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Social CRM combines established customer relationship management capabilities with social networking technology. It has the potential to be the answer for companies struggling to meet the increasing need to address the deluge of relevant but hidden information about their customers and partners within social media.

On May 27th in Mountain View, CA, Ovum Research Fellow Jonathan Yarmis will discuss how social technologies are not only transforming the CRM category but are in fact redefining the relationship between companies and their customers.

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Is social the salvation of CRM or is it lipstick on a pig? According to some estimates, CRM has been the biggest waste of enterprise IT dollars in the history of the industry, with half or more of all installations failing or at least failing to meet (lofty) expectations. While social CRM is still in its infancy, many of those same critics are already writing it off as a failed extension of a disappointing category.

At one level, the challenge is daunting. Traditional CRM systems have been operational, internally-facing and transactional while social CRM is outward-facing, customer conversations with multi-way interactions. Yet perhaps it is precisely these social elements whose absence led to the failure of CRM implementations and whose successful incorporation will reinvigorate the category and redefine the company/customer landscape.

It is way too early to write off social CRM. As is so often the case with technology, the technology has moved faster than the ability of business to exploit it. We’ve mashed together two disparate technologies and have only begun to think about how this transforms the way we engage with our customers and beyond that drive business value.
We’ll look at how social technologies are not only transforming the CRM category but are in fact redefining the relationship between companies and their customers. This is an inexorable (r)evolution which forward-thinking companies need to understand and embrace.

Speaker: Jonathan Yarmis

Jonathan Yarmis has been a leading voice in the technology industry for over 30 years, with a variety of experience in industry analysis, end-user computing, and public and analyst relations.

Jonathan is currently Research Fellow at Ovum. Most recently, he was VP of Disruptive Technologies at AMR Research and spent 10 years at Gartner, heading up all end-user computing research. He has also worked at senior levels at PR firms Hill & Knowlton and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. He produced and served as content chairperson for a variety of conferences and tradeshows at eMarketWorld, including ad:tech.

He is a regular speaker at industry events and appears regularly in a variety of print and broadcast media.

6:30 – 7:00pm – dinner/wine/networking
7:00 – 8:00pm – talk
8:00 – 8:30pm – Q&A, wrap up, networking
Gourmet dinner and wine are included!

Larry Chiang writes about hacking business and school. After a Harvard Business School keynote, they wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“. If you read his scandalously awesome “What They STILL Don’t Teach You at Stanford About Getting Revenge” and, “What They STILL Don’t Teach at GSB About Public Speaking” you will like his latest post that he didn’t even write… It’s written by a rising star named Lorene Moore. It’s called, “Making Magic: How To Use Google Maps To Find Any Executive’s Phone Number”

by Lorene Moore

By Larry Chiang

Austin, TX, May, 2010

My mentor, Larry Chiang is SCARY GOOD on the phone. He gets what he wants from people on the phone when he wants it and listening in leaves me feeling excited and in a rush to get started on the next action items.

Listening in while witnessing a master on the phone creates a thrilling combination of feelings that include fear, confusion, anxiety and excitement. Using Google Maps to find and call the direct lines of industry “hitters”, also known as Executives, is an adventure sport!

Mr. Larry’s teaching me how to be ‘legendary’ on the phone (not just ‘pretty good’) by teaching me how to use Google Maps to find Executives’ phone numbers and dialing them at the same time.

In my very first practice session on how to use Google Maps to find an executive phone number, Mr. Larry shared his secret strategy which I’ve outlined below in ten easy steps.

Larry Chiang is not exaggerating when he says,”Put me and my two phones with full charges in any city in the U.S. of A, and I will outflank a team of MBAs with a three month head-start. Business is about contacting people for money. Read and use this column so a phone in your hand will be more deadly than a Jedi with their lightsabre.”-Larry Chiang, author of “How to Give Good Phone”

In fact, I think an extremely valuable seminar to hold would be one where a roomful of MBA’s/Entrepreneurs/Founders practice live calling Executive Hitters while simultaneously using Google Maps, Gmail IM and iPhone 3-way conference calling under the tutelage of my amazing mentor, Larry Chiang.

Here’s Larry Chiang’s secret method of how to Use Google Maps to find an Executive’s phone number:

1. Start with general search terms in Google Maps

and keep adding terms and digits up to TWELVE TOTAL SEARCH TERMS in the GOOGLE MAPS search box.

2. Keep adding key words and parts of the phone number as you find them up to a total of TWELVE SEARCH TERMS in the Google maps search box.

A ‘term’ is a string of characters, i.e. 650= One search ‘term’= area code=3 digits of a number

3. Enter the first, most general key words then hit

i.e. “” then hit

4. ADD the name of the Executive you want to the END of the search box then hit

i.e. “ larry chiang” then hit

5. Now ADD the area code that shows up in the results to the end of the search box then hit

i.e. “ larry chiang 650″ then hit

6. Next ADD the first three digits that came back as a result of step 5. above to the end of the string in the search box then hit

i.e. “ larry chiang 650 566″ then hit

7. By now you’ve found at least the main switchboard number for the Executive you are trying to reach and probably more than one complete phone number related to this executive. GREAT! You now have the FIRST SIX NUMBERS TO HIS/HER DIRECT LINE!
i.e. “650-566-9600…My direct line is 650-566-9696″

8. Continue building off the main number until you find the DIRECT LINE suffix(x9696) for the Executive’s desk/assistant or until you get into the internal switchboard.

“Bounce around in the voice mail system. Stay internal. You want an attendant to help you, a live person who can transfer you internally so that your call is routed as an INTERNAL call within the company! Everyone picks up internal calls.”

-Larry Chiang

SCARY GOOD, right?

9. Even if you access the internal directory by LAST NAME and you choose a random person to call, THEY can transfer you to the desk of the Executive you REALLY want!

It’s genius. It’s surreptitious. It’s stealthy. It WORKS!

10. To sum up…start in Google Maps with the GENERAL SEARCH TERMS and work your way towards the SPECIFIC NUMBER you are looking for.

Once you get the area code (the first 3 digits), then add the next 3 digits which is the main 3 digit prefix for the company and dial the main number/switchboard or ANY number that shows up in the results with those first six digits.

Also try +-1 digit off the main switchboard number to ring an internal person’s desk. Try +- 10 digits and see who you get. Try nice, even, alliterate-sounding number suffixes such as ’4545′ too.

Once SOMEONE answers, ask for the executive you want then act confused, ask for a transfer and VOILA´ you’re IN!

11. Now read Larry Chiang’s article: “The Art of Cold Calling” so you know what to say when you get the Executive on the phone!

Final thoughts:

‘Knowing how’ does not equal mastery…not even close.

‘Knowing how’ something is done basically just opens up the gates for successive failures which, upon accumulation and via the principle of compounding experience and perseverance, eventually leads to success and mastery of the task at hand.

I’m still failing upwards towards mastery but my mentor,Larry Chiang, inspires and encourages me every day through conference calls on our iPhones where we put the method to use on real life Executives and HPPs (High Profile Persons).

I now mute myself on the 3-way calls though because Mr. Larry said he could hear me breathing in the background which can’t be good for any call. I think my breathing was the result of the: thrill+fear+confusion+anxiety I always feel during these calls. It’s all good though now as I always hit the ‘mute’ button on my iPhone to listen in.

Usually I’m using Google maps to find an executive’s name and phone number WHILE Mr. Larry is ON THE LINE WITH AN EXECUTIVE/HITTER.

Mr. Larry is also usually IM’ing me at the SAME TIME typing things like, ‘i need a name NOW’ and ‘you better have effen got that email’…haha…and I love it because he’s challenging me, pushing me out of my comfort zone and demonstrating mastery over the very thing he’s trying to teach me ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Someday I hope Mr. Larry will autograph one of his power ties for me so I can frame it along with with a photo of him on a business call with an Executive Hitter he’s closing.

“You can’t close if you don’t call.” – Larry Chiang

Thanks, Mr. Larry, for everything. Really.

My mentor on this topic is Larry Chiang, author of “What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business School”. This book definitely teaches stuff they don’t teach in B-school.

Larry founded http:/, which educates college students on how to establish and maintain a FICO score over 750. He testified before Congress and World Bank in Beijing on credit

Larry blogs at Business Week

Skype group video chat is on the way, with plans for roll out in the next week. Along with new calling plans with cheaper rates, the new Skype is starting to look better and better. Modifying its image to appeal to business and consumer users is something Skype has been working towards since it was sold from eBay for about $2 billion. As the need for revitalization grows, a number of opportunities present themselves to Skype moving forward.

Though the branding of Skype isn’t undergoing any major changes, the need for the company to promote its many offerings beyond free PC-to-PC calls is necessary for Skype in the long-term. Finding a way to educate consumers about the widening options they have with Skype reduced the need for them to close their app and open another, for things like video-conferencing and cheaper calls to landlines outside of the country.

It’s not a unique problem, considering the business’ need to expand its current image, but it’s a challenging one nonetheless. With the changing landscape of how people communicate and their reasons behind various forms of correspondence, the technology of something like Skype can take advantage of those changes, or inevitably get left behind. Skype already has a powerful brand name, with plenty of features that nearly anyone can use. But appealing to a wider crowd and offering up the most requested features is another way in which Skype looks toimprove its position in the market.

As one of the driving forces behind the shrinking globe and the ease with which we can now communicate with someone in a distant land, Skype also needs to ensure it’s looking to the future as it rolls out new features. Gaining a hold on different types of users with its expanding feature offerings means an increase of access points to Skype accounts, leveraging its growing mobile presence as well.

Streamlining various types of communication around a single tool is something we don’t get to see too often from most VoIP services, so Skype is in a good position to take the reins on that end. With a number of competitors filling niche spaces that Skype broadly covers, it will also be important for Skype to offer continued updates to its existing feature set. It looks like that’s precisely what’s going on with Skype’s ongoing revitalization.

30 Apr

In the Nude

So, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I hope today’s sunshine is here to stay for the season. The back and forth rain showers have inspired me to do no more but keep my socks up high and my scarves tied tight. Tomorrow will be May 1st. Doesn’t May mean summer, sunshine and sundresses? I sure hope so!

This happy Friday post is one that is wishing, hoping and praying for a May that will let me wear one of the hottest colors of the season – nude. I’ve always been a fan of nude fabrics and accessories, but this season, they’re pretty much a must!  There’s nothing like nude pumps, jeans and a nude tank to take a stroll in the sunshine, and I’m so ready to be there!

Wondering what’s around to add to your wardrobe? Here are a few ideas:


Steve Madden’s Caryssa

Aldo’s Tambe


American Apparel’s Terry Tube Dress’s Shark Attack Dress


Givenchy Tinhan Old Pepe Hobo

Thomas Maier One Piece

The digital era continues to disrupt industries, and  this may prove especially true for money.

On April 26, 2010, some of the best and brightest thinkers around the industry will come together at The Future of Money & Technology Summit in San Francisco to discuss the impact that the technologies of today and tomorrow will have on our relationship with currency.

The summit has been orchestrated to examine the evolving money ecosystem in a proactive, dealmaking environment. Visionaries, entrepreneurs, developers, press, investors, authors, solution providers, service providers, and organizations who work at the convergence of cash and commerce will all be in attendance.

Discussion topics include Mobile Payments, Technology Makes Money Human (The Psychology of Money), New Banking Methods, Wallet in the Cloud, Social Capital, Alternative Currency Sources, and a whole lot more. See their full schedule for the complete list.

The summit is produced by Brian Zisk, who also organizes the popular SF MusicTech Summit. When asked about his new conference, he said:

“There are so many folks working on interesting money-related technology projects that it made sense to bring the thought leaders together. There’s something special that happens when you bring this many bright minds together in one place… it will make the first Future of Money and Technology Summit a smashing success.”

Register for the summit here.