By Alex Ho

Cate Corbitt, Morgan Sherwood, and  Kara Murphy

Gathering people together for an event on Facebook is obviously not very hard. Last night, Mister Bill, Chad Scott, and Tim Van Loan packed the house at Shine in San Francisco to celebrate the Fail whale and other failures. I am stilll not really sure what the point of the event was but I guess they were successful because they achieved an event to gather people together for an excuse to party with basically no theme or point! Interestingly, the event attracted not just techies, but gay and gay porn company employees, numerous photographers, and people on vacation from Ireland. All in all, it was a good Tuesday night out I guess.

Chad Scott and Tim Van Loan

Kate Rushton, Gene X Hwang, Megan Pearlman

Larry Chiang, Oksana, and Alan.

Thanks Larry btw for the TechCrunch August Capital afterparty at Four Seasons!

Nick Starr, Bernadette Balla, and Alex Ho

Kurt Collins with a two for one special?

 Lara Long, Maryann Faricy, and Linda Chan

See the whole set at my Flickr.

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    no imageadam jackson (Who am I?)30 July 2008 3:58 pm

    I was going to go to this.

    I went to RSVP on Monday and the upcoming event said that the event was totally full.

    Then I get calls from friends at 12 and 12:30AM saying that this is a great party and wondering where I was.

    Well, I was home cause the event said not to come. I guess that was a fail on my part.

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