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The first Mashable Monthly San Francisco event took place last week and packed the whole Roe Restaurant and Lounge. I wasn’t able to make it to the special pre party event for bloggers and press and actually didn’t get to the party until around 9ish but better late, than never. The top floor by that time, was packed with people while the blogger lounge downstairs had a little more breathing room but was not exactly empty either. Don’t these pictures make you wish you were there!

Mr. GQ of San Francisco, Pete Cashmore was the celebrity of the hour of course, here in front of the Mashable/ backdrop with Alice, Krystel, and Rana.

Lorna, Andrew, and Vanessa

Krystel, Andrew, and Alice

Awesome Aubrey with two glasses of wine to cure her jetlag back from Beijing.

Morgan and Kaley

More images from the event here

By Alex Ho

Cate Corbitt, Morgan Sherwood, and  Kara Murphy

Gathering people together for an event on Facebook is obviously not very hard. Last night, Mister Bill, Chad Scott, and Tim Van Loan packed the house at Shine in San Francisco to celebrate the Fail whale and other failures. I am stilll not really sure what the point of the event was but I guess they were successful because they achieved an event to gather people together for an excuse to party with basically no theme or point! Interestingly, the event attracted not just techies, but gay and gay porn company employees, numerous photographers, and people on vacation from Ireland. All in all, it was a good Tuesday night out I guess.

Chad Scott and Tim Van Loan

Kate Rushton, Gene X Hwang, Megan Pearlman

Larry Chiang, Oksana, and Alan.

Thanks Larry btw for the TechCrunch August Capital afterparty at Four Seasons!

Nick Starr, Bernadette Balla, and Alex Ho

Kurt Collins with a two for one special?

 Lara Long, Maryann Faricy, and Linda Chan

See the whole set at my Flickr.

By Alex Ho

The SummerMash Mashables 2008 San Francisco event was obviously going to be a good party when there was already more than 100 people standing outside waiting to get in before the doors opened at Mighty. The night was filled with a couple giveaway raffles, demos/booths, rare drink tickets, and of course intellectual web and tech conversations.

Stephanie Marnitz, Ryan Hupfer, and Karen Hartline.

Vanessa Camones and Alicia Lin

Stephanie Dub

Brian Solis, Adriana Gascoigne, and Christoper Peri

Steve Kerns and Kristin Maverick

Doug Dalton

Pete Cashmore, Janet Yan, and another Mashable guy.

Nick Starr, and Diana Agraz

More pictures from the event can be seen here.

You can see Brian’s coverage of the jam packed party here.

The 2nd Girl Geek Dinner was held at Etiquette Lounge on Market st. You can read about the first one here. It was not the best and safest location to gather but still attracted a full house to listen to the panelists discuss the topic of the evening, “Facebook Developer Garage.”

The panelists included:
Holly Liu (User Experience and Co-Founder, Watercooler) (above)

(below from left to right)
Alina Libova (Founder and Developer, Easter Eggs)
Julie Zhuo (Product Designer, Platform, Facebook)
Annie Chang (Co-Founder, LOLapps)
Ruchi Sanghvi (Principal Product Manager, Facebook)

The event was sponsored by Facebook and everyone on the panel is currently working in the Facebook Application industry. Alina Libova showed that you can successfully sell a Facebook App business while still being a student in college. The crowd consisted mainly of women but the discussion did not consist only of the cliche, “how do you deal with being a girl in the tech industry.” I have a lot of respect for women in tech but being a male in the tech industry, I will keep my summary short and simple so that I don’t say anything that can get me in trouble.

Lisa Whelan, Karen Lee, and Annie Chang

Julie Cheng Bui and Yen Phan

Kim Louie and Tanje Balde of Facebook promoting Facebook swag

Girl Geek Dinner’s Angie Chang

My full set of images here.

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