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By Julie Blaustein

The Social Media Club of San Francisco held their monthly meeting Tuesday, March 22nd at the CoTweet offices in SOMA. The title of the event, The Future Role of Community Management, Is It a Dying Role?, provoked stimulating conversation.  The strong panel of Community Guru’s included Moderator Maria Ogneva, Head of Community at Yammer, John Virtes, Head of Community at Flipboard, Paul Gilliham, Director of Customer Marketing at Lithium and Scott Rutherford, Co-Founder at UserVoice.

The Panel with Moderator Maria Ogneva of Yammer, John Virtas of Flipboard, Paul Gilliham of Lithium and Scott Rutherford of UserVoice

The panel opened with the topic of What exactly IS a community manager? It was quickly determined that its hardly on the brink of dying but rather evolving into a critical role at any company whether its small, large, consumer facing or enterprise. As Gilliham stated, “Its not seen as a dead function, just a changing function.” The role is morphing from being focused on customer service to one that is now a key role as an evangelist of the company. Virtes pointed out, “It means something different at different companies. Support should be distinct but it still touches upon so many places in the company.” Rutherford emphasized its essence to a company, “Its become an incredibly important role. A key role, the breadth…the touch point…the positive voice of the company that can be found through blogs writing, marketing and other touch points.”

What makes a GREAT Community Manager? “The great community manager is kind of like your business’s Swiss Army Knife,” Gilliham so aptly put it. Someone who is able to have an agnostic role within the organization and know how to navigate all the different groups within the company, works well with people, is consistent with one’s policies and respectful of those in their community. Meg Clark, Community Manager at CoTweet pointed out, “Its someone who treats others like she would want to be treated.” To focus on the CoTweet brand and not to confuse her CoTweet community, she makes sure to use her handle of @meg_cotweet to refer to anything having to do with CoTweet while keeping her personal handle separate.

What happens when the voice of the company, your community manager who is possibly even seen as a Celebrity Rock Star leaves? You have to set expectations and boundaries with your community from the launch of your community. Most importantly, as Virtes points out, “You have to leave your ego at the door. This isn’t about you, its about the community and you should be able to hand over the role to anyone else in the company if you were to leave.”

A recent graduate from Texas University brought up another great topic. What makes a good community manager and what are the skills and background needed to BECOME a Community Manager? It was pretty much agreed by all on the panel that it takes someone who is not too junior, has a varied background, tremendous writing and communication skills and most importantly, someone who is passionate and perhaps even a“Super User” of the product or service of the company. As Ogneva stated, its someone “oozing with enthusiasm.” How does one actually LAND a job as a community manager? The panel was in agreement that it will almost naturally happen by being a part of your community of interest, networking in person, connecting through events, online blogs, communities and in the communities of social network sites such as LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The Social Media Club is definitely one way to become connected with like-minded, community people. Another way is to join the Facebook group, Social Media Jobs where there are numerous community manager jobs being posted by contacting them at

A great way to learn more about this topic is through the The Community Roundtable who just released its 2011 State of Community Management. The Commmunity Roundtable is a virtual table where social media, community, and social business practitioners gather to meet, discuss challenges, celebrate successes, and hear from experts and they are also dedicated to furthering the discipline of community management. You can gain more fascinating nuggets discussed about Community by the awesome panel and Social Media’s engaging audience on Twitter at #SFSMC.

Kristie Wells, Founder and President of the Social Media Club

Maria Ogneva, Moderator and Head of Community at Yammer

Paul Gilliham, Director of Customer Marketing at Lithium

John Virtes, Community Manager at Flipboard

SF MusicTech Summit 7The 7th SF MusicTech Summit came back to town on Monday, December 6th. at the Kabuki Hotel. It was another great gathering of the various players in the music industry who drive its innovation, creativity and growth in this constantly evolving space. Topics discussed and debated included entertainment, product development, wireless and hand held, start ups, legal issues and, so much more. The very first SF MusicTech had maybe 300 people whereas now, there are over 800 attendees and over 27 sponsors! There was barely enough room for all the sponsoring logos to fit on the Sponsor plaque. The team responsible for securing all these sponsorships include the “music gods” Brian Zisk and his lovely wife Shoshana along with their partner-in-crime Todd Tate. They all have a deep history of performing and working in the music industry and are now seeking to keep the music alive through the collaboration of those that are seeking to make music and those that are seeking to make money. I also gained  better understanding of what made the SF MusicTech Summit a “must” attend by talking to a few of the sponsors and vendors.

High Resolution Technologies (HRT)would normally have exhibited at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas which is way larger than the Summit, but due to their employer Michael Mercer’s recommendation they chose the SF Music Tech Summit. Not only was HRT the largest sponsor of the show but they spoke on a panel and took the opportunity to announce their new product’s launch, The iStreamer which allows you to deliver high performance digital audio playback directly from an iPad, iPhone or an iPod. provides Internet connectivity to the technology start ups in the community. This is their 2nd. year being a vendor and a sponsor with the summit. Tiffany Lawson, an Account Manager with was eager to be a part of the Summit in part due to how easy it was to work with Brian Zisk, the Executive Producer. “Zisk was great to communicate with, he is always on the same page and he genuinely cares about making the conference a success for you.”

Gianluca delli Carri of MusiXmatch hails from Italy with corporate offices in London. MusiXmatch provides a way to distribute lyrics. Usually they would attend evnts such as Music Hack Day where they would engage with developers. Based on a partner and a past, colorful attendee Robert Kaye of MuicBrainz,they chose to commit to the event.

Not to be outdone in terms of going the distance to attend SF MusicTech Summit, Peter Jung, Manager of that provides your voice over background of the hottest songs for iPhone, Android, PC, YouTube, FB and more, came from Seol, Korea! Based on the recommendation of their PR firm, ICR, they came in the hopes of meeting other companies. In fact, it appears that MusiXmatch is now in talks with Voocoo about providing their expertise in lyrics. That, my friends, is worth the airfare and certainly  justifies the ROI of the event to any manager questioning its worthiness to attend.

If you are involved in the music scene in any way, do your self a favor and attend the next SF MusicTech Summit in the spring of 2011 to learn, meet new and old friends and do business. You can’t go wrong.

Go here for more pictures and for Past SF MusicTech Summit Events and check them out on Twitter at #SFMusicTech.

By Julie Blaustein

Women 2.0 PITCH Night on November 4, 2010 in San Francisco brings together hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, and startuppers. Both men and women are invited to join Women 2.0′s biggest event of the year — featuring women-led start-ups and successful women entrepreneurs in technology.

Speakers include Diane Greene of VMware, Carol Realini of Obopay, and Lynn Jurich of SunRun – Learn how these start-up executives grew their idea into an industry-changing business. Watch the finalists of the Women 2.0 Startup Competition pitch live to a panel of judges including Naval Ravikant of AngelList & VentureHacks, Janice Roberts of Mayfield Fund, David Weekly of PBworks, Rachel Pike of Draper Fisher Jurvetson and more. Don’t miss the networking reception afterward to mix and mingle with the Women 2.0 community at our biggest event of the year.

For the full agenda, visit Women 2.0 PITCH Night.

*** For our Bub.blicious readers, Save 10% on tickets with discount code “bublicious” at the Women 2.0 PITCH Night event site *** AND for those of you who are bootstrapping start-up founders, currently a student, or unemployed – Women 2.0 is providing a deep discount for you to join them at PITCH Night. Please write to to see if you qualify.

By Julie Blaustein

Photo by Chris Brennan

FairTrade USA is the leading certifier of fair trade products in the United State. They are responsible for auditing and certifiying transactions that take place between US companies and their international suppliers and most importantly, guarantee that farmers and workers that produce Fair Trade goods are paid fair prices and wages.

Nimisha Ambati of Club Dine In! who has a most sustainable blog about eating and being physically sustainable, provided the following recap of the event. “Fair Trade hosted a sustainable party to launch its new name and brand identity along with its kickoff of National Fair Trade Awareness Month. Appropriately, the double celebration was held at Temple Nightclub – one of the greenest nightclubs in the nation. Temple Nightclub was the perfect venue as it combines modern design with decor dating back to the 11th Century, has an extensive composting and recycling program, has an on-site garden for their restaurant and is energy efficient.”

Included in the evening’s program was a classy networking reception with TransFair USA powered by Trendy Lime. FairTrade provided complimentary sampling by 15+ vendors including Divine, Chocolate, Honest Tea, TCHO, The Hoop, Weaver’s Coffee, Andronico’s, Thanksgiving Coffee, La Yapa Quinoa, Tompkins Point Apparel, HAE Now, Clothing Rishi Tea, Traditional Medicinals, Numi Tea, Mark and Coco Zen. The FairTrade also provided RAFFLES, cocktails with ultra-premium, Photography by Chris Brennan and Tunes spun by DJ Corinna Regan and DJ Chris Orr. Take action to support Fair Trade Awareness Month and become fan of Fair Trade on Facebook. readers are invited to another great event produced by Trendy Lime: an elegant & fun “Trendy Halloween“, where 100% proceeds from the raffle sales (and the prizes are amazing) will go to California Youth Connection to support foster children.

By Julie Blaustein

Are you tired of looking for a job and looking for it the same old way? I bet you are!

Lucky for you, ResumeSponge has come to the rescue. It is what is known as your Social Career Platform as it provides all the social tools that make it easy for YOU to stand out above the rest that are looking for a job. This awesome service was started by its CEO, Solomon Engel who founded the company based off his previous struggles to find employment. He realized the difficulties of standing out in the crowded job marketplace, as well as the difficulties employers face on a daily basis. He knew he needed to do something to help people and he was determined to provide a way for others not to have as much difficulty in the process as he had.

Through a powerful set of advanced tools, ResumeSponge makes it easy and fun for you to feature your professional work such as any sort of word, excel, powerpoint and pdf documents, your professional videos such as video reel or video resume and your professional photography. You can manage a network of contacts and  connections, along with advanced search technology to help you land that dream job in a fun and interactive way. The best part is ResumeSponge allows you to stand out from the crowd. If your still wondering if its worth checking out, here is a sample profile.

With its amazing and beautifully designed interface, and a faceted user experience, ResumeSponge users can show off their abilities, skills, expertise, and professional work with ease. At this time the site is available in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari with Internet Explorer support coming very soon along with additional features. If you want to have a life changing experience in how you do a job search and an awesome way to market yourself to potential employers, you can Join for Free!

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