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By Joanne Wan

In the vein of my Bubblicious Guba post, women in tech have been on my mind. Tomorrow, Tues Dec 5, Women 2.0 is holding an awesome event. I’ll be spending time with other women who I respect and just generally enjoy spending time with. I attended the inaugural Women 2.0 event in May and met many talented and inspiring women who I still keep in touch with.

A photo from the archives - I met Angie Chang, one of the founders of Women 2.0, and Elea Chang for the first time at SuperHappyDevHouse9. The inaugural Women 2.0 event was held the next morning. (photo credit: Joanne Wan) I’ve also spent some time with Wen-Wen Lam, and I just know that the event will be great!

Come join me tomorrow! Details follow:

Event: Converting Your Passion into a Real Business
Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2006 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM
Location: Stanford University, Room 420-040 in the Quad

“From the vlogging/blogging community to seasoned entrepreneurs, our panelists have done everything from covering internet celebrity smut to running an adult luxury goods business!”

» Liz Gannes, GigaOM Reporter
» Nick Douglas, Valleywag Immediate-Past Editor
» Shannon McClenaghan, JimmyJane President
» Amy Andersen, LinxDating Founder and CEO
» Christopher Surdi, Global Educational Program (GEP) Co-Founder & President
» Michael Cerda, Jangl CEO
» Moderator: Ariel Poler, TextMarks CEO

Our panelists will share their stories with us and talk about how and why they decided to do what they did – with topics such as getting started, getting funding, and how to run a successful business.

Free with a valid student ID and $10 without (some exceptions apply).

This is the registration link at

By Joanne Wan

On a chilly San Francisco evening, Guba and AlwaysOn hosted a steamy networking event at Roe in San Francisco’s SOMA. The gem of the night was clearly Adriana Gascoigne, Director of Public Relations for Guba. Adriana was decked out a beautiful magenta jewel-toned top and conducted video interviews with guests throughout the night. Many of my usually “well-behaved” male tech buddies admitted to having a little crush on her.

Adriana Gascoigne of Guba and Shirley Owyang (photo credit: Jeremiah Owyang)

Maybe Adriana was the driver, but there were certainly more women at the Guba party than at usual tech parties. This was a nice change for your Bubblicious writer, since I got to watch the men try to work their magic on the ladies. Their efforts to win over Adriana may have been thwarted, but the men certainly seemed more flirty than usual. I noticed a couple of canoodling couples in the dark corners of Roe at the end of the night.

Adriana Gascoigne of Guba conducting video interviews (photo credit: Joanne Wan)

Adriana Gascoigne and some of the lovely ladies from the Guba party (photo credit: Brian Solis)

Joanne Wan

After a day of tech festivities with Web2.2 and Web2.0, a few of us techies decided to foray into the world of “mainstream” hipster parties. The destination was Slide, an exclusive club underneath the famous Ruby Skye.

We entered the main club by going down a leather slide. (Yes it is literally a slide!) Thursday nights at Slide are particularly hot because Donovan takes over. Donovan parties are like a chocolate fondue fountain, it’s where to go when you want to be sinful and get away from the tech sausage fest.

Joanne Wan

Hipsters and Hollywood celebrities (and wannabes) have tried many ways to gain access to an exclusive club or party. Women will try to use sensual clothing and inviting smiles. Men will pull out their wallets and promise to get bottle service. So how does one get into an invite-only technology conference put on by O’Reilly? (drumroll please)

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