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by Alex Ho

One of the many post parties of the AdTech conference was thrown by Next Internet and was held at Temple in San Francisco. Next Internet is a profitable conglomerate of 7 operating companies and 250 employees in Internet Marketing, Ecommerce, and Consumer Internet. The party was hosted by Playboy Models Kaila Yu, Sasha Singleton and The Pack. Going to the party around 10-11pm and seeing a relatively long line outside, you would have never guessed that it was a Wednesday night. There was plenty of people inside and with an open bar and a good amount of GoGo dancers, you can’t really expect a better party anywhere else on a Wednesday evening. Surprisingly, my buddy Ben said this was actually not the best party of the evening. Considering this was his sixth party of the evening that he attended, I would have to take his word for it but I was happy enough to attend just this one for one night. 

Founder of NextInternet, Kenneth Chan and company (and by company I dont mean his employees!).

Kaila Yu, Alex Ho, and Milan.

Kim Ngo of Lead,  Ricky Luo, and Mike Stocker of NextInternet.

By Alex Ho 

There has been a lot of news about Yahoo! recently since the beginning of the year. After fourth quarter results from 2007 were reported, there was the announcement of about 1000 layoffs for Yahoo! employees wordwide. Then a couple of days afterwards, there was a huge announcement by Microsoft wanting to acquire Yahoo! for 44.6 billion dollars. The deal got rejected but everyone is still waiting to see what will happen next as the deal is not completely gone. Since then, Yahoo! has revealed high expectations for the next two years, joined the OpenSocial initiative, and has had plenty of increased advertising. It is tough to say whether Jerry Yang and the board members are trying to get more money, look for more alternatives with other partners/alliances or just fend off Microsoft completely and let Jerry Yang succeed in running his “baby”.

With all that is going on in the media spotlight, Yahoo! is still actively recruiting and hiring! There are plenty of good reasons to work at Yahoo! as it is consistently on Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to work for. Whether or not the deal goes through should not hinder you from applying for a position because if there is an open position, and you get hired, your job will be safe. If you need a referral, look on the Yahoo! job board for open positions that you qualify for, and send me your resume along with the req ID. I am not a recruiter but I do enjoy working as an Operations Engineer at Yahoo!.

by Alex Ho 

All we have been reading about recently is the SXSW conference in Texas but there is always something happening in San Francisco as well. The 7th Annual San Francisco Fetish Ball took place at the Regency Ballroom and was definitely a weird, scary and interesting experience to see. It was sort of like Halloween on steroids as there was a huge range of costumes in attendance. The evening included several performances and a fashion show. This is the type of event that makes you love San Francisco because this is not an event you could find occurring any city.

Organizers of the SF Fetish Ball, Paige and the master of Ceremonies host - Sister Roma

This guy has an awesome outfit as part of the Fashion show that reminds me of a Japanese video game or anime character.

One of the performances of the evening.

More pictures can be found at my NSFW Flickr set
You have been warned!

5 Mar

SF Green

story by Alex Ho and pictures by Julie Blaustein

The organizers of SF Beta, Room Full of People Inc. and Steve Newcomb (Powerset founder and blogger) brought to Minna Gallery a SF Beta spinoff called SF Green to appeal to the recent Green movement. SF Green is also supported by the California Clean Tech Open. Being the first event, it drew a very successful crowd of 300+ in attendance. It is a great way to bring together people who are interested in learning more about being green and it never hurts to have another Green Mixer. This is definitely not the first Green mixer in the bay area as there are already quite a few. There are several Green Drinks monthly mixers all over the bay area as well as my favorite, EcoTuesdays. (blog coverage of the most recent EcoTuesday event).

Unfortunately, the demos were not too exciting as there were only two booths from Syncromatics and Enverity. Syncromatics is a company that provides real-time bus tracking systems and is currently providing service to several Universities and demoed the current UCSD service. Enverity provides web-enabled business-management software as well as health and safety solutions for corporations. There was also an electric ATV from Barefoot Motors on display. Hopefully, future SF Green mixers will have more demos and presentations.

Organizers of SF Green, Christina Perry, Cassie Philipps, and Steve Newcomb

Organizers of EcoTuesday, Oren Jaffe and Nikki Martinez

Futureworks’ Rebecca Reeve and friend.

More pics from Julie’s Flickr set here.

Story and images by Alex Ho 

If you are a regular reader of Bub, you are probably aware of all the monthly tech events that occur in San Francisco. To broaden the scene that Bub covers, I wanted to cover a different event this time, which happens to be the JLSF Fashion Show 2008 Launch Party. “The Junior League of San Francisco, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.” The event was put together by Jaime Jensen and Nicole Alfague and took place at the Zephyr Ventilation Showroom, to launch the annual fashion show and to celebrate the 20 year partnership with Macy’s Department Store. The event was hosted by San Francisco Magazine and catered by Indulge Caterers.

The event’s celebrity MC was Hooman of Radio Alice 97.3 pictured above with the event’s co-chair Jaime Jensen.

The well organized event was enjoyed by many wonderful guests. Indulge Caterers provided plenty of delicious appetizers and drinks. The location of the Zephyr Showroom in Potrero Hill provided a great atmosphere and plenty of parking unlike the typical events that take place at the bars in downtown SF. I met numerous members of the JLSF organization and they were a great group of professional women that volunteer and dedicate a lot of their time every year to organize these great events for charity.

THe JLSF 82nd Annual Fashion Show Gala will take place on April 5th and tickets and info can be found at


Highlights of the event included a mini-silent auction that included Golden State Warriors tickets, Southwest Airlines tickets, American Laser Centers treatment, Serenity Dental Spa, and more.

Marie Carr, Frank Alizaga Jr, and Nicole Fraser 

Some of the sponsors of this event included Sake2Me, Vodka 360, Jetset Energy Drink, Evian, Rex Winery, Corona,, and JAWBONE.
friend and Annie Calonico

Shadi Morello and fellow fashionites

See full Flickr set here

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