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CASABLANCA by Trendy Lime is back in San Francisco! The 1st edition was a night to remember — sophisticated and chic ensembles, movie style glamor, international flair. Trendy Lime’s 2010 Casablanca party was one of our most elegant social networking events ever, and we’re bringing it back for 2012! Channel the spirit of Bogey or Bergman at San Francisco’s Eve Lounge venue on September 6 and be prepared to rub shoulders with fashionable jetsetters and chic movie buffs alike.

You may not have Paris, but you’ll always have Trendy Lime!

Held at the elegant Eve Lounge in the heart of San Francisco, the Casablanca event will have all the cool elements that you’ve come to expect from Trendy Lime’s exclusive social networking parties. In addition to the chance to mingle with San Francisco’s most influential movers and shakers, you’ll be able to partake in party games, strike a pose or ham it up in SnapFiesta’s photo booth, indulge in Casablanca-inspired drink specials, and dance to trendy
tunes by DJ Consuelo.

Each Trendy Lime event attracts hundreds of the most fashion-forward, technologically astute professionals for an incredible evening of socializing, networking, entertainment, dancing, and a good cause.

CASABLANCA invites you to dress to the nines and be part of this exclusive social networking event and celebrate fashion, networking, fun. Rub elbows with some of the most fashion-forward, well-traveled, savvy individuals, make new friends and increase your
networking base.

So, of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, why not walk into ours?

What to Expect
- Influencer Networking
- Theme event inspired by Casablanca movie
- Photo-booth by SnapFiesta
- Good Cause
- Music by DJ Consuelo


Bravo TV's Silicon Valley reality showRecent tales have surfaced that tell me that the filming of the new startup reality show to hit the San Francisco Bay Area has wrapped up. That’s right, San Francisco…you won’t have to worry about video cameras invading the myriad of startup and tech parties that we have around the city. The show, tentatively named “Silicon Valley”, that some either have hated from the start or love it has captured all the footage that it needs to make it’s eight-plus episodes for the season and has moved on to post-production work in order to get the whole thing ready for the upcoming fall season where it’s expected to make its debut.

“Silicon Valley”, as you may recall, is a reality show produced by Bravo TV that follows along the adventures of several entrepreneurs and records their day-to-day activities so folks around the world, or at least those that have Bravo as a cable channel, can see what it’s like to be a struggling entrepreneur, ready to defy-the-odds, and witness the potential birth of something great. The inaugural season has cameras that follow along at least six of the cast mates, including The Next Web reporter and Newspepper founder, Hermione Way, her brother, serial entrepreneur Ben Way, Dwight Crow, David Murray, Marcus Lovingood, and Kim Taylor. What antics, surprises, drama, and potential success stories will turn up? I suppose that we’re going to have to just wait until the fall season to find out.

PandoMonthly - April 2012 - Sarah Lacy Interviews Peter ThielThere’s not a single rule in the world of business that says you have to be a certain age in order to start your own company or startup–and if there is one, then that needs to be ripped out of the rule book and abolished from the minds of human civilization. Those starting a business or have an idea that can drastically change the world are the backbone to the creation of our economy, not to mention our society. Take a look at the ages of folks like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and many other successes. All started at a young age. Some probably prospered more than others because of the support system that they had.

In order to help foster the innovations, aspirations, hopes and dreams of future entrepreneurs, Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal, and well-known investor, decided he  wanted to give something back and help the young people find their way so he started a program called the Thiel Fellowship where he would select 20 of the most brillant minds he could find, all under the age of 20, and give them a generous seed round to help fund their ambitions for the next two years. When you get down to the deeper meaning, it’s actually a means to back Mr. Thiel’s belief that entrepreneurs can be quite successful if they skip their post-secondary education. But why would someone be so bold as to abandon continuing their education?  Well it could be for a variety of reason (too many for this post), but for Mr. Thiel, it’s because he says that the system is broken–the cost is not worth the benefit (you can read the industry’s reaction here). So rather than just complaining about the antiquated education system, he chose 20 high school students and gave them each $100,000 and started his Thiel Fellowship.

TechCrunch's 7th Annual Summer Party at August CapitalAs is appropriate for the summertime, there needs to be one giant party where people can simply gather to talk about whatever they want and have a great time. Here in Silicon Valley, that one party has been going on for the past seven years and happened just this past Friday. Held at the always-impressive offices of venture capital firm, August Capital, thanks to the gracious generosity of investor David Hornik, TechCrunch’s annual summer party went off spectacularly and in style.

I’ve been fortunate to attend this August Capital party over the past few years and I must say that each year gets better and better. Recently, over the past 3-4 years, TechCrunch has coincided this event with their mini-conference, the CrunchUp. As I mentioned in a previous post, the CrunchUp usually ties into a specific theme that has taken center stage in the industry–this year happened to focus on Facebook’s platform. So most people would go to the CrunchUp and then drive over to August Capital’s offices on legendary Sand Hill Road for a chance to unwind and have casual conversations with their friends, members from TechCrunch, and meet some new people. And every year the venue is packed!

Mashable SummerMash Tour 2010 - San Francisco - Adam HirschOne of the best convergences of marketing and technology just happened on Thursday. In a rather interesting move, it was announced that former Mashable COO and DoSomething’s Chief Digital Officer, Adam Hirsch, had been appointed the new Senior Vice President of Emerging Media & Technology, by leading global social agency, Edelman Digital. In this role, Mr. Hirsch will be responsible for helping to “operationalize new partnership, opportunities, platforms, and technologies” on behalf of the agency’s clients–meaning that he’s going to be on the forefront of tech innovation, which hopefully involves him being on the early influencers to help guide new digital programs and help move people past just being on Twitter and Facebook.

The announcement of Mr. Hirsch to the Edelman Digital team is the latest step by the firm to further develop what I like to consider to be the digital marketing Dream Team. This addition will be joining up with the likes of Steve Rubel, Executive Vice-President of Global Strategy & Insights, David Armano, Executive Vice-President of Global Innovation & Integration, Michael Brito, Senior Vice-President of Social Business, and Kevin King, Mr. Hirsch’s boss & Edelman Digital’s Global Practice Chair. With this extremely knowledgeable and prominent group of specialists and thought leaders, there’s certainly no doubt that Edelman knows what it’s talking about when it’s coming to how to build a sound digital practice and strategy.

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