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Social media company Sprout is launching a new tool set for its strategies and campaigns services, which center around building an online presence on Facebook in just two weeks. Is this possible? Sprout seems to think so. For $50,000 Sprout’s new tool set is a bundle package that includes a Facebook application, Facebook Connect integration with their client’s site, and a Facebook Fan Page for engagement purposes with Facebook users.

The bundle package is customized to each individual client, with provisions for design, campaign management and tracking. Other features include quality assurance testing, consultations, campaign launch support and other key analytics for measuring purposes.

The idea here is to get a company up and running. But one of the most important parts of creating an online presence that’s so heavily tied in with Facebook is the necessity to maintain that presence. Companies that sign up for Sprout’s new bundle package will need to keep this in mind as they look for a jump-start solution, which may be their biggest barrier to entry.

With the new bundle option it appears that Sprout is really targeting businesses that aren’t already based in web technology and are looking to build their brand through popular social media. The bundle package is rather specific to Facebook, so a potential client would need to keep that in mind and have a decided strategy around such Facebook integration. Such integration may not work for all brands, and as I mentioned before, the maintenance around it can be quite steep. But the provision of analytics from Sprout will help on the maintinance end.

Sprout is competing with the likes of Buddy Media and other social marketing companies with the new bundle package, looking for an advantage in the time frame and the price point. An aggresive move such as this one could be seen as an impersonal approach to building an online presence for any company. But the commoditization of such services is par for the course when considering the standard Facebook’s platform is creating.

By Miiko Mentz

The PopSugar/TechCrunch party at the Vanguard in LA was all about bringing together Hollywood and the tech world, so who better to interview than Hammer?! He is now the CEO and co-founder of the site DanceJam, a place for all things dance, including instructional videos, battles with other members, and more.

The Geek Goes Chic crowd packed the house with 2,100 people in attendance. It was a wild night of tech startups showcasing their newest products and services, lots of great networking and blaring music, which lended itself to a lot whole lotta screaming and yelling on our part. reporter Alison McNeill caught up with Hammer there to talk about DanceJam and his daughter A’Keiba Burrell appearing on MTV’s new reality series Rock the Cradle.

For more on the event, click here.


TECH cocktail Chicago 6

The sixth TECH cocktail in Chicago took on the Windy City last Thursday evening to bring together over 500 guests for another installment of the event series. In case you are unfamiliar, TECH cocktail is a series of mixer events, founded by Frank Gruber and Eric Olson, opened to bloggers, technology enthusiasts and entrepreneurs interested in the technology arena in under served tech communities like Chicago, Boston and Washington, DC among others.

The event which looks to “amplify the technology signal and have fun doing it” certainly took a step in the right direction by showcasing the following startups:

42 Friends, LLC – Facebook apps like “Growing Gifts“, “Goals” and many more
Cappex – a safe and effective tool for college students to connect the right college or university
Dawdle – a gaming marketplace where buyers are hooked up with sellers of used video games, systems and accessories – online property management system
SeatQuest – a soon to launch ticket search engine that virtually shows you your seats
Songza – slick web music search engine and player created by Humanized - personalized online review system
Waves.TV – a video platform for web cam vlogging in a matter of seconds

Aza Raskin demos Songza
Aza Raskin demos the new music search and player Songza.

The event was sponsored by Centro, Carepages, Athena Optimus Solutions, SingleHop, ChicagoMicro, myAOL, Interactive Mediums, Saper Law, Fiodan Corp., SitterCity, NUDirection Consulting, MK Capital, Origin Ventures, SeatQuest, Frost, Ruttenberg & Rothblatt, P.C. and Hinshaw & Culbertson.

TECH cocktail Chicago 6 at John Barleycorn Wrigleyville

TECH cocktail Chicago 6 took place at John Barleycorn just across the street from Wrigley Field home of the Chicago Cubs.

TECH cocktail co-founder Eric Olson & Frank Gruber
TECH cocktail co-founders Eric Olson formerly of FeedBurner/Google now with BuzzFeed & Frank Gruber of myAOL & Somewhat Frank fame enjoyed another super turnout.

SingleHop Took This Shot
A packed house at TECH cocktail Chicago 6 taken by the SingleHop.

Former FeedBurner Crew Hangs Loose
Formerly of Chicago-based FeedBurner Justin Ward and company hang loose at TECH cocktail as FeedBurner is now a part of Google.

Harper Reed & Atkins of Threadless with Frank Gruber at TECH cocktail Chicago 6
Harper Reed & Atkins of skinnyCorp/Threadless with Frank Gruber.

I <3 Threadless
Chicago-based Threadless had swag in full affect.

Laura Apple and gents
Lauri Apple of Humanized wore her penguin suit while hanging with her buddy Dan Henrick from Playboy Enterprises & David Wexler of

TECH cocktail Chicago 6
Jason Rexilius of HostedLabs, Kristen Nicole blogger for Mashable, Sam Mele
founder & CEO of Firm58 and Greg Cangialosi of Blue Sky Factory.

TECH cocktail Chicago 6 Glowing Cups
TECH cocktail drinks were flowing and glowing!

Alden, Eric Olson & Paul
Eric Olson hangs with some other TECH cocktailers.
TECH cocktail Chicago 6
Frank Gruber with Araceli Arroyo sporting some Cappex swag and Maureen Malungcot of Centro.

Daliah Saper of Saper Law
Daliah Saper of Saper Law held off on her wedding packing to take in TECH cocktail Chicago 6.
SingleHop at TECH cocktail Chicago 6
SingleHop had a lot green on hand for TECH cocktail Chicago 6.

Photos from the event were taken by Rachelle Bowden. Check out more photos from TECH cocktail 6 and add TECH cocktail as a contact on Flickr.

With the TechCrunch40 event behind us, but not forgotten, we decided to run some “lost” footage of two very cool intereviews from The Palace Hotel.

First, Alison McNeill interviews Tim Norton of PlanHQ, who was excited to talk about their launch at DEMOfall 07 (at least somebody plays by the rules).

Mark Johnson and Scott Prevost of Powerset played off of a laboratory theme (they are beta testing their site), provided the cocktails – test tubes filled with vodka, cranberry juice, and a secret blue ingredient.

What was it?

We don’t know, but we found ourselves strangely addicted to their website after imbibing the blue concoction…

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In 1998, the world was introduced to speed dating. Introverts everywhere rejoiced. Meeting people no longer meant long stares from across the room. Finally, real human interaction was possible. Not since high school did sheltered young men and women feel so alive.

But there was one major problem.

The thought of meeting people and the physical act of doing it are two very different beasts, and despite having played a part in bringing numerous couples together, speed dating brings the possibility of numerous face-to-face rejections in a short period of time. Unless you have rhinocerous skin, that kind of rejection is bound to eat away at the old self-esteem.

Enter Woome, an online introduction platform that aims to eliminate the uncomfortable moments that plague all speed daters.

The idea is simple. By taking advantage of available technology, users can afford themselves the luxury of being able to meet new people in the most comfortable of situations…in the privacy of their own home.

Have five minutes? Meet five people!

Check it out:

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