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BSG Alliance and Veodia announced that they are co-sponsoring a debate between two of the most prominent thinkers in the IT world. Dan Farber will moderate.

Let’s get reeeeaaaaaddddyyyyy to rumble.

In this corner, Andrew McAfee, an associate professor at Harvard Business School. McAfee (above left) coined “Enterprise 2.0” and is a pioneer of the SLATES paradigm.

And in this corner, Thomas Davenport, the author of a recently blogged essay, “Why Enterprise 2.0 Won’t Transform Organizations.”

The bell rings for McAfee and Davenport at 10 a.m. on Monday 6/18 at the Boston Westin Waterfront. It’s free to attend.

The debate will coincide with the Enterprise 2.0 Collaborative Technologies Conference and will focus on the question of what impact the emergence of collaborative, Web 2.0 technologies such as social networking sites, wikis and blogs will have on the business organization of the future.

If you’re a reporter or blogger, you should cover this event. If you’re in IT or are a decision maker within an enterprise, you need to see this.

If you can’t make it in person, don’t worry. Thanks to the beauty of livecasting, you can watch the action live courtesy of Veodia by following this link.

Update: Live shot from the event

Sponsors: BSG, Veodia, and FutureWorks

SF Beta was packed, again, with geeks and the ecosystem that follows and supports them. We sent Adriana Gascoigne and Nandor Fejer, the tv, to interview some of the night’s stand out guests.

Click Here For Video

The quote of the night belongs to Alex Ho of Generation eXe who said, “All I read for my Web 2.0 updates are TechCrunch and” 

Thanks Alex for that endorsement. The check is in the mail.

Scott Beale of Laughing Squid, Justin Kan of and Hooman of

Joanne Wan, Dylan Tweney and Lane Hartwell

Interviews include:

  • Hooman of and the Radio Alice 97.3 morning show with Sarah and No Name
  • Krates Ng of Postreach
  • Richard Price of
  • Jitendra Gupta of Sezwho

Erica Ogg and Josh Lowensohn of CNET

Josh Jaffe of

Gobig Network’s Wil Schroter and Tyler Ransburgh

Other noteworthy attendees included:

- James Yu (BuzzShout)
- Joanne Wan (GigaOM)
- John McCrea (Plaxo)
- Tom Blossom (Veodia)
- Robert Boyle (Podaddies)
- Dylan Tweney (Sr. Editor, Wired News)
- Brian McKenzie (DemocraDate)
- Hans Chung (PostReach)
- Dan Scudder (RapLeaf)
- Ryan Waggoner (BlueSwarm)

Your host, Christian Perry


Par Gandhi of Veodia

Visit Brian Solis’ flickr album for more pictures from the event.

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The economics of search are changing and since we only seem to really think about it whenever Danny Sullivan and Search Engine Strategies is in town, WebGuild organized a major event to bring the leaders in and around search together on June 27th at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

For example, several articles recently ran stories about Yahoo’s focus on personalization instead of search, “Yahoo now says personalization is now more important than search, in what some have seen as an admission that it can’t compete with Google.

Yahoo later requested that all who reported on the original comment from Yahoo VP, Tapan Bhat, VP, run this correction, “Web Search is a top priority for Yahoo! and we are committed to developing and investing in new technologies that will shape the future of search. We believe personalization tools complement our efforts in search and will play an important role in delivering the most relevant information to help consumers get a more complete answer and connect them to their passions, their communities and the world’s knowledge.” – Yahoo! spokesperson

Enter Searchnomics the conference.

Searchnomics is where the leaders of the search industry meet to share cutting-edge knowledge, best practices, and trends in:

• Search Engine Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Design and Development
• Branding and Promotion
• Web Analytics
• New Innovations and Opportunities

Over 30 Speakers will take the podium throughout the afternoon, including Keynote Speakers Marissa Mayer, VP, Search Products & User Experience, Google Inc.; Melanie Mitchell, VP of SEO/SEM, AOL; Bill Tancer, GM, Global Research, Hitwise; and James M. Lamberti, SVP, Search & Media , comScore.

Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products & User Experience Google Inc.

Bill Tancer, General Manager, Global Research, Hitwise

Melanie Mitchell, Vice President of SEO/SEM, AOL

Searchnomics 2007 is also a great forum for networking with other Search Engine Marketers, Internet Marketing Professionals, Webmasters, Designers and Producers, Online Advertisers, Media Planners and Buyers, and myriad other professionals.

Click here to register with a discount. In the box marked Referred By* – please enter “bubblicious.”

by Stephanie Booth

Geek events in Europe attract a different crowd than in the United States: less Americans, more Europeans (quite obviously) — so prepare for a few new faces. This year, 500 people gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the 9th edition of Reboot, one of the oldest and best-known conferences in this part of the world.

Copenhagen started feeling on Wednesday evening with a couple of drinks in the Kongens Have park. Many bottles of beer and champagne were emptied, old friends were greeted, and strangers or casual acquaintances touched antennas.

Reboot9 Pre-Conf Drinks 4

America’s most European consultant, Stowe Boyd, touching base with Henriette Weber Andersen (Toothless Tiger, Geek Army Knife), André Ribeirinho (SHiFT, adegga), and Mark Wubben, who regularly takes very nice conference photos (check out his Reboot 9.0 set on Flickr).

In the background, you can catch a glimpse of Laurent Haug (LIFT) chatting with Dannie Jost, as well as Guido Van Nispen (Picnic, and great portraits of geeks worldwide) — person unknown to me on his right, I’m afraid.

The conference schedule for both the first and the second days was packed — but I did manage to steal some moments to capture a selection of faces, some already well known to readers, some certainly less. Prepare for people squinting in the sunlight!

So, who was there at Reboot? Time to throw a few names around. And photos. Here are those I managed to catch:

Reboot Second Day 28: Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

For starters, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (23, Reboot) — understandably, he was running about a bit, so I had to catch him on-stage.

Reboot9 First Day 32

Nicole Simon, famous for her pre-conference podcast interviews of speakers, which she publishes on her business blog Bloxpert. (Check out the Reboot 9.0 interviews!)

Reboot9 First Day 33

Dieter Rappold, busy on the phone Managing and Directing Knallgrau (Knallgrau are responsible for, one of the largest German-language blogging platforms).

Reboot9 First Day 34

Pedro Custódio, who besides his day job at Sapo, a large Portuguese ISP, headed the organisation of the SHiFT Conference in Lisbon last year, and is actively working on the next episode…

Reboot9 First Day 35: Riccardo Cambiassi

Riccardo Cambiassi from Headshift.

Reboot9 Second Day 18: Lars Plougmann and Geoff Jones

Lars Plougmann (Headshift again!) and Geoff Jones.

Two Headshift guys… where on earth is Mr. Headshift, Lee Bryant?

Lee Bryant

Ah! There he is, hypnotising a helpless audience with his laser eyes while he gives a talk.

Reboot9 Second Day 8: Toothless Tigers

Here are the Toothless Tigers; we’ve already met Henriette — here she is again, accompanied this time by Thomas Kristiansen, her partner-in-crime.

Reboot9 First Day 69: Ted Rheingold

Ted Rheingold (Dogster, Catster)

Reboot9 First Day 61: Julian Bleecker and Sascha Pohflepp

Julian Bleecker and Sascha Pohflepp

Reboot9 First Day 59: Martin Roell

Martin Röll, now blogless but clearly not computerless…

Reboot9 First Day 74: Ross Mayfield and Beer

Had enough for today? Here’s Ross Mayfield (Socialtext) with a couple of beers. See you after the break!

Can I buy you a drink? Virtually that is. Only…using real money to buy it for you in a world where you can’t truly enjoy it, but it’s cool that way. So let’s not really get together, but still enjoy this drink, together – virtually of course – so we can contribute to the worldwide economic boom for alternative, online entertainment and live our second life to the fullest.

Now there’s a conference dedicated to tracking this rapidly expanding industry. And, companies are making profits from this ulterior economy.
Get ready for the Virtual Goods Summit! And, you can actually attend it, in first life!

Virtual goods and virtual currencies are growing beyond their original roots in online gaming and beginning to exert growing influence on the development of social networks, community sites, and casual games.

Consumers have shown a willingness to embrace virtual goods as a way to express themselves online. From pets to coins to avatars, virtual goods are becoming a real opportunity for companies who are looking to build more engaging online experiences:

  1. Neopets users have created over 206 million virtual pets
  2. Tencent has over 100 million users in China and generated $100 million in Q1 2007, driven largely by virtual item sales
  3. Nexon generated $230 million in 2005, 85% of which came from virtual item sales
  4. Habbo Hotel has over 75 million registered avatars in 29 countries

The Virtual Goods Summit will bring together leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and technologists to discuss the present and future of this rapidly growing market. They’ll host conversations around some of the key questions facing the virtual goods market today:

  1. How will virtual goods and virtual currencies impact social networking?
  2. Are virtual goods the next big business model?
  3. What does it take to successfully launch a virtual goods offering?
  4. Are virtual goods poised to go mainstream?
  5. What does it take to nurture and develop a successful virtual economy?
  6. Why are users embracing virtual goods?

The lineup is pretty impressive, including:

  • Ginsu Yoon, Linden Labs (Second Life)
  • Kyra Reppen, MTV Networks (Neopets)
  • Craig Sherman, Gaia Online
  • John Vars, Dogster
  • John Chi, Nexon USA
  • Amy Jo Kim, ShuffleBrain
  • Erik Bethke, Go Pets
  • Tim Stevens, Doppelganger
  • Daniel James, 3 Rings
  • Sean Ryan, Meez
  • Jim Greer, Kongregate
  • Joshua Hong, K2 Networks
  • Robert Scoble
  • Susan Wu, Charles River Ventures
  • Kevin Efrusy, Accel Partners

Virtual Goods Summit 2007
June 22, 2007 from 10 AM – 5 PM
Annenberg Auditorium Stanford University