by Brian Solis

SF Beta soared to new heights this month in a new location – 111 Minna!  Organizer and host, Christian Perry is definitely on a role, having recruited the one-and-only Robert Scoble to MC the event.  The place was packed and it was loud!

Perry also added some much needed ambiance with live jazz to keep the setting smooth and coversational.

Of course the tv crew (Nandor Fejer, Adriana Gascoigne, Chandra Hardester, and Alison McNeill) scored some great interviews. There are three videos to enjoy below.

Click Here for the Video

Click Here for the Video

Click Here for the Video

Companies/spokespersons interviewed:
Guidewire Group, Cathy Brooks
Level3, Scott Russell
Laszlo, Helena Kimball
AboveNet, Xenophon Giannis

For pictures from the event, jump over to the flickr album.

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    no imageCathy Brooks (Who am I?)7 February 2007 9:35 am

    Ah the joys of advanced technology … We could hardly hear each other speak in the din that was SFBeta last month, but I’m glad to hear that our conversation registered … I do want to clarify one point though … I said that I screened 25 companies for DEMO … It was actually more like 15 … I had the number 25 in my head since that’s about how long Chris Shipley has been in the tech biz … Ooops … wasn’t supposed to tell (-:
    Anyway, DEMO 2007 is now in the rear-view mirror, so you should check out some of our coverage at

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