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Casting is set and Facebook the movie will be connecting to you through a theater near you.

David Fincher will direct the bio drama “The Social Network,” scripted by Aaron Sorkin-scripted about the formation of Facebook.

Jesse Eisenberg will play Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg; Justin Timberlake will play Sean Parker, the Napster co-founder who became Facebook’s founding president; and Andrew Garfield will play Eduardo Saverin, the Facebook co-founder who fell out with Zuckerberg over real money, not virtual goods. The story takes place during the founding days in 2004 while attending Harvard.

The real question is, will you “like” it? Will you leave a comment? Will you fan the fan page? Will you share it with your social graph?

You can bet that Facebook events will riddle the site for months to centralize and organize screenings, premiers and outings. using the social network to promote, “The Social Network” will break new ground.

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By Marissa Louie

Ok my fellow Young Grasshoppers, we need to fly. Let’s close deals, chomp on some revenue, and raise cold hard liquid cash. My Dot2Dot family and my NYC Nerdsters, I can be your connection to Silicon Valley who will get you in with the right people. But to actually cut the deal in SF, you need the right venue, with the right mixture of old school (for historical context), understated class, and worldliness (so you can think about the possibilities outside of the room). The point is to focus on the people at the table, the deal, and your future partnership together. Just be strategic about your bathroom breaks and watch your toes. Here’s where I’ve cut deals from $1000 to $24m.

Marissa Louie and Nalin Mittal, by David Gelles of Financial Times

Marissa Louie and Nalin Mittal at Cafe de la Presse, by David Gelles of Financial Times

These work for me:

Seasons Four Seasons

  • I always get deals done here. I got my biggest deal done here.

Carnelian Room

  • Ask for longtime General Manager Philip Ip and tell him I sent you. He pays 100% attention to detail and knows exactly what to do.

Hyatt Regency

  • Before you go, take a ride in the speed elevator while you watch everything beneath you shrink. Now take that soaring feeling straight into your meeting.


  • It’s best to come late at night with a cheery spirit and with no intention of cutting a deal.


  • Do your deal in a hushed voice. And wear something conservative unless you want men gawking at you during your deal.

Café de la Presse

  • This is the social media, PR, and communications hub of SF, so cut your deals related to those arenas here. According to superstars @dgelles, @nalin, @rafer, @dayo, @dipw0nder, and more.

The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton

  • Bring your East Coast colleagues here.


  • I took control of a client dinner where everyone was twice my age by talking about how consulting executives cannot sell, even though 90% of top executives have a background in sales.  We got the deal, celebrated, and then I bumped into Gavin Newsom and Willie Brown on my way out.

The Palace Hotel

  • It’s where you make history.

Sugar Cafe

  • It’s where my company, AD-Village, was born. I’ve taken that energy into cutting multiple deals, and have been a loyal customer for 2 years.

You’d think these would work, but they don’t for me:

They’re great dining places, but for me, the settings are uncomfortable, the people tend to stare rudely, or the waitstaff is stiff and awkward. The chi is just not right.


Gary Danko

Fleur de Lys




The NYC version is on its way!


Marissa is the CEO and Co-founder of AD-Village. On the job, she handles, sales, PR, customer service, community relations, marketing, speaking at conferences, strategy, recruiting, coding, text messaging, Twittering, and returning calls and emails.

She is a frequent conference speaker and will make a keynote speech or presentation at Web 2.0 Expo New York, Wharton West Entrepreneur Club, LeadsCon Las Vegas, and the Mobile Marketing Summit.

Marissa blogs at BusinessWeek, Adotas, and here at

Find her on Twitter: @malouie

Contact her at (510) 375-1941 or Email her at

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recaptcha_logo_dec08Google has acquired reCAPTCHA, one of the providers of spam prevention CAPTCHA. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but Google had hinted that it was previously working on its own CAPTCHA service as well as looking at reCAPTCHA as an acquisition target.

The reason behind the acquisition is purported to be reCAPTCHA’s ability to recognize and transcribe text. Through its service as a CAPTCHA provider, reCAPTCHA has been able to essentially crowdsource the transcription process. This can be applied to Google’s own initiatives across at least two of its applications, Google Books and Google News.

For Google Books, reCAPTCHA’s technology can be used for transcribing text for the books that Google makes readily available for download through its free service. For Google News Archives Search, a similar process can be applied. With both applications, the error rate is expected to drop significantly, improving Google’s ability to provide accurate search results.

I think the acquisition of reCAPTCHA hails an important development in the digitization and overall provision of printed content. In decreasing the error rates associated with the transcription and search capabilities of text, Google will be able to increase the distribution potential of digital book content across the world. Having ready access to such printed content is something that’s been slow to come about, despite the technological advances we’ve seen in the past decade pertaining to both the ability to digitize printed content as well as the ability to distribute it.

With new devices and pricing structures, however, the trend for digitizing and distributing content is a growing field. Today the ebook provider WattPad has announced some upgrades to its iPhone application, allowing you to download and save an entire book to read offline, as well as share what you’re reading with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

I think both of these announcements from Google and WattPad speak to the long-term potential of what we can expect to see from digitized content. Th ability to search, access and share such content is something that should be available to everyone. Integration with social networks and improvement on the transcription end will help speed this process a great deal, which I think is beneficial to the world at large.

I’ve volunteered to help the organizers of Audience, a conference dedicated to exploring, defining, and connecting audiences in the technology era.

Hosted at the Hudson Theater in New York on 11/5-1/6, Audiences 09 is bringing together some of the most exceptional people in the world. From the entertainers who engage audiences directly to the statisticians who measure them, to the technologists building tools to help us reach new and larger audiences and engage with them.

Delivering a unique understanding and examination of what audience is, this conference will explore the very things that affect the dynamics of audience and community and the changes in communication, science, engineering, and technology and how they have impacted our ability to address and influence audiences as well as the effects they have on our society.


I’m currently seeking sponsors to help us make this event legendary. If you can help, please contact me: brian {at} future-works {dot} com

Opportunities include:

  • Partner
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • VIP Dinner
  • After Party

Speakers Lineup

Mike ArringtonTechCrunch, Engaging an audience and the new rules of news gathering and reporting.

View speaker profile

Robert BruceKnife Gun Pen, American Poet

View speaker profile

Jason CalacanisMahalo, The Social Media CEO. Engaging investors, partners, and viewers.

View speaker profile

Brian ClarkCopyblogger, Applying the classic principles of David Ogilvy to create successful websites.

View speaker profile

Dan FarberCBS News, Transitioning a traditional news organization to the web.

View speaker profile

Loren Feldman1938 Media, The web as Art.

View speaker profile

Rae HoffmanOutspoken Media, Affiliate marketing, SEO, and being a woman in new media.

View speaker profile

Joe JaffeCrayon, Advertising in the Audience Age.

View speaker profile

Ethan KaplanWarner Bros. Records, The Future of Music.

View speaker profile

Andrew KeenAuthor, Public Speaker, Broadcaster, The Cult of the Audience

View speaker profile

Rachel MarsdenAuthor, Columnist, TV/radio host, Politics & Audience

View speaker profile

Frank Rocheifractal, How companies with 25k+ employees address their internal audience.

View speaker profile

Bruce WarrenWXPN, Radio: Adjusting to technology and maintaining audience

View speaker profile

Mike WattMusician, Life on the road and the importance of grassroots connections.

View speaker profile

Adam & MiaMusician, Connecting with a niche audience.

View speaker profile


Register here (use code “solis” to save $100)

Ouch! Watching this video of Guitar Hero featuring Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain singing along to Bon Jovi really, really hurts my soul and its got Cobain’s widow Courtney Love in an uproar too. The Guardian has much more on the story including the Twitter rant Love went on after Everett True posted this video on YouTube.

I have some fond memories of the first time I saw Nirvana at Iguana’s in Tijuana in the fall of 1991 back when the band just started to gain traction with the album Nevermind. I personally preferred Nirvana’s debut album Bleach but the album and the band were a big factor in the incredible musical revolution of the late-1980s and early-1990s.

After watching this horrendous video, I’m heading straight over to Pandora and cleanse my battered ears with some great Seattle Sub Pop sounds. Afghan Whigs, Tad or Mudhoney anyone?