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By Sarah Townsend

Are you ready for Halloween yet? We sure are, and this year, it’s time to take the focus away from cavity-creating candy and onto doing good around the world. Today, SocialVibe launched a new program called Click 4 Good, a virtual neighborhood of haunted houses where you can go trick or treating to benefit charity.

Screen shot 2009-10-23 at 4.34.00 PM

For each spooktacular door you knock on, you’ll be greeted not by a ghost or goblin, but by a donation that will be made to one of these incredibly worthy non-profits:

- Stand Up 2 Cancer: Aims to urgently move cancer research forward by advancing technology available to scientists and clinicians.
- charity: water: Provides clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.
- The Surfrider Foundation: Dedicated to protecting and preserving our world’s oceans, waves and beaches.
- Keep a Child Alive: Provides life-saving anti-retroviral treatment, care and support to children and families whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.

Each visit yields a specific impact, such as 18 gallons of water for people in need through charity: water or 1 hour of HIV/AIDS treatment for a child through KCA. After you earn your impact, you’ll have the opportunity to share it on Twitter or Facebook, encouraging your friends to do the same. Each time that friend goes trick or treating, the impact grows. This has amazing potential to create enormous positive social impact around the world.

Take advantage of your time online and get some trick or treating practice in a little early this year by visiting SocialVibe’s haunted house neighborhood at


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By Sarah Townsend


On the fence about attending Twiistup 6 this year? Allow me to make up your mind for you. Twiistup is shaping up to be one of the biggest social media and tech conferences of the year! Not only is the schedule jam-packed with valuable sessions and panels, but the social scene is going to be one you won’t want to miss (hello, 80s Tech Prom? That alone is reason to buy your ticket now.)

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes, though. Perhaps the most enticing reason to attend is the opportunity to rub elbows and chat with some of the most influential people in the game. And so, here is a list of the 101 People You’ll Meet at Twiistup:

    1. Saeed Amidi, CEO of Plug n Play, Investor, Co-founder of Amidzad Partners

    2. Wil Schroter, CEO of Go BIG Network, serial entrepreneur

    3. Rick Calvert, Founder of Blogworld

    4. Dinesh Ravishanker, CEO of CallFire

    5. Isaac Garcia, CEO of CentralDesktop

    6. Sanjay Sabnani, Chairman and CEO of CrowdGather

    7. Dimitry Ioffe, Co-founder and CEO of The Visionaire Group

    8. Mike Walsh, Founder and CEO Leverage Software

    9. Cyan Banister, CEO of Zivity, investor Facebook, Slide etc.

    10. Merav Knafo, Founder of iJoomla

    11. Adam Zbar, CEO of Zannel

    12. Marc Mertes, CEO of

    13. Jeff Haas, Co-founder of Ringorang

    14. Jason Calacanis, CEO of Mahalo

    15. Tom Dare, COO of Tsavo

    16. Brian Solis, Author, Founder of Future Works

    17. J.R. Johnson, CEO of

    18. Adam Bernhard, CEO of Hautelook

    19. Andy Sack, General Partner/Angel Investor Founders Co-op

    20. Scott Sangster, Investor/President of Organic Startup

    21. James Montgomery, CEO of Montgomery & co. CEO of Digital Coast Ventures

    22. Vince Thompson, Managing Partner at MiddleShift

    23. Afsoun Yazdian, CEO of Gogolingo

    24. Brooke Burke, Television Personality, co-CEO of ModernMom

    25. Brian Deagon, Investor’s Business Daily (Media)

    26. Umair Mufti, Founder and CEO of Sparcq

    27. Christian Gammill, co-Founder of The Graph

    28. Brad Feld, Founder of Mobius Venture Capital

    29. Scott Seward, President of Tuesday Creative

    30. Alec Shankman, Head of Reality at Abrams Artists

    31. Chamillionaire, Grammy Award winning Musician

    32. Ian Rogers, CEO of Topspin Media

    33. Ben Huh, CEO of ICanHasCheezburger

    34. Michelle Robbins, Director of Technology, Third Door Media

    35. James Andelman, General Partner, Rincon Venture Capital

    36. Dave McClure, Investor The Founders Fund

    37. Chris Redlitz, Partner Transmedia Capital (VC)

    38. Lee Fox, Founder of

    39. Steve Beauregard, Managing Partner at Regard Ventures

    40. Eric Sikola, CEO of Expensebay

    41. Charles Proctor, Los Angeles Business Journal (Media)

    42. Robby Berthume, President Epsilon Concepts/ LA Digital Directory

    43. Stuart Halperin, CEO of Ultimate Movie Site

    44. Quincy Jones III (QD3), Music Producer, Entrepreneur

    45. Chris Tolles, CEO of Topix

    46. Jason Nazar, CEO of DocStoc

    47. Adam Weinroth, VP of Strategic Marketing at Demand Media

    48. Firas Bushnaq, CEO of Boxador

    49. Sheila Marmon, CEO of UrbanAdserve

    50. Don Mosites, CEO of Streamy

    51. Justin Kan, Founder of

    52. Chris Brogan, President of New Marketing Labs

    53. Eric Hung, CEO of Educator

    54. Michael Schneider, CEO of MobileRoadie

    55. Paige Craig, Angel Investor, Founder of the Lincoln Group

    56. John Morris, Partner GKM Ventures

    57. Krisztina Holly, Vice Provost for Innovation at USC

    58. Nick Braun, Partner NCT Ventures

    59. Brett Butterfield, CEO of PixelPipe

    60. Mark Suster, Partner GRP Partners (VC)

    61. Jennifer Van Grove, writer for Mashable (media)

    62. Jolie O’Dell, writer for ReadWriteWeb (media)

    63. Dmitry Shapiro, Founder and CEO of VEOH

    64. Lisa Rosenblatt, Co-founder of iMall, co-CEO of ModernMom

    65. Beau Laskey, Managing Director of Steamboat Ventures

    66. Babette Pepaj, Founder and CEO of BakeSpace

    67. Jeff Yasuda, Founder and CEO of Blip.FM

    68. Andy Liu, co-Founder of Buddy.TV

    69. Trey Shelton, CEO of Music Interactive

    70. Mohamed Alkady, CEO of After 10 Studios

    71. Mike Prasad, CEO of GirlGamer

    72. John Trickett, President of Immergent

    73. Taryn Southern, Producer, TV host

    74. Andrew Lee, CEO of JamLegend

    75. Ben Kuo, Founder and Editor of SoCalTECH

    76. Marty Poulin, CEO of ShadyLogic

    77. Rob Angarita, co-Founder of Cramster

    78. David O. Sacks, CEO of Geni and Yammer

    79. Mike Macadaan, VP of Product at MySpace

    80. Will Chow, CEO of Mobophiles

    81. Jodee Rich, CEO of PeopleBrowsr

    82. Richard White, Founder and CEO of Uservoice

    83. Micah Baldwin, VP of Business Development, Lijit Networks

    84. Neil Patel, Angel Investor, co-founder of CrazyEgg and KissMetrics

    85. Brandon DiMassa, VP Digital Media Syndication, TVGuide

    86. Efren Toscano, CEO of TechZulu (media)

    87. Marsha Collier, Host of Computer and Technology Radio KTRB (media)

    88. Erin Broadley, LA Weekly (media)

    89. Dave Waldman, VP or Business Development for Twistbox

    90. David Holifield, President of Interfuel

    91. Ed Ludic, CEO of Diddit

    92. Rich Rotzang, Founder of SocialToddler

    93. Mark Gibbs, writer Network World (media)

    94. Mark Yawitz, co-Founder RealityWanted

    95. Hiten Shah, co-Founder CrazyEgg and KissMetrics

    96. Michael Abraham, CTO Circle Limit Media

    97. Ryan Born, CEO of AudioMicro

    98. Ben Widhelm, CTO of Elephant Drive

    99. Richard Blakely, CEO of Influxis

    100. Peter Lee, Partner Baroda Ventures

    101. Michael Jones, COO of MySpace CEO of Go BIG Network, serial entrepreneur

There are only a few days left to secure your spot, so don’t waste another minute. Head over to the official registration page to see the full schedule and get your tickets.

See you there!


Sarah Townsend
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By Sarah Townsend

Say hello to the ten winning Showoff startups that will be exhibiting at the upcoming Twiistup 6, an event that is sure to make its mark on the Los Angeles tech and social media community for years to come. The team of judges, including’ own Brian Solis, certainly had their hands full – but they’ve narrowed it down to a list of ten startups that are as impressive as they are diverse.

Oh but there’s more! Event producers have also upped the number of Showoffs to twelve, and are putting the choice in the hands of the public, allowing you to vote on which two startups you think are most worthy of the opportunity to “show off.” Stay tuned for voting information!


Congratulations to the Showoff winners:

    Los Angeles, CA
    BakeSpace is all about preserving and reinventing this tradition in cyberspace. They are a grassroots online community where people from around the world gather to share recipes, build new friendships, learn from one another and express their passion for all things food-related.

    Bantam Live
    New York, NY
    Bantam Live is an online service for business teams to collaborate in a workspace and build business relationships across the Web.

    San Mateo, CA
    The sites lets users keep track of what they “wanna” do, share stories about their life experiences (“diddits”), and meet new people.

    Los Angeles, CA is a pioneering venture aimed at equalizing education by assembling the best teachers in the country and making their lectures affordable to everyone.

    Sherman Oaks, CA
    EQAL (pronounced “Equal”) is a social entertainment company dedicated to redefining the way users interact with content and each other.

    Santa Monica, CA
    ExpenseBay was created to help business employees automate their expense reports, turning stacks of receipts, unpaid credit card bills and lengthy hours of data entry into a few short minutes.

    San Francisco, CA
    JamLegend is changing the way music is played online. Like the games Guitar Hero1 and Rock Band2, JamLegend simulates the thrill of rocking out for a sold out crowd while enabling features never before available in console games.

    Los Angeles, CA
    The Mobolize solution from Mobophiles offers people the freedom of a Web that they can count on, regardless of where they are.

    San Francisco, CA
    PeopleBrowsr is a simple visual dashboard that adds more power to Twitter, other online identities and those of your friends.

    Manhattan Beach, CA
    Streamy focuses on social networking as a core aspect of the site. Users can drop their favorite links into a Streamy IM window and chat about the sites they care about.

    Santa Cruz, CA
    UserVoice adds structure to feedback and reduces the overhead of an honest dialog with our users. It creates a market around good ideas for more quality than quantity.

For more information about Twiistup 6, taking place on July 30 and 31 in Los Angeles, CA, go to To purchase tickets before they sell out, visit


Sarah Townsend
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Twitter: theoneinpink
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By Sarah Townsend

Only furthering the argument that the only thing PCs are good for is looking at porn, Microsoft just released a new commercial for Internet Explorer 8, emphasizing the feature that allows you to hide your browser history. It’s not for the weak-stomached.

A little breakfast-time browsing, I see. That’s sick. I have to give it to Microsoft though, this video is extremely share-worthy, only increasing it’s chances of going viral and boosting downloads (if that’s even possible anymore). It has already been Twittered about thousands of times!


Sarah Townsend
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Twitter: theoneinpink
Blogs: TechDarling, The Vibe

by Sarah Townsend

The moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived. Tickets for the new and (highly) improved Twiistup 6 are officially on sale. Also announced is the impressive line-up of featured speakers confirmed for the Los Angeles-area tech and new media conference, and they’ve got something for everyone – from rappers to CEOs and everything in between.


The confirmed list for the July 30 + 31 event is growing everyday and includes:

    * Jason Calacanis – Serial entrepreneur, founder of Mahalo and co-founder of TechCrunch 50 and Weblogs.
    * Chamillionaire – Grammy Award-winning and chart topping musician and entrepreneur.
    * Cyan Banister – early stage investor in Facebook, Paypal, Slide, Tagged and founder of
    * Todd Goldman – Artist, entrepreneur, co-creator of BLAHGirls (with Ashton Kutcher) and founder of David and Goliath apparel.
    * Quincy Jones III (QD3) – Music and film producer/entrepreneur.
    * Dave McClure – Seed stage investor for the Founders Fund.
    * Ian Rogers – Former business partner of the Beastie Boys and former GM of Yahoo Music, now CEO of Topspin Media.
    * Ben Huh – CEO of viral phenomenon
    * Chris Brogan – President of New Marketing Labs
    * Mark Suster – GRP Partners, venture capital. Former VP Product Mgmt & 2-time CEO and entrepreneur.
    * Brian Solis – Author of Now is Gone and Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, Publisher of PR 2.0 and, Founder of Future Works PR, and strategic advisor to Fortune 500 businesses and startups.

The stage will also welcome ten yet-to-be-chosen “Showoff” startups, who will be given the opportunity to pitch their company and lead a Q&A session.

    “This is just the start of our line-up,” said Twiistup producer Francisco Dao. “It’s really exciting to be able to put together an eclectic stage program that really captures the convergence of technology, media and innovation.” Dao continued to explain that the currently confirmed speakers represent only a portion of the expected agenda.

So just how much will this social media bonanza cost you? Several ticket packages are available, including a $79 single-evening ticket that grants you access to the many open-bars. Passes to the full two-day event are available for $227 until June 20, when the price will be bumped up to $297. Tickets are limited, to be sure to get yours quickly here.

Press passes for bloggers and media are available, but limited. To request a complimentary ticket, please e-mail

…If the recently leaked images of the Twiistup 6 floorplan are any indication, this is going to be one HOT event!


Sarah Townsend
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