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Take a peek into a hackathon assembled on the fly.

By Marissa Louie, July 2

What happens when someone come up with a half baked idea that could -potentially- change up the commerce game, then decides to act upon it?

We are about to find out because in the past few hours we’ve assembled a team including up to 8 developers, 1 designer, and myself on the fly to hack it out and see if it will work:

  • William Nelson
  • Craig Benson
  • Sugam Pandey
  • Steve Enzer
  • Lucija Kordic
  • Ari Greenberg
  • Joanne Sun
  • Michael Arace
  • Suyash Joshi
  • Marissa Louie

We even have a sponsor who called with a generous offer:

Special thanks to appbackr, The New Way to Finance Your Apps.

The premise: I came up with an idea for a new platform about a day ago. Then we announced the hackathon on a whim.

The plan: Spend up to 48 hours developing an iPhone app while challenging ourselves to produce something of value to society.

This weekend should be a blast. Perhaps more fun than the trip to Belize, surfing, and golfing outings I cancelled in order to build this!

About the Author:

Marissa is a contributor to Adotas, BusinessWeek, and Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter: @malouie

Marissa Louie is the Founder and CEO of HeroEx, San Francisco’s affordable 1 hour delivery service, where customers buy items then have them delivered in 1 hour or less.

Contact her at (510) 375-1941, or email

One often wonders if they are getting the most out of social media. I’m sure Jason Calacanis wondered the same thing when he considered Facebook suicide out loud and then announced he would quit Facebook this Friday at 1pm Pacific.

Top social media consultant in the UK and the US, Murray Newlands, is having an interactive workshop on June 17th across the big pond to dive deeply into the issues that matter:

  • Insights into the Latest High Profile Viral Marketing Campaigns
  • The Psychology of Persuasion: Next Generation Marketing
  • How to use Social Networking Theory to Tune your Campaigns
  • Innovations in Location-Based Marketing (Foursquare & beyond)
  • Tweets that Travel: The Essential Skill of Viral Writing
  • Using B2B Social Media to Connect with C-level Execs
  • Creating a Bespoke Community vs Starting a Group

Speakers include our very own Brian Solis, along with Chris Brogan, Mat Morrison, and more. readers get a 10% discount with the discount code “bub” at checkout.

Get all the details here.

RateItAll’s new geolocation solution, Double Dutch, promises to be the Ning of location-based social networks

By Marissa Louie, March 25

RateItAll, a top consumer ratings site headquartered in San Francisco, recently launched its white label  location-based mobile social network platform, Double Dutch ( It received noteworthy coverage and rave reviews at SXSW in Austin. And it’s a blast to test drive.

The premise: Imagine if you were to take an app like Foursquare or Gowalla and limit the audience to a specific niche, like pick-up basketball players or attendees of the World Cup. That’s what Double Dutch promises with its white label solution, specifically for B2B customers including conference and events organizers, companies that work in multiple locations, and more.

Essentially, it is the Ning of location-based social networks.

CEO of RateItAll, Lawrence Coburn, emphasizes, “Double Dutch is exciting because it allows any company, community, or organization to get up and running with a best in class geolocation app in a matter of weeks.”

RateItAll is wise to enter this space since it can augment the geolocation service with over 5 million consumer ratings native to RateItAll, collected over the past 10 years. Think of it as importing Yelp ratings into Foursquare.

This is powerful because it provides the extra edge of consumer validation for almost any given location – if you check in somewhere, you can see what RateItAll users have rated the site. With Foursquare and Gowalla, you cannot view historical reviews of a location.

Additionally, the lack of privacy on Foursquare and Gowalla have caused concerns and unwanted implications. Lawrence Coburn says, “Location data is very useful, but it’s also very personal. The private label nature of Double Dutch allows communities to enjoy this functionality, but within the safer confines of a smaller, more trusted group.”

Double Dutch offers both a standard app for the consumer market (non-customized) and a customizable white label application.

Some product feature candy that Double Dutch offers:

Non-customized features:

-Social check-in
-Friends view
-Search and venue discovery
-Locals view
-Venue information
-Venue photos
-Achievement stickers
-Point system
-Facebook integration
-Twitter integration
-Push notifications

Customization options (white-label basis only):

-App Name
-Logo and iPhone artwork
-Venue data
-Custom tab
-Custom achievement stickers (coming soon)
-Color scheme (coming soon)

Given the heated tee-off between Foursquare and Gowalla at SXSW, Double Dutch has great market timing. Lawrence Coburn tells us, “As smartphone usage continues to spike, I expect to see more and more demand for location-based services. The timing for a customizable, white-label app like Double Dutch couldn’t be better.”

We agree wholeheartedly.

Get the free Double Dutch iPhone app at the App store:

To request your own location-based network, contact CEO Lawrence Coburn at

About the Author:

Marissa is a contributor to Adotas and BusinessWeek. Follow her on Twitter: @malouie

Marissa Louie is the Founder and CEO of HeroEx, San Francisco’s affordable 1 hour delivery service.

Contact her at (510) 375-1941, or email

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Let’s turn the tables and give the press some love. Here are Marissa Louie’s top picks.

By Marissa Louie, January 9

I’m not a PR person. But I am a CEO who has worked directly with several reporters, anchors, journalists, and bloggers covering national / mainstream, tech, local, and political media.

Take a look at which 15 members of the press are at the top of their game for 2010:


Kym McNicholas (Anchor / Reporter, Forbes) steps into the minds of the subjects she portrays on camera, like a top actress would do. She makes people feel comfortable: she interviewed Steve Wozniak while riding a Segway and ballroom danced with SYTYCD’s Nigel Lythgoe, for example. What makes her star of the year? Her background in sports reporting and as a local news anchor, her professionalism and razor-sharp intellect, and her ability to get to the very core of a wide variety of subjects ranging from science and technology to professional sports and entertainment. Behind the scenes: Kym wakes up at the crack of dawn every day (including weekends), prepares very thoroughly for each interview, carries around all of her own equipment, shoots videos (with or without the help of a cameraman), and edits up to 2 hours of footage into 2-5 minutes. She is superwoman! Kym on Twitter

MEET THE PRESS (and bring your A-Game):


Lea Goldman (Features Editor, Marie Claire) has taken her pedigree from Forbes (where she had some of the most popular stories and listicles) and brought it to the women’s fashion, lifestyle, culture, and celebrity magazine. She does her research – sometimes months in advance of covering a story. She also makes her interviewees feel at ease as she penetrates deeply into the thought process. The result: she reads between the lines, uncovers underlying emotions, and brings a story to life that is meaningful to her readers. Lea on Twitter

Eric Kuhn (Audience Interaction Producer, CNN) isn’t just one of the most influential online journalists in the field today, but has appeared on nationally televised CNN to bring life to his storyline. His on-camera personality is honest and personable, just like his off-camera personality. Hey CNN, here’s a crossover star in the making. No wonder Arianna Huffington calls Eric a “fearless journalist.” Eric on Twitter

David Gelles (Technology Reporter, Financial Times) goes out of his way to cover all angles of a story. In the past year since he joined FT’s San Francisco Bureau to cover technology and startups, he has amassed an impressive network of the most notable web celebrities. In addition to the articles he publishes in the newspaper and online, he also blogs for FT and has contributed to notable places including TechCrunch. He ruminates, takes good notes, digs far and wide to research, and assembles masterpiece after masterpiece. He’s the most eloquent journalist I’ve ever met, on record and off record. He’s Beethoven come to life on the salmon pages (and the web). David on Twitter


Steve Hall (Publisher, Adrants, AdGabber, and ad:tech Blog) describes how he filters the hundreds of stories that fly across his desk every morning: “It’s methodical…I’ve come to just know whether a story would resonate with our readers or not.” His pop-culture spin and no-holds barred, yet cheeky approach are refreshing. At a recent panel we were on at Web 2.0 Expo, an overwhelming 40% of the audience either knew Steve personally or had read Adrants. I’m a fan, too. Steve on Twitter

Sean Percival (Publisher, Lalawag) pumps out pop culture-laced tech news that is one part adventure novel, and one part geek glory. He has sent LA-based Lalawag straight to stardom in just over 1 year, including at places like Techmeme. Sean’s quirky-cool lexicon has caught fire on the Internet: you might have seen the words kitteh, lalawabbit, ohnoez, and Caturday used all over Twitter and Facebook. This badass is a sleek dresser who rocks retro-hipster designer clothes, has the coolest hair (keep it long, Sean!) and makes any event look great together with his lovely wife, Laurie. Sean on Twitter


MG Siegler (Writer, TechCrunch) adds a refreshing and cool, tech-infused, tongue-in-cheek, Hollywood-esque spin on tech stories. And that only describes the titles of his articles at TechCrunch – his content is carefully considered and an adventure to read. MG is featured in Violet Blue’s “Top 10 Sexy Geeks” for 2010, and according to her, MG “exudes an irresistible combination of young James Spader and Don Draper.” I couldn’t agree more! MG on Twitter

Pete Cashmore (CEO, Mashable) At just 24, Pete has clawed his way from his home country of Scotland onto the top of the pedestal of the world’s technology elite. He’s brought a world class team along with him. His article titles are often hilarious and catchy, and he lead Mashable to cover Twitter extensively before anybody else was doing so. He recently started writing a CNN column about social media and networking. Plus he’s a ton of fun to hang out with in person. I know dozens of girls (and just as many guys – hehe sorry Pete) who swoon for his model looks. And he might comment or like your Facebook posts too, if you know him! Pete on Twitter

Richard McManus (Founder and Editor, ReadWriteWeb) has a thoughtful, relatable, approachable, no-nonsense approach to covering technology. It’s in his blood: his father was a renowned journalist. Richard follows up immediately, and makes sure that somebody checks out your story pitch if you give him a good lead. He crowdsources from his readership too: for example, he changed his Twitter handle from @ReadWriteWeb to @RWW after getting feedback from his followers. Richard on Twitter

Adam Ostrow (Editor in Chief, Mashable) is the sort of guy you’d like to be best friends with, and a deep introspective person. His content is fresh, thorough, charismatic, and to the point. He manages the editorial content that covers the evolution of technology and web trends. The world watches his pen (or is it a sword?): The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Times of London, The Globe and Mail, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Newsweek, AdAge, BBC, ABC News, CNN, and MSNBC. Adam on Twitter

Om Malik (Publisher, GigaOM) picks up his cell phone immediately and gets right on it. He takes things into his own hands and is very thorough. His intelligence seeps through his demeanor, his voice, and even in his stage presence at The Crunchies. He gets primo placement after primo placement. It’s like he’s a highly trained intelligence agent with a sharpshooting eye. It’s no wonder that Om has led The GigaOM Network to reach an audience of over 3 million viewers. Om on Twitter


Joe Vazquez (Anchor / Reporter, CBS 5) will come out to cover your local story in the San Francisco Bay Area if you have a good spin. He puts you at ease in front of the camera (the spotlight can be glaring, and going on camera can be nerve-wracking), and makes you feel great about working with him. It’s no wonder: this pro has a local TV news career that spans more than two decades. In 2008, he won an Emmy for his 11 o’clock news coverage of the tiger escape at the San Francisco Zoo. If you do a great job and befriend him, he’ll remember you and reach back out too. Joe on Twitter

Tom Foremski (Publisher, SiliconValleyWatcher) always knows the best events in Silicon Valley. His pedigree from Forbes is very evident in his natural, insider-coverage blogging style. You can trust Tom to give you tips on what’s good – often the tips that nobody else will tell you. He teeters on the bleeding edge between technology and media, and brings you right to where you want to be on with an impeccable taste. His cool, James Bond- meets-Tom Ford-meets John Smith nature will leave you wanting more. Tom on Twitter


Maegan Carberry (Blogger, Huffington Post and Causecast, and Co-host, Wilshire & Washington) provokes our thoughts and stirs the imagination of our young, entrepreneurial, cause-devoted “”Millennial Generation.” She has a heart of gold yet a ballsy presentation that gets noticed. See her effervescence shine in her recent article “The 2020 Project: What’s your Perfect Vision for the Next Decade?Maegan on Twitter

Ari Melber (Correspondent, The Nation, and Columnist, Politico) has a no bullshit approach to politics. He gets right down to the core issues that matter. At his young age, he has accomplished much. On the short list: he has appeared on NBC, CNBC, CNN, C-SPAN, MSNBC, FOX News and Bloomberg News, and has served as a Legislative Aide in the U.S. Senate and as a national staff member of the 2004 John Kerry Presidential Campaign. It’s no wonder he’s a leader amongst leaders and knows the streets of New York like the palm of his hand. Ari on Twitter

Michael Skolnik (Editor of Politics Section of Global Grind) is very real and doesn’t sugarcoat his stories. He weaves a powerful story and relates to his subjects by providing perspective from his own life. He thinks quietly and deeply, then produces a crescendo. In person, Michael is a skilled negotiator amongst a room of diverse opinions. His background as a documentary filmmaker in countries like Swaziland, where a bullet nearly shaved the side of his head, helped him earn his chops. Not only is this man one of the most influential people in the hip hop community, but his character has deep soul. He has the respect of Russell Simmons and dozens of our mutual friends for a very good reason. Michael on Twitter

Are you not on this list, but think you should be? Drop me a line or comment below.


Marissa is a contributor to Adotas and BusinessWeek.

Find her on Twitter: @malouie

Marissa Louie is the Founder and CEO of HeroEx, San Francisco’s affordable 1 hour delivery service. Customers order their favorite items at, and then crowdsourced Delivery Heroes deliver the items anywhere in San Francisco.

Contact her at (510) 375-1941, or email

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By Marissa Louie

Almost as important as the Christmas celebrations are New Year’s Eve plans.

Two Silicon Valley startups, GoPlanIt and HeroEx, have teamed up to continue the ALIST New Year’s Eve celebration this year. ALIST has been a grand San Francisco tradition for nearly 10 years, but this year, GoPlanIt and HeroEx are adding value.

How? We’re going to launch a Twitter app that asks, “What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?”

Just kidding.

ALIST “Passport to the World” is a New Year’s Eve tradition in SF.

Jokes aside, if you are hopping on a plane to join us in San Francisco for the celebration:

GoPlanIt (which launched at TechCrunch 50 in 2008) will help you plan your trip.

Also, HeroEx will be delivering tickets for the event for just $9 across all of San Francisco.

So you won’t have to wait in line for hours in the freezing cold just to pick up your ALIST tickets at the ticket booth.

Steve Chen, CEO of GoPlanIt and my Co-host of ALIST, said, “We anticipate over 2500 ticket sales for ALIST, and over 200 ticket deliveries through HeroEx.

Read more about the event here, and purchase tickets here. The friends and family discount price is just $135 for general admission if you get them through me.

Secret’s out – I’ve been partying with Steve for 6 years, and every ALIST party I’ve been to has been a smash hit.

And maybe, just maybe, I will throw an epic afterparty until 5am. Or 8am. Who sleeps before 10am anyway?

As my friend Will.I.Am says: Fill up my cup – Mazeltov!



Marissa is the CEO and Co-founder of HeroEx, a new 1 hour delivery service that delivers almost any item for just $9-12, to anywhere in San Francisco.

She is a frequent conference speaker and has made a recent keynote speech or presentation at Web 2.0 Expo New York, The Mobile Marketing Summit, and O’Reilly ETech.

Marissa blogs at BusinessWeek, Adotas, and here at

Find her on Twitter: @malouie

Contact her at (510) 375-1941 or Email her at

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