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by Victor Karamalis

Celeb Spleak

No, that was not a typo. Spleak is a site that gets everyone to chime in on the gossip of celebrities and rate that gossip. This is a great site for soccer moms (and dads) that love to comment on the latest celebrity gossip while at the supermarket waiting to pay for their groceries on their smart phones.

Chatting with Spleak

The real nifty thing about Spleak is how they go about ‘talking up’ the gossip. They use different chatting platforms like Adium, AIM, MSN, and all the other social networks; there’s even a widget to see who else is writing about a particular celebrity. They also tap into the blogosphere by latching on to the fan sites. You can even receive text alerts about your favorite celebrity (I’m partial to Salma Hayek). You can check out some screenshots of Spleak on Facebook and Myspace below. They are also coming out a sports version of Spleak.

Spleak on Facebook

Myspace a la Spleak

They employ a clever online marketing mix of multiple channels. My hat’s off to them on the fact that they are connecting the most popular blogs, social bookmarks, and dominant networks to get their service to as many people as possible. This will definitely enable the gossip queen in all of us to dish the dirt about our favorite (or most hated) celebrity.

by Victor Karamalis

Lunch 2.0

For those of you that have not attended a Lunch 2.0 event, it is the perfect place to hob nob with freelancers and full time tech professionals getting together for a free (and often delectable lunch). Not to mention, the opportunity to land yourself a cool job or possibly meet up with fellow entrepreneurs. Regardless, the folks who organize Lunch 2.0 events like Terry Chay, Mark Jen and Bernadette Balla deserve the credit for growing these events to different cities on Both coasts and beyond in Europe.

VYSR in Palo Alto has designed a unique voice and text infrastructure that is meant to enhance decades’ old telephony system with that of simple, natural and ubiquitous communication online. These guys are serious in making this happen with dev shops in Palo Alto and India; they can customize solutions as well as create Facebook Applications. So, at this point, all I can say is “who’s going for seconds?”

by Victor Karamalis

Spring Mix Party

Apparently, I’m not the only one that has good taste (as I mentioned in this previous post).  Glam Media is celebrating its latest acquisition of StyleMob, the fashion community that lets real people have their own say about their fashion.  More specifically, you can chime in on your friend’s or others looks and rate them on their site.They will be throwing a fashion show for the occasion. 

Glam Media  focuses on distributed media that encompasses Ad network and publishers to create an effective targetted Ad campaign with original content that matches the readers’ likes.  This strategy is a growing trend where the ad networks acquire their affilate partners to ensure consistent content and expanding their future growth in order to increase their revenue.


With a closed invitation party set for late next month,
its sponsors include Girls In Tech, Ogilvy PR, Twiistup, and 24seven inc. For more information, check out the Girls In Tech Page.

by Victor Karamalis


Ever wonder what to do about making an ordinary presentation pop out in front of potential investors or show at a group meeting? Then Sliderocket is a great rich internet application that should be given consideration to wow the audience. They presented earlier this week at Dealmaker Media’s ‘Under the Radar’ conference in Mountain View this past week and won three out of a possible four awards such as ‘Best in Show’, ‘Judge’s Award’, and ‘Audience Award.’

Currently in private Beta, Sliderocket give’s Powerpoint presentations a run for its money. Sliderocket works on multiple browsers and puts presentation files online for easy searchability, tagging, and a boat load of other features in mind. Starting with the bottom toolbar (which lets you expand into a fullscreenview), the templates and transitions rival those one would see from a Mac.

Great transitions include 3D-rotate, Cube, Reflections, Swap, and Flip. It also lets you import images, video, Flash Animation, and countless other formats (including third party plugins). One can import Google docs and spreadsheets into the presentation. They even have a community marketplace where one can buy professional stock photo and other clip art. With share abilities such as showing a link to the presentation and embedding the presentation a la You Tube Video, it just adds to its ease of use. Definitely check out the product demo on their site.

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by Victor Karamalis


Do you ever get that feeling like someone is looking you up through Google or Facebook? If so, Facebook has added a new privacy feature called ‘Friend of friend Privacy.’ This feature expands the control of who can view your profile, notes, photos, and other content like mini-feeds. This answers the issue for who will see your friend’s profile or at the very least, put a stop to it should one choose to do so.
Basically, one can control exactly who can see what by including or excluding certain friends or friend lists. For example, when you ask to friend someone, there will be a drop down ‘profile limited’ list to set what they can see on your profile or the friends that are connected to you. This is yet another layer of privacy in addition to who can search for you and how you can be contacted under the privacy settings of Facebook.

For Facebook, this step is seen as a very responsible approach to protecting its users’ privacy. Conversely, this may put the pressure on Linked In which broadcasts every addition or connection to others. It is also a known practice that business people search on Linked In through other people’s connections and advertise that person’s degree of separation. However, the real innovative feature I would like to see is who has ‘touched’ or checked my profile or my friend’s profile when looking through mine on either network.


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