by Michelle Lentz

DocStoc, an easy place to store and share your online documents, announced DocStoc MyDocs and DocStoc Sync.

With the MyDocs feature, you can now create a My Documents folder, like on your PC or even your Mac, in an online location. All of your documents, including DOC, XLS, PPT, and PDF can be stored in MyDocs and accessed anywhere you have Internet access. Your documents can also be marked as public or as private.

Docstoc Sync is a downloadable application that automatically syncs documents from your computer to Docstoc MyDocs. This is a great way to keep your My Documents folder synced between your desktop and the cloud.

Before these additions, DocStoc was a great way to upload and collaborate on documents. With the addition of these new features, DocStoc is now a suite of online collaborative tools and document storage.


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