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by Stephanie Booth

Going Solo is an educational event for freelancers and small business owners, organized by Going Far (Stephanie Booth). It will take place May 16th in Lausanne, Switzerland.

One of the things about a industry like tech/media/internet is the astounding number of startups and freelancers it generates — and not just in the US.

It’s pretty obvious, of course: when things move fast and the temperature is bubbly, you have to move fast yourself if you want Going Solo conference for freelancers, May 16th, Lausanne (Switzerland).to stay in the game. Free from the shackles of big corporations (there are some exceptions, of course), many soloists can be found gravitating around tech parties and conferences, or spending long hours in front of their screen at night and on Sundays. Because, yes, indeed — choosing one’s own hours can have drawbacks. But who really cares when passion drives you and you have a chance to do your dream job, the one no job description exists for yet in the company you used to work for?

Freelancing is not all fun and games — ask anybody who’s been solo for more than a couple of years. The work is fun, but the huge mass of grey “unpaid work” sometimes drives you down (if not under): finding new clients and negotiating deals with them, accounting and taxes, marketing yourself through your blog or by making sure you don’t miss a single trendy party…

Roughly six months ago when I decided it was time to set foot in the conferencing business myself, I quickly decided to start out with an educational event for freelancers: Going Solo. A video is worth a good stack of paragraphs, so, take five minutes to listen to what brought about Going Solo — straight from the horse’s mouth (the horse being me, in this case):

So, if you’re in Europe mid-May, freelancing, soloing, small-businessing (or just thinking of heading in that direction), come and spend a day sharpening your business skills in lovely Lausanne. You want to stay on top of that bubble, don’t you? ;-)

Register before it’s too late | Connect on Twitter | Check out the developing programme | Coverage about Going Solo

by Stephanie Booth

Reboot is starting to feel like a long time ago (especially after 5 weeks spent in San Francisco), but we still owe you a third and final posting about this great conference (see Reboot Part I and Part II if you’ve missed them).

So, what are we serving you today? A peek at the hundred dollar laptop, the Blubber Bots, the Wii-enabled crèche, and more insight on what makes the atmosphere of Reboot uniquely Ready? Here we go.

Reboot9: Breakfast on Second Day

After quietly geeking away in the lounge during breakfast on the second morning, people assembled in the main hall for the start of the day. They were joined by a couple of Blubber Bots.

Here Come the Blubber Bots!

As you will no doubt notice by looking at the photographs, these Autonomous Light Air Vessels are both in their conception and their appearance.

Reboot Second Day 32

A closer view of a Blubber Bot, presented by Jed Berk, father of all the Blubber Bots.

Blubber Bots are friendly beings attracted by light and cellphone waves.

Roosting Blubber Bots

They like to play, sing a bit like whales do, and even showed an interest in participating actively in the conference.

Blubber Bot Waiting to Speak

Blubber Bot waiting to speak.

Blubber Bot Speaking

Blubber Bot on stage.

Unfortunately, there were some technical issues (mainly linguistic) which cut short the speech of the Blubber Bot. Next year, maybe?

Thomas Blimp-Sitting

A friendly Blubber Bot, keeping Reboot organizer Thomas Madsen-Mygdal cosy company.

Moored Blimp

Sometimes, even a Blubber Bot needs some grounding.

For our readers who might have taken a liking to these strange creatures, you can even help this species breed by adopting a Blubber Bot.

Later on that same morning, an unexpected frenzy seized the attendees waiting in the main hall.

Hundred Dollar Laptop Paparazzis

Hundred Dollar Laptop Attraction

Opera’s Håkon Wium Lie had brought the oft-heard-about, seldom-seen $100 laptop into the room.

Hundred Dollar Laptop Turns Into Tablet

Laptop is a tablet too!

Everybody wanted to lay their hands on it, or at least snap a pic.

Hundred Dollar Laptop Attracts More Interest

Hundred Dollar Laptop Close-Up

Stephanie with Hundred Dollar Laptop

Yours truly managed to do both :-)

Time now to dive a little into Reboot’s unique atmosphere — an exciting blend of high-tech people and gadgets, with a very informal un-conference style of organisation. And it works! over 500 people, and the wifi was up almost all the time.

Let’s start with the pre-conference drinks, a gathering of speakers and participants alike in the very green Kongens Have Park.


[Photo credit (above): Alberto Romero]

Pre-Conference Drinks in the Park

Pre-Conference Drinks, Comfortable

Pre-Conference Drinks Essentials

The drinks themselves.

The venue was the huge Kedehallen, complete with lawn, cafeteria-style lounge, and enough rooms to host upto six concurrent sessions.

The Venue: Kedelhallen

The venue, Kedelhallen

A few shots of the atmosphere on the lawn:

Lawn Atmosphere

Good Use of the Lawn


[Photo Credit (above): Michael Bumann]

In The Lounge

The lounge (note the big screen — there are more in other parts of the lounge).

Geek Corner at Reboot

Geeking out in the lounge.

Reboot9 Program

The lo-fi version of the program. Note the empty spaces for extra, impromptu sessions.

Some sessions were scheduled to take place in strange locations:

Dopplr Conversation in Changing Room

Before moving out onto the lawn, thanks to the great weather.

Dopplr Discussion

[Photo credit (above): Julian Bleecker]

Others simply thought the lawn was a great spot:

outdoor session

[Photo credit (above): Florian Krakau]

Just Outside Conference

[Photo credit (above): Jonathan Marks]

And some decided to remain in the strange places.


[Photo credit (above): Guy Dickinson]

The main hall, which is large enough to seat all the attendees, converted into a gigantic dining hall during the first evening.

Reboot9 Main Hall

Crowds at Reboot

[Photo credit (above): Jonathan Marks]

The Big Hall Becomes Dining Hall

All these geeks require wifi, of course, power, and various other gadgets:

Wifi challenge

[Photo credit (above): Jonathan Marks]

Enchufes a gogó

[Photo credit (above): Alberto Romero]

Power cord snakes.

reboot is a true 2.0 conference

[Photo credit (above): Björn Ognibeni]

Power cord snake nest. Beware!

Jaiku and Plazes side by side

[Photo credit (above): Alper Çu?un /]

Big-ass monitors for Jaiku and Plazes, two sponsors of the event.


[Photo credit (above): Ralf G.]

But it’s not just about technology. “Human?” was the theme of this year’s Reboot, and a lot of the focus of the talks and the event was on the intersection of humanity and technology.

So, at Reboot, there was room for technology, and for being human too. For example, we know that no human can resist cupcakes, so we had some of those:

Jaiku cup cakes

[Photo credit (above): Ton Zijlstra]

We also know that getting people to sign up for a dinner location is easier if done low-tech (a bunch of reservations had been made by the organisers, and large sheets of paper indicating name of the restaurant and number of people it could seat were put up in the hall):

Dinner list

[Photo credit (above): Mark Wubben]

The usual conference gear was provided, without going overboard.

reboot9 the book and stickers

[Photo credit (above): Florian Krakau]

People made good use of the Reboot notebook.

I believe we are beyond distributed now

[Photo credit (above): Thomas Purves]


[Photo credit (above): Gunnar Langemark]


[Photo credit (above): Esben Fjord]

Special mention for the T-shirts, which were customisable.

Reboot party @ Vega

[Photo credit (above): Alberto Romero]


[Photo credit (above): Olivier Crochat]

Of course, no conference would be completely without a noisy and dancy closing party.

Now, before I close this really long post (I’m expecting to get in trouble for it) I’d like to draw your attention to one particular aspect of Reboot9, which, you’ll have understood, is an absolutely great event to take part in. (Reboot9 was sold out, so if you’re planning on going to Reboot10, keep your eyes peeled and buy tickets early.)

Baby Sitting @ Reboot9

[Photo credit (above): Charles Nouÿrit]


Baby Sitting @ Reboot9

[Photo credit (above): Charles Nouÿrit]


Babysitting at Reboot

[Photo credit (above): Lilia Efimova]

The Crèche, Also For Older Kids

As you can see, the crèche is also designed to keep the older kids happy.

I’ll leave you with a series of photographs of kids at Reboot, proof that an event can be both and kid-friendly. If you’ve payed attention to Part I and Part II of our Reboot9 series, you’ll probably be able to recognise some of the proud parents, too.

Baba Booter

[Photo credit (above): Bernie Goldbach]

Canadian conversation

[Photo credit (above): Ton Zijlstra]

[Photo credit (above): Alvaro Ortiz]


[Photo credit (above): Mark Wubben]

Babies everywhere!

[Photo credit (above): Thomas Purves]

DSC 3771

[Photo credit (above): Dannie Jost]

tú jaiku? yo twitter!

[Photo credit (above): Ludita]

Modern nomad mum

[Photo credit (above): Andreas Johannsen]

The original toothless tiger

[Photo credit (above): Thomas Purves]


[Photo credit (above): Guido van Nispen]

2nd youngest attendee

[Photo credit (above): Mark Wubben]

[Photo credit (above): Alper Çu?un /]


[Photo credit (above): Gunnar Langemark]

Jyri (and kid) and Ralph

[Photo credit (above): Ton Zijlstra]

Backchannel (2)

[Photo credit (above): Lilia Efimova]

nico mit baggage

[Photo credit (above): 2000°]

little visitor

[Photo credit (above): Florian Krakau]

Young rebooters

[Photo credit (above): Tim Duckett]

Sleeping beauty

[Photo credit (above): Martin Kuipers]

There, we hope you liked our first series covering Europe!

More Reboot9 photos on Flickr.

The Reboot Conference website.

Photo credit: Stephanie Booth, unless otherwise indicated (below the photo). Photos used were CC-licensed, or if indicated otherwise permission to reproduce them in this context was kindly given.

by Stephanie Booth

Welcome back to Europe with the second episode of our series on the Danish conference Reboot, which took place earlier this month. (Check out Episode 1, if you missed it.) Let’s continue our guided tour of European faces caught feeling at Reboot 9.0, Copenhagen.

Reboot9 First Day 53: Alexander Kjerulf

Let’s happily start with Alexander Kjerulf, Chief Happiness Officer — he specialises in happiness at work.

Reboot9 First Day 55: Matt Webb

Matt Webb, the “Webb” in Schulze and Webb (he probably doesn’t need to be introduced to readers, does he?)

Reboot9 First Day 56: Maya Lotan

Maya Lotan (Urbanseeder)

Reboot9 First Day 51: André Ribeirinho

André Ribeirinho, caught on the phone this time — perhaps already talking to investors for Adegga?

Reboot9 First Day 47: Antony Mayfield and Ewan McIntosh

Antony Mayfield (Spannerworks) and Ewan McIntosh (Edublogger extraordinaire)

Reboot9 First Day 46: Delphine Ménard

Delphine Ménard (Wikimedia Foundation)

Reboot9 First Day 45: Paolo Valdemarin and Marco Formento

Paolo Valdemarin and Marco Formento (Youplus) — straight from Italy

Reboot9 First Day 44: Aram Bartholl

Aram Bartholl, a Media Artist from Berlin who has worked on many projects involving the representation of online symbols in the offline world — they are worth checking out, and quite in their own right.

Reboot9 First Day 43: Felix Petersen

Felix Petersen of Plazes (a Swiss company!)

Reboot9 First Day 41: Stowe Boyd

Stowe Boyd again, a little closer up

Reboot9 First Day 40: Leisa Reichelt

Leisa Reichelt of “ambient intimacy” fame

Reboot9 First Day 39: Andreas Haugstrup and Jesper Bindslev

Andreas Haugstrup and Jesper Bindslev (Hoist)

Reboot9 First Day 36: Lilia Efimova

Our lovely Russian researcher Lilia Efimova — now a proud mom, but more of that in Part III of this Reboot series

Reboot9 First Day 38: Jon Husband

John Husband (Wirearchy)

Reboot9 Second Day 7

Maryrose Lyons (Brightspark Consulting)

Reboot9 Second Day 9

Jeremy Keith (Clearleft) and Håkon Wium Lie (Opera, Father of CSS)

At Reboot, we like to take care of all the interesting stuff that happens between (or besides) the sessions. So although the two days of conference are packed with great talks, the garden outside the venue is packed with rebooters lounging in deck-chairs, blogging away or happily chatting and networking. Here, get a feel of the atmosphere:

Reboot9 First Day 58

Reboot9 First Day 2

Reboot9 First Day 9

Reboot9 First Day 8

Do you recognize anybody? Ah, look here.

Reboot9 First Day 15

Delphine Ménard (Wikimedia Foundation) chatting about cameras with some fellow rebooters

Reboot9 First Day 16

Charlie Schick (Nokia)

Reboot9 First Day 72

The great Euan Semple and Bernie Goldbach

Reboot9 First Day 73

Tom Purves (Firestoker), straight from Canada with enough beer to keep us going

Marko Ahtisaari

Marko Ahtisaari (Blyk, Dopplr) came to talk about attention

Post-Reboot Party 23

Jyri Engström (Jaiku) spotted at the Post-Reboot Party

As it was starting to be late, I had to sneak up on one of my victims in a bar somewhere between the conference venue and the hotels:

David Blurry in Bar

David Smith, director of ICT at St Paul’s

Time for a break! See you for two special guests and a bit more atmosphere in Part III (and last) of our Reboot 9.0 series.

by Stephanie Booth

Geek events in Europe attract a different crowd than in the United States: less Americans, more Europeans (quite obviously) — so prepare for a few new faces. This year, 500 people gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the 9th edition of Reboot, one of the oldest and best-known conferences in this part of the world.

Copenhagen started feeling on Wednesday evening with a couple of drinks in the Kongens Have park. Many bottles of beer and champagne were emptied, old friends were greeted, and strangers or casual acquaintances touched antennas.

Reboot9 Pre-Conf Drinks 4

America’s most European consultant, Stowe Boyd, touching base with Henriette Weber Andersen (Toothless Tiger, Geek Army Knife), André Ribeirinho (SHiFT, adegga), and Mark Wubben, who regularly takes very nice conference photos (check out his Reboot 9.0 set on Flickr).

In the background, you can catch a glimpse of Laurent Haug (LIFT) chatting with Dannie Jost, as well as Guido Van Nispen (Picnic, and great portraits of geeks worldwide) — person unknown to me on his right, I’m afraid.

The conference schedule for both the first and the second days was packed — but I did manage to steal some moments to capture a selection of faces, some already well known to readers, some certainly less. Prepare for people squinting in the sunlight!

So, who was there at Reboot? Time to throw a few names around. And photos. Here are those I managed to catch:

Reboot Second Day 28: Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

For starters, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (23, Reboot) — understandably, he was running about a bit, so I had to catch him on-stage.

Reboot9 First Day 32

Nicole Simon, famous for her pre-conference podcast interviews of speakers, which she publishes on her business blog Bloxpert. (Check out the Reboot 9.0 interviews!)

Reboot9 First Day 33

Dieter Rappold, busy on the phone Managing and Directing Knallgrau (Knallgrau are responsible for, one of the largest German-language blogging platforms).

Reboot9 First Day 34

Pedro Custódio, who besides his day job at Sapo, a large Portuguese ISP, headed the organisation of the SHiFT Conference in Lisbon last year, and is actively working on the next episode…

Reboot9 First Day 35: Riccardo Cambiassi

Riccardo Cambiassi from Headshift.

Reboot9 Second Day 18: Lars Plougmann and Geoff Jones

Lars Plougmann (Headshift again!) and Geoff Jones.

Two Headshift guys… where on earth is Mr. Headshift, Lee Bryant?

Lee Bryant

Ah! There he is, hypnotising a helpless audience with his laser eyes while he gives a talk.

Reboot9 Second Day 8: Toothless Tigers

Here are the Toothless Tigers; we’ve already met Henriette — here she is again, accompanied this time by Thomas Kristiansen, her partner-in-crime.

Reboot9 First Day 69: Ted Rheingold

Ted Rheingold (Dogster, Catster)

Reboot9 First Day 61: Julian Bleecker and Sascha Pohflepp

Julian Bleecker and Sascha Pohflepp

Reboot9 First Day 59: Martin Roell

Martin Röll, now blogless but clearly not computerless…

Reboot9 First Day 74: Ross Mayfield and Beer

Had enough for today? Here’s Ross Mayfield (Socialtext) with a couple of beers. See you after the break!