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By Alison McNeill

The hopes and visions of online video a decade ago finally came to fruition in 2006. Over the past three years we have seen tremendous progress in Web video and in 2009 the number of professionally produced and user-generated videos, user adoption, and the introduction of new episodic Web video series will reach new heights.

We caught up with industry expert Greg Goodfried at the NewTeeVee Live conference back in November where he shared his expertise and thoughts during the Bridging the Gap Between Television and Online panel. Also on the panel was writer and producer Jesse Alexander, who we interviewed here. The two spoke about the idea of transmedia and the convergence of new and old media.

Goodfried is co-founder, president and COO of EQAL, a social entertainment company. He is also the co-creator and executive producer of the online video series’ lonelygirl15, KateModern, and LG15: The Resistance.

By Alison McNeill

NewTeeVee Live’s most recent conference “Television Reinvented” brought together the top online video producers, technologists, executives and venture capitals to explore where Web video is headed and how old media is adapting. We were particularly interested in the panel on Bridging the Gap Between Television and Online and pulled a few of the panelists aside afterwards to discuss where its all headed.

First up is Jesse Alexander, a writer and producer whose resume includes hit TV shows such as Alias, Lost and Heroes.  Jesse talked with us about the concept of “transmedia” that describes the paradigm shift in the way audiences get their entertainment and how he has incorporated this into the shows he works on.

By Alison McNeill

We caught Beatrice Tarka of Mobissimo hanging out in the lobby at the Web 2.0 Summit so we decided to check in and see what’s new with the service. If you’re not already a fan, Mobissimo is a travel search engine that indexes over 200 travel sites to compares prices from online travel agencies, traditional airlines, low cost airlines and consolidators.

Their latest addition is Mobishare, which is a neat little feature that lets you share links to your latest travel finds, photos and videos with your friends and family, and post suggestions of places to go.  Beatrice and I talked about online travel, Mobissimo and more – check it out!

By Alison McNeill

It’s not often we see Richard MacManus of ReadWriteWeb at Silicon Valley events, so when we spotted him at the Web 2.0 Summit we had to snag him for a quick interview before his flight back to New Zealand. ReadWriteWeb has been around for an eternity in blog years, since 2003, and continues to grow and evolve with new sections like Jobwire, which showcases new hires in the area – a very nice change of pace from the layoff trackers.

Check out our interview below as Richard tells us more about what’s new for them and his thoughts on some of the more interesting topics at the show.