popular attraction. Tepid fans would approach and ask if he was “the” just, and then start screaming as if they just met the other Justin, Timberlake that is. Others jumped right in and started throwing high fives – HEY IT’S JUSTIN, RIGHT ON. And then, they’d immediately leave. The best questions through were those from curious attendees asking why he had a camera on his head.

I met some very interesting, and Web savvy, advertising professionals. Noteworthy individuals include:

  • Lindsay Mure of Adfemme
  • Rebecca Weeks of Real Girls Media
  • Nolan Apostle of Event City Network
  • Greg Mand of PodShow
  • Scott Pyper of VoiceStar
  • Michael Caruso and Mikhail Ledvich of Clickfacts
  • Steve Hall of AdRants
  • Jeremy Pepper
  • Sarah Meyers
  • Peter Berg
  • Megan McCarthy
  • Larry Chiang

With Web 2.0, guys far outnumber the girls, typically 27 to 1, but at an advertising technology party, the numbers are almost quite the opposite.

and decided to take advantage of these new and improved odds to help him line up a few dates.

Yes, while I don’t possess the mystical prowess of our very own Adriana Gascoigne (she hosts our new series, date night with Justin), I think Justin still fared very well.

The party, oddly however, wrapped up early, leaving at least 100 party goers questioning what was next. Many went over to the Dragon Bar, and others – like myself – called it a night.

Steve Hall of Adrants, Lindsay Mure of Adfemme

All in all, ad:tech parties assuredly rivaled the 2.0 party scene – hopefully inspiring startups to raise the bar in the coming future!

For more pictures, visit Brian Solis’ flickr album.

See Adrants coverage of the event here.

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