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Six months ago, Ford launched the Fiesta Movement, an ambitious social media program designed to bridge online and real world communities in support of its 2011 Fiesta.

The Ford Fiesta has come to play on the American roads.  In the ultimate foreign exchange program, our 100 agents will spend 6 months behind the wheel of their own Fiesta, lifestreaming their experiences, and completing monthly missions to show you what the Fiesta is all about.

Now, as the Fiesta Movement draws to an end and Ford prepares to preview the 2011 Fiesta at the L.A. Auto Show starting December 4th, a celebration is in order.

To commemorate the movement, Ford is aiming to organize the largest corporate-hosted Tweetup on record and you’re invited.

On December 1st, Ford, CEO Alan Mulally, Head of Social Media Scott Monty, and its Fiesta agents will take over the Hollywood Palladium. Not only will you see a preview of the 2011 Fiesta before everyone attending the auto show, Ford is also treating its guests to a special live performance by Parachute – featuring their hits “She Is Love” and “Under Control” from their debut album Losing Sleep.

The event is free, all you have to do to attend, is RSVP here.

See you in Hollywood!

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By Julie Blaustein

What a fun evening at Varnish Art Gallery where Technologizer held their Tech The Halls Holiday Party. It was a full house with an open bar and delicious food for all. Lots of personal technology was available to check out courtesy of sponsors SugarSync, Marvell, Eastwick Communications, and MarketWire. But the highlight of the evening was possibly the very first ever Twitter Proposal by @dalelarson to @lauralagassa.

Picture 4

Picture 3

The Proposal

Dale proposes to Laura on one knee with all the guests of Tech the hall as Witnesses.

Dearest @lauralagassa, will you marry me?

Dearest @lauralagassa, will you marry me? Yes, yes, yes, darling Yes!

Dale Places the Ring on Laura's Ring Finger

Dale Places the Ring on Laura's Ring Finger.

Laura Can Not Believe This is All Happening

Laura is in Shock - Is this Really Happening?

Finally, The Kiss

At Last The Long Awaited Kiss.

The Happy Couple

The Adorable Happy Couple.

The iPhones that Let us Tweet

The iPhones that Made It All Possible to Twitter

By Julie Blaustein

Picture 1

Picture 12If you haven’t been to a Lunch 2.0 you should make it a point to schedule the time around lunch to attend one. After all, everyone needs to eat lunch. At Lunch 2.0 you not only score a free lunch but you will also meet new companies, smart people, eager recruiters and maybe even go home with some bling. Lunch 2.0 was started about 2 years ago when folks would sneak into other folks’ corporate cafeterias to eat lunch. Today the lunches are eagerly hosted not only in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Seattle but now in Europe and Asia. Great press has been written about Lunch 2.0′s including from the SF Chronicle and the WSJ. The recent Lunch 2.0 held at the Powerset’s office in San Francisco was held for Bing. Bing was in town to celebrate its six-months since the launch and the recent partnership with Twitter.

It was a full-capacity crowd at Bing. Keep in mind, one can not just sign up on Facebook, one must provide full disclosure of who it is that will be coming for lunch on UpComing to be truly rsvp’d. Sadly, Lunch 2.0 hopefuls were turned away for the Bing Lunch 2.0 at the Powerset front desk if they were not on the list. If you were lucky enough to gain admittance, get past the front desk and up the elevator, you found yourself served a gourmet lunch, beverages including beer, along with desert. Bing goodies were also served including a Bing hat just in time for the winter chill. All types showed up from the web 2.0 world. A few of the players that I ran into included recruiter Robert Greene of GreeneSearch who places whiz kid engineers into the hottest start ups, Jamie Perlman who does Business Development for SlideShare and is known for his ability to “sweet talk” anyone into any deal, Salesperson Michael Hansen of ZenDesk, the latest darling of the start up world and CEO Marc Cramer of SurfCanyon whose technology is integrated into Bing!

To join the list and get alerts for the next Lunch 2.0, go to their website, Facebook Page or their LinkedIn Group. If your company wants to host, you might want to first read How to Host a Lunch 2.0 and if you can handle it, then contact the organizers at their Lunch 2.0 site.

Bing Greeters Giving Out Bling

Bing Greeters Giving Out Bling

By Julie Blaustein


Kosmix Ping PongsKosmix‘s doubles Ping Pong Tournament held at its head quarters in Mountain View last week was quite the event. Seven of their closest neighbors and potential partners were invited along with a team of bloggers that included myself, Julie “Julie B” Blaustein of and Jennifer “Mediaphyter” Leggio of ZDNet. Kosmix takes not only their work seriously but their Ping Pong even more so. Scattered throughout their office are ping pong balls, rackets and previous trophies – a true testament to their ping pong culture. For this special tournament a two foot high, gold topped trophy with ping pongs was awarded to the winners. Each player’s game name such as “The Octopus” and “The Smasher” made it clear how intent they were in their quest to win. In the end, it was the Kosmix team made up of Nikesh “The Wall” Garera and Ankur “Neo” Jain that were the winners! Check out the hilarious Video of the Kosmix Startup Smackdown shot by Carl Brown of Corduroy Media.

The Contenders included the following companies:

Talenthouse: A platform that provides opportunities to the world’s creative community.

Skyfire: Provides a downloadable, free mobile browser that gives you Web browsing like your PC.

TheFind: Finds every product from every store, every coupon, and every review.

Rythm NewMedia: Mobilizes and Monetizes TV Shows.

Polyvore: Mixes & matches products from your favorite stores. You can then shop looks created by the web’s largest fashion community.

Evernote: Saves your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then it allows you to find them all on any computer or device for free!

Meebo: Instant messages everywhere.

And Kosmix: It is a universal guide to the Web that organizes the Internet through a categorization engine into fun magazine-style topic pages to navigate the web using a countless number of sources including YouTube and Wikipedia. Unlike Mahalo that depends on Human Editors, Kosmix relies on Search Algorithms. Recently launched MeeHive creates customized news pages through very fine tuned aggregation. You can customize your own or a specialized version such as found with FailCon’s version.

Photo Credit: Karl Mueller

Photo Credit: Karl Mueller

The Kosmix Ping Pong Tournament Players

The Kosmix Ping Pong Tournament and its Team Players Photo Credit: Karl Mueller

Kosmix Founder Anand Rajaraman Guards the Ping Pong Trophy

Kosmix Founder Anand Rajaraman Guards the Ping Pong Trophy

By Julie Blaustein

Picture 6

Jay Adelson of Digg and Mike Vorhaus of Magid Advisors

Jay Adelson of Digg and Mike Vorhaus of Magid Advisors

Digital Media Conference West, a one day conference held at the Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco, focused on a wide range of topics  including online video, social media, investments, online advertising, mobile entertainment, mobile apps, the future of news media and the relationship between Hollywood and Silicon Valley. There were also a number of well known digital media  leaders there to speak including Jay Adelson of Digg and Craig Newmark of Craig’s List along with other great speakers from the industry.

Bill Trancer of Hitwise and Nick Veronis of Veronis Suhler Stevenson kicked off the conference with their view of the trends of the Internet. Bill’s trends can be found in his book Click: What Millions of People are Doing and Why it Matters along with his blog I Love Data which he gave a few shout-outs about. His post about the competition of Twitter vs Facebook provides a clear analysis of the trends, spelling out his observation that Facebook, with its 6% of all U.S. Internet visits, is not threatened by Twitter.  Nick Veronis spoke of ad spending trends where $210 billion is allocated to digital advertising, search is huge and growing with over $11 billion while classified spending has been reduced by 50% most likely due to competition with free services such as Craig’s List. The main problem according to Nick Veronis is, “Distribution used to be the issue, now its gaining the attention of users”

It was like hanging out in a cafe during Jay Adelson of Digg’s talk with Mike Vorhaus of Magid Advisors, a research-based strategic consulting firm (founded in 1957!). Jay shared amusing incidents such as when he was hailed back west from NYC to return to the Digg helm and his biggest concern was the transportation of his daughter’s Gecko. He “twittered” for information inquiring how does one transport a Gecko and was blown away by the amount of knowledge his followers shared with him about Geckos – a testament to the power of Twitter. His first hire was a coder from eLance who turned into a full timer. Digg would have been Dig if Disney didn’t already own it. He isn’t thrilled with the depiction of him as despising VC’s as detailed in an entire chapter on him called Fuck the Sweater Vests by Sarah Lacy in Once Your Lucky, Twice Your Good. He does prefer Angel funding. Digg is hiring and allows dogs, even parakeets in the office. And he shared “secrets” including that Digg is releasing new features in a week and focusing on verticals, content types and also on multiple levels of promotions.

Chuck Fishman of Cisco and Craig Newmark of Craig's List

Chuck Fishman of Cisco and Craig Newmark of Craig's List

The agenda was packed with great content yet it seemed to always come back to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace in each and every conversation. Lunch was served along with a chat from Craig Newmark who still goes by his title of Customer and Service Rep from 12 years ago when he first started the site. He was candid, honest and a delight to listen to even though folks were having lunch while he spoke. His main concern is about information not being shared. He is so concerned that he gave out his Twitter, Facebook and even his email address to all, suggesting they contact him in the afternoons when he isn’t dealing with spam. Great information was shared during the conference by the speakers and through the Twitter hashtag #DMCW that was displayed front and center on the big screen on stage with the speakers. Attendees at the conference and off-site kept the live stream fresh. What were they sharing? They shared when they  arrived for the “party.” They promoted their speaking engagements coming up. They shared who they were looking forward to hearing speak. They provided links to information such as the Pew Study on Twitter Users tweeted by @nedsherman. They gave a play-by-play of who is speaking and about what. And they promoted themselves.

Check out more about the Digital Media Conference West and Buzz on its Twitter Feed at #DMCW