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By Julie Blaustein

Women 2.0 PITCH Night on November 4, 2010 in San Francisco brings together hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, and startuppers. Both men and women are invited to join Women 2.0′s biggest event of the year — featuring women-led start-ups and successful women entrepreneurs in technology.

Speakers include Diane Greene of VMware, Carol Realini of Obopay, and Lynn Jurich of SunRun – Learn how these start-up executives grew their idea into an industry-changing business. Watch the finalists of the Women 2.0 Startup Competition pitch live to a panel of judges including Naval Ravikant of AngelList & VentureHacks, Janice Roberts of Mayfield Fund, David Weekly of PBworks, Rachel Pike of Draper Fisher Jurvetson and more. Don’t miss the networking reception afterward to mix and mingle with the Women 2.0 community at our biggest event of the year.

For the full agenda, visit Women 2.0 PITCH Night.

*** For our Bub.blicious readers, Save 10% on tickets with discount code “bublicious” at the Women 2.0 PITCH Night event site *** AND for those of you who are bootstrapping start-up founders, currently a student, or unemployed – Women 2.0 is providing a deep discount for you to join them at PITCH Night. Please write to to see if you qualify.

By Julie Blaustein

Photo by Chris Brennan

FairTrade USA is the leading certifier of fair trade products in the United State. They are responsible for auditing and certifiying transactions that take place between US companies and their international suppliers and most importantly, guarantee that farmers and workers that produce Fair Trade goods are paid fair prices and wages.

Nimisha Ambati of Club Dine In! who has a most sustainable blog about eating and being physically sustainable, provided the following recap of the event. “Fair Trade hosted a sustainable party to launch its new name and brand identity along with its kickoff of National Fair Trade Awareness Month. Appropriately, the double celebration was held at Temple Nightclub – one of the greenest nightclubs in the nation. Temple Nightclub was the perfect venue as it combines modern design with decor dating back to the 11th Century, has an extensive composting and recycling program, has an on-site garden for their restaurant and is energy efficient.”

Included in the evening’s program was a classy networking reception with TransFair USA powered by Trendy Lime. FairTrade provided complimentary sampling by 15+ vendors including Divine, Chocolate, Honest Tea, TCHO, The Hoop, Weaver’s Coffee, Andronico’s, Thanksgiving Coffee, La Yapa Quinoa, Tompkins Point Apparel, HAE Now, Clothing Rishi Tea, Traditional Medicinals, Numi Tea, Mark and Coco Zen. The FairTrade also provided RAFFLES, cocktails with ultra-premium, Photography by Chris Brennan and Tunes spun by DJ Corinna Regan and DJ Chris Orr. Take action to support Fair Trade Awareness Month and become fan of Fair Trade on Facebook. readers are invited to another great event produced by Trendy Lime: an elegant & fun “Trendy Halloween“, where 100% proceeds from the raffle sales (and the prizes are amazing) will go to California Youth Connection to support foster children.

By Julie Blaustein

Are you tired of looking for a job and looking for it the same old way? I bet you are!

Lucky for you, ResumeSponge has come to the rescue. It is what is known as your Social Career Platform as it provides all the social tools that make it easy for YOU to stand out above the rest that are looking for a job. This awesome service was started by its CEO, Solomon Engel who founded the company based off his previous struggles to find employment. He realized the difficulties of standing out in the crowded job marketplace, as well as the difficulties employers face on a daily basis. He knew he needed to do something to help people and he was determined to provide a way for others not to have as much difficulty in the process as he had.

Through a powerful set of advanced tools, ResumeSponge makes it easy and fun for you to feature your professional work such as any sort of word, excel, powerpoint and pdf documents, your professional videos such as video reel or video resume and your professional photography. You can manage a network of contacts and  connections, along with advanced search technology to help you land that dream job in a fun and interactive way. The best part is ResumeSponge allows you to stand out from the crowd. If your still wondering if its worth checking out, here is a sample profile.

With its amazing and beautifully designed interface, and a faceted user experience, ResumeSponge users can show off their abilities, skills, expertise, and professional work with ease. At this time the site is available in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari with Internet Explorer support coming very soon along with additional features. If you want to have a life changing experience in how you do a job search and an awesome way to market yourself to potential employers, you can Join for Free!

By Julie Blaustein

The Social Email Marketing Conference held in San Francisco, brought together marketing experts, email companies and brands to discuss integrated email and social media campaigns. It was a packed one-day conference held at Hotel Nikko.

A number of great speakers offered expertise including Brian Solis of Future Works, author of Engage! and founder of our very own who talked about the effects of emerging media on the convergence of marketing, communications and publishing. In other words, Brian spoke about how to be social while reaching out and influencing people. Tyler Willis of Involver who spoke about the differences between email marketing & social marketing and how you can experience social marketing success along with Mark Schmulen of Constant Contact who spoke about email and how it is the hub on one’s social media interactions. There were a number of additional great speakers who spoke on topics such as CRM and other tools to use in social media, Trust and Privacy issues, the power of A/B testing and more. But truly you need to attend the conference to not only hear from the experts but to meet them in an intimate setting where you can have real, in-depth conversations and make real-life connections.

San Francisco was the kick-off for a series of packed one-day conferences scheduled in major cities throughout the US, UK and in Europe. The series of conferences focusing on Social Media including Monitoring, Marketing, Emailing and Advertising will be held in not only San Francisco, Miami, Boston, New York City, and in London and Paris too through December. Murray Newlands and Luke Brynley-Jones are the Co-founders of Influence People and the force behind them. They advise companies and individuals in the UK and USA on how to utilize social media and to connect with people and deliver value. Great people to know and to meet on-hand at their conferences.

And don’t miss the first San Francisco Blog Club Meeting for FREE hosted by Influencer People on October 19th. from 6:30-10:0o pm at 111 Minna Gallery. Hurry and sign up as there are only a few spots left!

Pictures from the Conference below and more here:

The Social Media Email Marketing Conference Audience

Brian Solis signing for his new book, Engage! after his presentation.

Mark Scmulen, General Manager of Social Media, Constant Contact

Tyler Willis, Head of Brand Management of Involver

Chase McMichael, Co-Founder and CEO of Infinigraph and Murray Newlnads, Co Founder of Influence People

By Julie Blaustein

Have you ever just completed writing a blog post that you are wicked excited to share with the blogosphere, only to hit “publish” and upon reviewing it, discover that it’s a disaster? You find spelling and grammatical errors, and it just doesn’t flow. No doubt you have had that experience at some point in your blogging life.

I am excited to introduce you to The Universal Desk, a copy desk for the rest of the internet — all those bloggers out there who are working on their craft one blog post at a time. Every professional news writer has a hidden team of editors and copy editors that make them shine. The Universal Desk is staffed by copy editors who have worked for Random House, the International Herald Tribune and CNET, among others. They offer fast, professional editing for marketers, companies and students.

The idea for the site grew out of Ryan Singel’s experiences as a writer for, where he had a front-row seat to the online publishing revolution. As a professional writer, he’s saved on a weekly, if not daily basis, by having editors tweak and improve his words, including catching embarrassing factual errors and unclear sentences.

Blogging software has put a printing press in the hands of anyone who wants one, democratizing the world of publishing — up to a point. The Universal Desk is meant to bring the power of a newspaper’s copy desk to anyone on the internet, whether they are a blogger, a marketer or a company. Copy editing is not just for professional news writers any more. They also handle heavier editing — such as in-depth tweaks and re-workings of marketing campaigns, press releases or websites. Their slogan is, “Everyone Needs an Editor.”

Check this out! The Universal Desk is offering 30 readers a 1,000 words of copy editing and light editing free for a limited time until October 31st. for small start-ups and freelancers. All you have to do is contact Ryan at and say you saw this offer here. You will be provided credit in an account tied to your e-mail address, and you have three months to redeem it. Other businesses can try Universal Desk free for up to 500 words, for a limited time.