Dear Twitter:

Since Brian is in Spain, I thought I’d write you the latest letter.

We really do love you, and because of that, we’re sad when you’re down. Really down apparently.

Perhaps you need to make some internal changes – but if you do, could you notify your users of potential outages? These surprise outages aren’t very fun.



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    no imageMelissa (Pronoia) Pierce (Who am I?)15 May 2008 2:26 pm

    Dear Twitter,

    I was just looking for some @validation & then you go and do this?!!! I thought we had #something good.

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    no imageRyan Hupfer (Who am I?)15 May 2008 4:26 pm

    Hmmm, but does it really matter if the website is down? That’s one of the main reasons why Twitter is so awesome – you don’t need to visit the website to utilize it.

    I have read that only 35% of tweets are sent from the website, meaning that 3rd party apps that use the Twitter API, SMS, IM, etc. are the main ways that people are using it anyways.

    Twitter’s down? Who cares? :)

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    no imageMichelle Lentz (Who am I?)17 May 2008 6:18 pm

    Thanks for you comments! However, I just want to add that I discovered Twitter was down through Twhirl, the 3rd party app I’m using to access Twitter. Once I received multiple errors from Twhirl on my PC, and repeated them in Twitterific on my Mac, I went to the Twitter web site, only to find it down yet again. Twitter has had a rough couple months with some amazing growth. When the Twitter Web is down, people can’t access Twitter from the outside apps either. It’s part of everything being connected.

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