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Finally, a Salesforce CRM & WordPress Integration

I have to say it was a bit of a shocker to see Tim O’Reilly, the Godfather of Web 2.0, plug our new WordPress-to-Lead plugin during his keynote speech “The State of the Operating System” at San Francisco’s Web 2.0 Expo last week. I guess this means we are doing something right over here at

Capture Web Leads Directly into Salesforce CRM with WordPress-to-Lead

We know that WordPress users have wanting a way to capture leads directly into, instead of losing them in their email inbox, as most WP contact form plugins tend to do. And we know that WordPress users would really like a custom contact form solution that doesn’t involve cutting and pasting code. So we’ve done it – we’ve created the WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM plugin – and easy to use contact form builder that captures leads directly into Salesforce CRM.

Most contact form plugins for WordPress send web inquiries to your inbox, which is a hassle if you get a lot of valuable business leads through your website. If you inbox is anything like mine, that message gets buried in 2 days. Ditto with any email conversation with an important prospect. With WordPress-to-Lead, you can now manage all your prospects, customers, and conversations in one place – your favorite CRM.

Building Contact Forms in WordPress has Never Been Easier

The best thing about WordPress-to-Lead (aside from its integration with Salesforce CRM) is that it is, hands down, the easiest contact form builder for WordPress. And I’m not just saying that because I work at – I’ve installed and attempted to configure at least 4 WordPress contact form plugins, and some of them are pretty hard to get working.

All you need to do is check which form fields you want in the WordPress-to-Lead plugin control panel, and publish the form to any page or post using the shortcode [salesforce]. That’s it. You can also publish a contact form to every page by enabling the WordPress-to-Lead sidebar widget. Don’t believe it’s that easy? Check out the video demo to see for yourself.

Why We Built WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM

This is a huge step up from implementing our traditional Web-to-Lead forms through cutting & pasting code to your webpage, especially since WordPress has that wonderful habit of stripping out the html tags you need for the Web-to-Lead form to work. Not to mention, Web-to-Lead still needs a lot of developer TLC for it to match the look & feel of your website.

WordPress-to-Lead is great for business owners who would rather spend time focusing on their business then configuring WordPress, or getting their contact forms plugins to work.

What’s even better than all that? WordPress-to-Lead is free. So turn your WordPress site into a lead generation machine today.

Want the WordPress-to-Lead Plugin But You Are Not a Customer?

If you’re not a Salesforce CRM user, be sure to register for a free trial of Salesforce CRM before downloading the WordPress-to-Lead plugin

Installing the WordPress-to-Lead Plugin

If you’re already a customer, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the WordPress-to-Lead Plugin
  2. Using an FTP client, upload the `plugin` folder to your `/wp-content/plugins/`
  3. Login to WordPress and activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress admin dashboard
  4. Update your WordPress-to-Lead settings by entering your organization ID. To find your Organization ID:
  • Login to
  • Go to Setup > Company Profile > Company Information
  • Copy the 15 digit number

  • Paste it into the organization ID field in your WordPress-to-Lead settings:

    Creating Your WordPress-to-Lead Contact Forms

    Once you’ve installed and activated the WordPress-to-Lead plugin, configuring your contact form and getting it published to your WordPress site is easy.

    All you need to do is configure the form settings in your WordPress-to-Lead plugin configuration page:

    To publish the contact form to a post or page, simply use the shortcode [salesforce] and hit save.

    Your contact form will instantly appear on the page!

    If you want a contact form on every page, just enable the WordPress-to-Lead sidebar widget.

    And your form will appear on every page, in the sidebar.

    And voila! Creating WordPress contact forms has never been easier.

    Much thanks to Metamorphosis Gourmet, a San Francisco gourmet catering company for letting us demo this plugin.

    About Lorna Li

    Lorna Li is an Online Marketing Manager at, specializing in Social Media SEO. She also blogs at Green Marketing 2.0 and Green Marketing TV.

    by Lorna Li @lornali


    If you’re in San Francisco on Monday and want to learn about how companies use social media for good, check out the Justmeans Social Media for Sustainability conference at Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF.

    Justmeans is a social network for the “business for good” community, a place where professional do gooders of all orientations, from activists to social entrepreneurs to CSR (corporate social responsibility) buffs and green marketing fanatics, can network, share information, and collaborate on making business better for people and the planet.

    The conference explores the different social media tools and platforms available to company employees and strategies around engaging stakeholders and creating a vibrant community. Important questions that will be addressed at Social Media for Sustainability include:

    • How can social media propel sustainability communications?
    • Which companies are most effectively using social media to reach stakeholders?
    • How do you make sure your message is heard in the new media atmosphere?
    • Should companies be using social media to influence the way that people act beyond the purchase of a product?

    Some of the speakers on Social Media for Sustainability include:

    • Jeff Hollender, CEO, Seventh Generation
    • Bob Pearson, President, the Blog Council
    • Chad Boettcher, SVP Social Innovation, Weber Shandwick
    • Danny Kennedy, Co-Founder and President, Sungevity
    • Graham Hill, Founder, Treehugger
    • Kevin Long, Co-Founder, Justmeans, Ashoka Fellow
    • Ryan Mickle, Co-Publisher, Triple Pundit, LLC
    • Ron Gonen, Co-Founder and CEO, RecycleBank

    The Green web is growing. Rapidly. And it’s a good thing. Online communities, blogs and social sites aimed at connecting well meaning people with great causes (and each other) have mushroomed. Nowadays, all it takes to rally around issues like climate change, clean energy, or health care reform is an Internet connection.

    At the same time, with all the Green social networks out there, it’s hard to know which online community is worth the time investment. Because, face it, social networking takes time. Whether you are an individual activist seeking to meet other like-minded people or a social change organization trying to build community around your cause, choosing the right online community can ensure that you get the most impact for your efforts.

    Top 10 Green Social Networks

    Here are the top 10 most influential, active, and interesting social networks for Green causes:


    Care2 was started in 1998 by Randy Paynter who wanted to harness the power of the Internet to make the world a better place. Care2 originally started as a online email and ecard service that donated a percentage of revenues to environmental nonprofits. It has since evolved into an interactive online community with nearly 12M members. On Care2 you cans support in a variety of social causes, from animal welfare to women’s rights, by donating to featured nonprofits, signing petitions, joining an interest group or simply staying informed.

    Needless to say, the project has since outgrown Randy’s apartment and is now a company that has 50 employees, 9 million users and 400 non profit partners.

    green-social-networks-changeorg is the leading online community for social change. Originally provided a novel way for people to connect around positive social change – you would type in the change(s) you wanted to create in the world and you be able to find others in the community who were tagged with those same causes. The site has since evolved, providing daily news and information about important social issues, as well as the means for people to take action, and connect with nonprofits. is a profitable social entrepreneurship venture based in San Francisco, CA founded by Stanford graduate Ben Rattray in 2005.


    WiserEarth is a free online community space connecting the people, nonprofits and businesses working toward a just and sustainable world. It is a project of Paul Hawken’s Natural Capital Institute and built on a wiki platform that supports the world’s most detailed classification of issue areas related to social justice and environmental restoration. Here you will find the world’s largest free and editable international directory of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and socially responsible organizations (110,000 in 243 countries, territories, and sovereign islands) – wow!

    In the spirit of Wikipedia, WiserEarth is open source, with content publicly available for use under the Creative Commons license.

    11th-hour-action-community was inspired by popular documentary “The 11th Hour” (narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio). It’s environmentally focused social network aimed at empowering inspire individuals and communities engage in planet-saving actions.

    Users can sign up, create a blog, create their own environmental action campaigns, or commit to a personal action, like carpooling or recycling more. Actions get plotted on a map, so you can view the community’s environmental activism across the globe, or locate an action group near you.


    dosomething-community encourages teenagers to take positive social action, without the supervision of adults. This fun, teeny-bopperish site encourages kids to get out and do something through volunteerism, and also offers small grants to help teenagers to start their own projects. And if you want to start a club, all you need are 5 friends to apply, and will provide resources, online infrastructure, opportunities to do good, and even fund your projects. Who needs grownups?



    Taking It Global is another youth oriented social network with a mission to transform teenagers and young adults (ages 13-30) into young leaders of today.

    Taking It Global provides a collaborative learning community that allows youth across the world access to global opportunities, cross-cultural connections and meaningful participation in decision-making. In addition to being an online social network, Taking It Global provides tools for educators, and helps facilitate research and learning opportunities through workshops and webinars for its members.

    Since their inception Taking It Global has reached 14 million young people across 12 languages.


    Holistic Local is a social network with a LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability) orientation, that focuses on connecting people who are into spirituality, health, the environment and conscious living locally. You can discover transformational workshops, participate in their holistic marketplace, access articles & e-books, and connect with thousands of crunchy-feely new age members.


    The Gaia Community claims to be different from other a social networks. Firstly, you have to “apply” to join, although “applying” is no different than registering for free as on every other social network. Before you are allowed in, you must also click on this affirmation “I recognize that Gaia is creating an online sanctuary for personal development and, in the spirit of this, I commit to honoring the Terms of Use.” The Gaia Community aims to inspire and empower you to realize your own brilliant purpose and discover who you truly are. In addition to finding and connecting with other spiritually aware members, participating in conscious, planet affirming discussions, on Gaia, you may even find your soulmate.


    The nag is a tongue in cheek UK based site lightens up on the earnest, do-gooder mentality that plagues environmental activists and makes eco-activism fun. First you start by ranting – get it off your chest. After you’ve let it all out, then you suggest solutions. After that, get out and do something! So while you’re ranting about the evils of bottled water in restaurants, it may actually occur to you in the midst of it all to ask for tap? – is all about healthy living with a green twist. The online community is operated by Gaiam, a green lifestyle company that provides information, goods and services to customers who value the environment, a sustainable economy, healthy lifestyles, alternative healthcare and personal development. Lime TV features videos from holistic health luminaries like Deepak Chopra and celebrity yogis like Rodney Yee. You can also listen to wide selection of Green lifestyle podcasts on topics such as herbal remedies, fitness, and meditation. Who would have thought that online Enlightenment was possible?

    Know of any other great green social networks? Send your picks to Green Marketing 2.0 or send a Tweet to @lornali

    by Lorna Li

    Search engine marketers, bloggers, and social media fanatics wore their favorite hats at Search Marketing Salon‘s “Wear Your Favorite Hat” Launch party at the chic and intimate Otis Lounge in San Francisco. Tips were swapped, secrets were traded, and product ideas were bounced around that would take search marketing to the next level.


    Forest Kolb, Sharon Lin, and Julie Blaustein.

    “We need a Google Adwords Editor that also includes Yahoo and MSN on a single UI,” stated Clay Schulenburg, Interactive Marketing Manager for Healthline. “This will take search to a whole new level.”

    Hear that, web entrepreneurs? That’s big bucks for you!


    Jacob Morgan, SEM Salon Co-conspirator in Crime, Search Marketing Alchemist and Nicolette Toussaint, Social Media Maven

    The sinfully incognito founders of Sin 2.0, a Digg for the porn industry dropped by, leaving behind black calling cards graced only with a shiny red apple and the site url. Users can tag, bump or dump submissions, allowing you to find the best adult content on the web. Try it.


    William Gauthier, Alicia Lin, Damon White, and Lorna Li.

    Search-obsessed bloggers that dropped by included Michael Brito, who writes a fantastic blog about Social Media & Conversation Marketing, Lisa Whelan social media queen on Vox, Jim Yu on how to be a Search Marketing and SEO Maven, and Andy Kaufman, the real estate blogger and Twitter king.


    e-Storm‘s William Gauthier, Lisa McGuire, and Daniel Riveong


    Vera Belenky and Alex Gamburg

    Leon Krishnayana. of iSpionage, offers a technology platform that helps search engine marketers track competitors’ PPC ads on Google, Yahoo, and MSN ads daily. It allows you to see the ad copy, keywords, and average rank on the major search engines side by side. Very handy indeed.


    Leon Krishayana and lovely lady in black beret

    Other attendees included Forest Kolb of Bizzflip, Mark Fiske, Senior Online Marketing Manager at Gap, Pete Park of web advertising agency Vectorhaus, Yan Rozovsky VP of LeadClick Media, Jason Hart of the search-focused Online Marketing agency Domain Methods, Jeff Rohrs, VP of search marketing agency ExactTarget, Leo Haryono, Head of Natural Search of, Josh Pierry and Clay Shulenburg of Healthline, Biren Talati, of, Peter Koontz, Founder and CTO of Sprenzy, Vera Belenky of, Alex Gamburg Search Marketing Director of Trulia, specializing in real estate search, Gabriel Carrejo, the original sinner, Sharon Lin, Online Marketer for Web 2.0 companies, Irina Greenman, and Danny Cheung, who is about to revolutionize the world of WordPress publishing the Good Magazine way.

    More pictures can be viewed on the Search Marketing Salon Flickr album.

    Join Search Marketing Salon on Facebook!

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    Written by Lorna LiMy Starbucks Idea

    Starbucks Ideas has been live for about 3 weeks and already customers have had plenty to say about what they expect from the world’s largest chain of coffee shops. The move to launch a website that allows anyone to post ideas about how Starbucks can improve its service offering is part of an increasing trend by companies to use social networking applications to better improve communication with their customers. This move may be the best way for the struggling coffee maker to quickly turn its business around.

    Starbucks Ideas is not a true social network play, rather is an an interactive forum where people can vet their best ideas in a manner much like Digg. Starbucks Ideas is powered by and is the same social platform that powers Dell’s Ideastorm which won PR Innovation of the Year 2008. Already, Starbucks has moved to implement the top two customer requests: free coffee for frequent buyers and universal free wi-fi, which is finally (woot, woot!) coming soon in Spring 2008. The thought that a multinational global corporation like Starbucks would be so responsive to the voice of its customers is encouraging indeed.

    Can Customers Make Starbucks Become More Environmentally Responsible?

    As I surfed through several pages of Starbucks Ideas I was struck by the number of requests for a Greener Starbucks. Below is a list of suggestions and comments that would Starbucks make a better environmental citizen, all of which I voted on:

    Stop Trashing Empty Cards We don’t need any more plastic in the trash. Rather than suggesting trashing an empty starbucks card, give people a 25 cent credit…for refilling it. To make it affordable, how about…. Re-fill your card…at $20 level…get $20.25 on the card. Re fill at the $50 level…get $51.00 on the card. Re fill at the $100 level…get $103.oo on the card, or get the $100…and your current single drink order free. More on the plastic…less plastic in the trash.

    Sell Reusable Sleeves I have recently had customers who come in with their own rubber sleeves for their cups. They tell me they purchased them from Bed Bath and Beyond. They prefer to use them as the grip is more secure and they are helping preserve the trees. Starbucks should have these manufactured with the company logo and sell them for a really reasonable price point so we could also help save the trees etc

    Recycle! Recycle! Become greener!

    Recycle In Stores It concerns me that we do not have recycle bins in our stores. In Seattle, and in most large cities the opportunity to help the environment by recycling is readily available in our homes and many business. I would like to see Starbucks stores embrace this as well by providing Glass, plastice and compost waste in containers in all stores.

    Recycle the Waste in the Back of Your Stores I don’t think Starbucks has shown a real connection between environmental health and human health. Here is why: My local Starbucks produces a tremendous amount of garbage everyday and nearly none of it is recycled. Nearly all the store waste is thrown out and put in the garbage and taken to the landfill. Recycle the waste in the back end of ALL your stores. It goes beyond the polish of the front end and sales. Make it a real effort to connect environmental health and human health. Thank you.

    Reusable Cups I use my Starbucks reusable travel mug almost every time I order and this is what I often see: – 99% of the time I don’t get the mug discount, – some baristas have no real clue what to do with it, – they stick a disposable cup inside it to take down the order and then throw the disposable cup away (I’ve seen stickers but they seem to be out of them a lot). We need more people to use the mugs and reduce the number of disposable cups used. Push the sale of them (make them cheaper – why not just $5?) and then train staff on how to handle the cups!

    Locally sourced (organic) baked goods Offer locally sourced (organic or not) high quality baked goods similar to some of the baked goods Whole Foods offers, instead of the nationally consistent scones, cookies, pastries, cakes, and breads offered now. This sacrifices some of the national consistency now in place (though there is some variance already) but brings better quality, better tasting food to Starbucks, supports the local community, and elevates Starbucks above other coffee outlets (national outlets now also serving coffee) by cranking up the quality level and local community/local business tie ins. As a result, Starbucks will feel more like a local coffee store again rather than some big national chain.

    Biodegradable drink and food containers – Yeah! Replace plastic containers for cold drinks, straws, salads etc. with those made of biodegradable polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA). These are readily available and currently in use by forward-thinking entities like Paul Newman’s “Newman’s Own” products.

    Fair Trade Coffee I think that Starbucks should switch to only selling and brewing coffee, lattes … with only fair trade coffee. Fair trade coffee costs the consumer no more than regular coffee and still gives the coffee grower a fair price for their coffee. In return these coffee growers use organic means to grow their coffee making it environmentally friendly. That is why I would like to see Starbucks switch to only selling fair trade coffee.

    Real Fruit Smoothies real fruit smoothies

    Porcelain Cups When I first started going to Starbucks, they used to ask here or to go, and if “here” you’d get a porcelain mug of various sizes. Would that be cheaper than buying all those paper cups. Too much washing dishes?


    Corporate Social Responsibility at Starbucks

    I’ve seen Starbucks come a long way. Since 1999, when it was assailed by numerous activist groups upset with the company’s fair-trade policies, labor relations, and environmental impact during the WTO talks in Seattle, Starbucks has evolved with a commendable corporate social responsibility program.

    While many love to hate Starbucks, I would point out that, over the past decade, Starbucks has proved to be more socially responsible than many other multinational corporations of equal reach and caliber. The mission of Starbucks’ CSR program is to work daily with partners (employees), suppliers and farmers to help create a more sustainable approach to high-quality coffee production, to help build stronger local communities, to minimize their environmental footprint and to be responsive to customers health and wellness needs.

    My Starbucks Idea is simply another way in which the company has demonstrated a willingness to address public opinion, even if its primary motivation is maintaining competitive advantage. A secondary side effect, put powerful side effect of this social application could hopefully be the Greening of Starbucks, if their customers want it strongly enough. The power of social media for social innovation is evident. If consumers are vocal enough about Starbucks’ environmental impact, Starbucks Ideas may indeed be the catalyst to a Greener, more earth-friendly Starbucks. All it takes is making that vote!

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