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I was checking into a new book on Champagne on Amazon this afternoon when I noticed a new button – “Add to Collection.”  Imagine my surprise when I realized that Amazon is launching their own version of Pinterest.


This makes sense. After all, why have people posting Amazon things on Pinterest when they could be pinning to Amazon directly, sharing with others and shopping right at that moment. One of the annoying things for me about Pinterest is that I don’t always know where to get the things that are pinned. But if it’s pinned on Amazon, I can get it at Amazon. Brilliant.

Basically, the concept is the same as Pinterest. You can create collections Penis Enlargement, customizing each name and adding as many things as you want. You can browse other people’s collections as well, pinning their finds to your own collections.

Not all products have the “Add to Collection” button yet. But if you click that little “Learn More” link in the dialog, you’ll find you can add a “Collect” button to your browser, allowing you to pin anything on Amazon’s site. Right now, this feature seems to be limited both in scope (you’re confined to Amazon’s site and not the rest of the web) and in release (not all products have the magic button). We’ll see how well it takes off and what Amazon does with the data.

I admit, I’m nostalgic. I’ll watch old re-runs of Happy Days and pine over a bit of the simplicity. Part of that simplicity is simply walking up to a jukebox and putting in a quarter, selecting your song. Now, I’m actually too young to remember doing that in a soda shop. But I’m pretty sure I’ve played with smaller versions on tables in old diners, truck stops, and of course, in the bowling alley where my parents spent their Saturday nights while I was a kid.

There’s something just fun about a jukebox- flipping through the songs, seeing which are new, which are old, and which make you laugh.

I can’t decide if a new app I’ve come across today makes me happy or sad. You certainly no longer have to get out of your seat to do anything in this world (Wall-E anyone?). At the same time, there’s a bit of a power trip attached to this app as well.

TouchTunes allows you to control the juke box in your local hangout – from your phone.


Basically, the app controls fda warning electronic cigarette a TouchTunes juke box, which is located in over 60,000 locations. The app found plenty of installations, all within .3 miles of my San Francisco apartment. Somehow, I’ve just never noticed the juke boxes.

The first step is to check in at any Touch Tunes location. From there, you add money (no juke box is free) to your Touch Tunes wallet and drop some credits into the juke box, electronically. From there, you can choose the music you want play, searching by song and/or artist. You can even compete with other users to become the “House DJ”, although I’d think the person who puts the most credits in would get that designation.  The cost to play a song depends on the song itself and the location in which you are playing it. The more you buy, the more you earn – TouchTunes awards you credits when you buy credits. I haven’t experienced this yet – I need to get out there and visit a juke box first, I suppose.

The TouchTunes app is free and available for both iOS and Android.

Facebook is where we often post minutia of our lives and therefore annoy everyone. “I had the best latte of my life this morning.” I mean, who really cares?

Now you can take those small triumphs and post them on Happier.  Maybe you saw a bluebird or a butterfly; maybe you saw a commercial that made you smile. Just share it on Happier. Happier is for positivity, and that is reinforced by positive comments. I would think it would be zero tar electronic cigarettes impossible to be sad when visiting happier. It might be possible to be annoyed.


In that case, try Hater.

Hater is an app we first saw advertised at SxSWi this past year. Annoyed with the Kardashians? Hate that she named her child North West. Complain about it on Hater. Irritated with traffic? Complain on Hater.

Hater App

Where does this leave Facebook? I suppose it’s everything – and everyone – else. I kinda hate that. Maybe I ought to start using Hater.

"Boston Skyline" by Flickr user brentdanley, cc-nc-sa license

Our hearts go out to those in Boston right now.

If you need to find someone, find a runner, or find someplace to stay, social media has you covered in the aftermath of today’s horrible events.

Google PeopleFinder: Boston Maraton Explosions: Enter information if you’re looking for someone or if you have information about someone (or yourself).

Red Cross Safe and Well: Like Google’s people finder, this lets you enter information about someone – whether you are in search of them or you have information about anyone.

The Boston Globe is working to make sure everyone has a safe Pokies place to sleep tonite. If you’re a runner in need of a place to stay, enter your information on this Google Doc. You can also check this spreadsheet for possibilities of a place to lay your head.
If you have a place to offer stranded runners, you can enter your information on a separate Google doc.

Finally, you can check on the status of a runner, and see their last check-in from the race, that option is now at the top of the Boston Marathon site.

If you know of any other social aids for those in Boston today, please list them in the comments.

Stay safe.


For what seems like months, there have been rumors of the Facebook phone. But up until now, it’s proved as elusive as a jackalope or Bigfoot.

But thanks in part to Android Police and 9to5Google, we now have a lot more information about the device, which Facebook is set to announce at a press event on Thursday. (If you want a better technical understanding of just how Facebook is skinning Android, definitely head over to the Android Police post.)

From what I can gather, Facebook is not creating a new fork of Android, which is what Amazon has done with the Kindle Fire. Instead, like Motorola and others, they are skinning Android specifically for their device. The phone, by HTC, was code-named the Myst. It’s now being released as the “First”, which fits in with HTC’s “The One” product line. The phone will be heavily skinned by Facebook and when you turn it on, Facebook is the first screen you see. The new version of Facebook, for this phone in particular, will rely heavily on Facebook’s social graph.

This will be Facebook’s first real foray into the consumer marketplace. With that comes a need for advertising to the general public, which isn’t something Facebook has ever really done. To compete in the over-saturated mobile market (not to mention the Android market itself), Facebook will have to Buy Viagra really pony up some ad dollars to make an impact in the marketplace – or it will just be another phone.

Personally, I want Facebook to explain to me why I NEED a Facebook phone. I can’t for the life of me figure out why I want to be even more plugged into a social network. In fact, I’ve given serious thought to getting out. Facebook is no longer the go-to place for the younger generation. They’re on Twitter and Instagram, with Dad and Grandma hanging out on Facebook.

Aside from Facebook’s need to market this phone to consumers, there are some other interesting ??? to come out of this development. Facebook is currently a fantastic place to advertise your products (assuming your consumers are on the network) and it’s made a huge impact in how digital advertisers approach campaigns. What effect will a Facebook phone, with deeper integration of the social network, have on mobile marketing, which is still a fledgling effort?

Next, I have to wonder about Google. I love that Google’s Android system is so open, allowing developers to do a lot of what they can’t accomplish with iOS. But will that open-ness backfire on Google if Facebook’s phone can become a serious competitor?

Just some thoughts. We’ll keep you updated on the actual specs, retail info, and pricing of the phone after Thursday’s announcement.

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