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Twitter rolled out a friendly and instructional 101 series designed to help users create a strategic and effective presence as well as spark and foster a collaborative community in the ever-maturing Twitterverse. Additionally, for those marketers, brand managers, communications professionals, and new media consultants who have painfully and exhaustively attempted to explain Twitter and its benefits to executives, co-workers, or clients, this guide is your saving grace and for some, their golden ticket.

Co-Founder Biz Stone explained the rationale behind the creation of the guide, “Many are seeing a wide variety of businesses using Twitter in interesting ways to create value for customers and consumers. As a result, we’re often invited by businesses and organizations to talk about Twitter and how it can be used to better engage with customers. The results demonstrate how customers are getting value out of Twitter and suggest techniques businesses can employ to enhance that value.”

He continued, “Twitter 101 is a suite of web pages that explains our findings. There is also a downloadable slideshow available as a PDF that’s more of an overview which folks can use to give presentations within larger organizations to teach others about Twitter. We’re focused on enhancing value across Twitter in general—these documents are just a first step.”

Its format is deceptively simple, but packed with valuable information that bridges functionality and potential with instruction and comprehensive examples that span a variety of businesses and marketplaces. What’s constant, though, is Twitter’s desire to help you, and also help you, help others.

The guide covers:

- What is Twitter

- Getting started

- Learn the lingo

- Best practices

- Case studies

- Other resources

This business survival guide provides a comprehensive overview, and quick tips along the way, that provide just enough data to pass the baton to you in order to apply and connect what you’ve learned to your business – triggering creative ideas to change the ingredients to make it more appropriate for you.

Twitter 101 is available as a post, slide show, or printable document here.

Instead of approaching Twitter as a place to broadcast information about your company, think of it as a place to build relationships.

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