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Pete Cashmore (Photo by Harry Benson for Forbes)A few months ago, one of the biggest surprises hit the tech community–Mashable, the digital lifestyle publication and is one of the largest websites on the known Internet, was rumored to have sold to news channel giant, CNN. That seems to not have matriculated and for the most part, many of us seemed to have simply not given it a second thought…well until now.

Business Insider is reporting that the deal is still moving forward and two sources have said that the executive team at Mashable is prepping documentation and files to give to CNN’s operating company, Turner. But we’ve heard these wild rumors before so what makes it different this time? Nothing is for sure, but Business Insider is saying that one of their sources “speculates” that the deal is “80% likely to close”. But what makes this update a bit different is that VentureBeat is hearing reports that the sale price will be under the rumored $200 million that was thrown around just three months ago.

Event space for rentFinding event space can be tricky at times, but it seems that EventUp is making its mark in the world and creating a really great online community marketplace where producers and venue owners can connect and form long-lasting partnerships. Initially created out of the Science Inc. incubator and supported by Michael Jones, the former CEO of MySpace, EventUp has rocketed out of the gate since February and has grown to have venue listings in major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City.

Today, EventUp is announcing two major things: that it’s expanding its reach once again to the great city of Chicago and that it’s secured $1.8 million in seed funding led by Lightbank, a Chicago-based investment firm that was started by the founders of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell. Since its launch early this year, the company has seen its event space listings skyrocket 100% each month with both private and commercial property owners flocking to the site in order to have it listed. Never has there been a centralized place that will allow venue owners to share their information so that event producers can quickly find their venues. With the launch of the service in Chicago, the company has over 3,000 event spaces available for booking nationwide and it’s only going to grow.

This incredible growth and expansion has probably gotten the attention of both Mr. Lefkofsky and Mr. Keywell. Along with them, Crosscut Ventures, NEA, New World Ventures, and several angel investors have decided to fund the company so that it can continue to expand nationwide and be a great tool for event producers and venue owners.

Buy This Book Before You Buy Facebook cover #1Nearly three weeks ago, one of the biggest IPOs in the tech industry, hit the public market and many expected the company to create instant millionaires and be a rousing success.  That company, Facebook, had so many people rooting for its success. Unfortunately as we know now, due to some transactional issues that occurred within the NASDAQ system, there were a few trades that didn’t get through, which spoiled the social network’s debut on the public market. On top of that, the overall price of Facebook fell dramatically and now it’s slowly trying to work its way back up to something where people will start to care about it.

Who knows what exactly is the reason for where Facebook is today–it could be a variety of factors including things like there being too much hype about Facebook going public that caused its unfortunate predicament it finds itself. Some might speculate that investors found themselves a bit “put off” at the lack of care given to them by Facebook founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the IPO roadshow, or that Facebook is pursuing opportunities without concern for the shareholders (e.g. purchasing Instagram for $1 billion). Whatever it exactly was, no one will really know.

But if you disregard all of the media hype and speculation, what would be the right reasons for someone to purchase a share of the social network? Is Facebook even worth it? Sure, you have tons of analysts and pundits who hypothesize about Facebook’s worth and a bunch of could have, would have, should have, but is there any factual basis about the company that would lead people to invest their money? Historically, has Facebook become a company that has people jumping out of their seats eager to throw money at or has their actions over the past eight years been shoddy and while many people think Facebook is worth the quick sell, they don’t believe in its viability in the long term? What exactly makes Facebook so much damn better than all of the other social networks and its predecessors that shows its success?

Bravo TV's Silicon Valley reality show

If you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area over the next several months and at a tech event, you might be able to catch a glimpse at the latest reality television show to be filmed here. Silicon Valley, a new reality show focused on young tech entrepreneurs produced by Randi Zuckerberg, has just begun taping its inaugural season to be debuted on the Bravo television network later this year. Although considered to be a working title, Silicon Valley will center around probably 5-6 main characters living in the Valley trying to make it big with their startups and ideas. Who knows whether the cameras will follow them throughout the city and other locations as they attend investor meetings, parties, conferences, and other social gatherings, but if they do, I’m sure that things will be very well planned in advance.

What is definitely known is that the main cast of characters has moved into a luxurious home in the Castro district of San Francisco affectionately called “The Villa” where they’ll be living and filming most of their exploits and adventures (a la Real World).  UPDATE: As Kim Taylor points out in the comments below, “The Villa” is not the homebase for the entire cast–in fact, only Ben Way and Hermione Way live in this home.

There’s space at “The Villa” for co-working and private parties and maybe even other social events. But beware, if you go to one of these events, you’ll probably be in the spotlight along with the cast since it’ll be ground zero for filming for the show.

Postmate's Get It Now Campaign with Dynamo DonutsToday is a special day: it’s National Doughnut Day! No, I’m not kidding you…the first Friday each June  is considered to be National Doughnut Day and a lot of bakeries and doughnut shops are probably vying for your attention as they are practically giving out doughnuts left and right. But one small problem for those of us still working in an office…just how are we supposed to go to a Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts if we’re stuck in the office? Obviously we would have access to a car and can drive there, but sometimes the practicality of it, not to mention the logistics of getting there, is bewildering and not efficient.

Fortunately, Postmates has come to the rescue.

Here in San Francisco, this fledgling, yet growing and strong startup, has decided that since people can’t go to the doughnuts, it will help bring the doughnuts to the people. All day Friday, with every delivery transaction you make through their one-hour courier service via their Get It Now app, you’ll get a free delivery of Dynamo Donuts! That’s right, just use their iPhone app and request a delivery to you and your courier will drop off a package containing two of the most delicious doughnuts here in San Francisco.