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Trendy Lime Presents THE MANSION: A Halloween Odyssey on October 31 at San Francisco’s Historic Payne Mansion

It’s that time of year! For Trendy Lime’s social network of chic and trendy international professionals, Halloween is a chance to dress up in outrageous costumes and party the night away.

This year Trendy Lime is throwing an elegant and mysteriously spooky soiree at one of San Francisco’s most elegant venues: the breathtaking (and possibly haunted!) Payne Mansion.

As with all events, their Halloween spook-tacular will be all about fabulous fashion, cutting edge music, and the opportunity to network with San Francisco’s most beautiful and influential young tastemakers.

Guests will dance the night away to music by our super-spooky DJs, DJ Playdoughboy and DJ Evi.

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Trendy Lime is taking the opportunity not only to raise awareness about all the brave women who face breast cancer every year, but also raise funds for Tatiana, an amazing 27-year-old who is in the midst of breast cancer treatment. To support the cause, there will be Charity Casino tables, and Trendy Lime will donate $1 from every drink sold at the party to help fight breast cancer.

Sponsors include: Froomz, Finlandia,  Little Black Dress Vodka and SOLZ.

Trendy Lime’s THE MANSION: A Halloween Odyssey will take place on October 31.  You can get tickets here.


We’re giving away 3 sets of tickets to our Bubblicious readers! Thats right, you can win a ticket for yourself and a friend.  We will be announcing the winners next Friday the 26th on our Facebook page.

All you have to do is follow @Trendylime on Twitter and leave us a comment on our Bubblicious page on Facebook on who you will be dressing as for halloween to be entered to win!

Winners will be contacted on Facebook.  You must live in Silicon Valley.

Gangnam Startup Style (photo via Michael O'Donnell/

One of the hottest songs to hit the airwaves over the past few weeks is not something you think would become mainstream. “Gangnam Style“, a song with a rocking beat by the South Korean artist, Psy, has become such a sensation, it’s even been performed by Psy himself on the Today Show during their Toyota concert series. After more than 215 million views on YouTube, this pop sensation has definitely opened itself up to a myriad of spoofs and parodies, including this Chatroulette version and the creative wedding version.

Being here in the tech capital of the world, I suppose it was only a matter of time that it would become a huge hit…and the community definitely did not disappoint.

Organized by co-founder, Danielle Morrill, the startup community put together their own version of “Gangnam Style” and today it was released to the world for everyone to see. It’s a mish-mash of footage from both people who videoed themselves doing the dance and also when Mrs. Morrill’s camera crew went around town collecting footage. But just who in the tech world would best portray the indomitable spirit of Psy? There are obviously a few good choices, but in the startup parody, it actually was a bunch of different people just having fun doing the horse-riding dance and everything else. is taking some of todays most influential women in the online communities, placing them into some of today’s top vehicles, and letting them roam the country from Los Angeles to New York to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness.

You can attend a TweetUP in one of many stops across the country and meet all the amazing women who have volunteered their time to do the drive; Race-car drivers,  Social Media GURU’s, Automotive Experts,  Foodies and Fashionistas.

The schedule is as follows:

Starting Line September 25th leave Los Angeles CA – Vegas, NV – Salt Lake City UT

September 26th leave  Salt Lake City UT – Grand Junction CO – Denver CO

September 27th leave Denver CO – Colby KS – Salina KS

September 28th Salina KS – Kansas City MO – St. Louis MO

September 29th St. Louis MO – Bloomington IL- Chicago IL

September 30th Chicago IL – Indianapolis IN (special event)

October 1st Indianapolis IN – Columbus OH – Pittsburgh PA

October 2nd Pittsburgh PA – Philadelphia PA – NYC, NY Finish Line

Here’s a glimpse at just a few of the handful of Featured Ladies for this trip:

Social Media Advisers
Ann Tran
Misty Belardo
Zipporah Sandler
Joyce Cherrier

Automotive Journalists
Christina Selter, Editor HerHighway & Host
BJ Killeen, Drivers Talk
Cathy Droz, Two for the Road
Nina Russin, Carspondent

Judy Stropus, Retired Indy Crew Member/JVS Enterprises
Anne Proffit, Motorsports and Automotive Journalist
Shea Holbrook, Sports Car Racing
Ashley Van Dyke, AVD Motorsports

This September, make sure you start following the hashtag #HerHighway to follow along on what these amazing women are doing.

And hey, you may even see me (Krystyl) along the way! ;-)

Make sure to follow @HerHighWay on Twitter for updates on whats going on, and even a chance to win a seat for this roadtrip!

Cyan BanisterCaring for one’s community is an important principle in our everyday life. Most people probably associate it with their neighborhoods, their friends, family, culture, etc. But in the tech industry and in social media, the community holds a more virtual and larger meaning. Everyone is in the same community. People on Twitter are part of this so-called Twitterverse and the same can be said for folks on Flickr, Facebook, Foursquare, and even on enterprise services like Salesforce, Yammer, etc. There’s a reason why we have new career positions opening up in companies called Community Management–because people need to know that they’re being taken care of and that the community is being fostered and maintained.

But sometimes, when you’re thinking that what you’re doing doesn’t affect your community, the community organizer can find ways to surprise you and show that you’re appreciated. Take a look at this new video interview with Cyan Banister, angel investor and founder/CEO of Zivity, conducted by NBC Bay Area News last night. This is the CEO of a popular mature and artistic fan interaction platform and she just did something most CEOs probably wouldn’t do…she helped a total stranger in Aurora, CO pay her medical bills. Why? Simply because she was part of the Zivity community.

Pray for Aurora, COIt’s been just under a week since that unfortunate Friday morning in the town of Aurora, CO and we’re not really sure what happened. Yes, we know that a mad man took the lives of dozens of innocent people who wanted to do nothing more than sit in a theatre and watch the premiere of the most-anticipated movie of the summer, The Dark Knight Rises. And in an instant, that all changed and now it’s up to us to help that community heal and come back stronger than ever. It won’t be easy, as many lives were shattered and changed, but there are some things that we can do to help things get a little better.

One of those things is financial support for the victims and families. As with all tragedies, recuperation and medical bills will be especially difficult to overcome and no one needs the added stress to compound their grief and suffering at this difficult time. Already there are some hospitals in the Colorado community that have already begun to help alleviate this anguish, but more can be done. And when I read stories like this where you read about the life of one of the victims being unable to pay her medical bills because she’s penniless, your heart reaches out for them. So what can we, the community, do to help these people heal? Follow the example of HopeMob and just give what you can.

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