Yes, companies are still working on finding the best way to push location-based mobile advertising. AT&T is getting ready to launch, which will be a location-aware mobile search tool. Complete with recommendations from friends and the service, along with polling options and access to reviews, is something of a Yelp competitor. As location-aware apps and options on mobile phones increase in popularity and feature sets, AT&T is hoping to get in on the good fortune.

Location-aware mobile advertising has been on the horizon for years now, with companies aiming to integrate several phone options into the mobile ad structure. Getting businesses to participate by offering mobile coupons or other rlevant discounts has been a huge part of the struggle, leaving companies such as AT&T with few incentives to offer mobile users.

The rapid growth of mobile app markets and the increased adoption rate of smart phones has made all of the above far easier, especially as consumers are now turning directly to their phones in order to find information and directions to nearby venues.

The idea of tapping into one’s social graph to receive the best information is also a tactic that has already been employed by other services, but for AT&T, is aiming to be a step above the rest. While won’t be creating its own social network, it will turn to existing connections through email and social networks, most likely Facebook and Twitter.

The ability to do so has also helped companies like AT&T fulfill their desire to create a useful application based on a mobile user’s location. As AT&T already has, it’s also likely that the phone service provider will also tie in some of its data to the new project. Building on existing databases in this way also makes i easier for AT&T to implement

As I mentioned yesterday, several companies are building businesses and mobile apps around a user’s location. Mapping tools, search layers and filters, and other location-aware features have made GPS into a power-feature, bearing several methods for helping consumers navigate their surroundings. It seems as though most mobile apps can be wrapped in a location-aware setting, giving rise to a more tangible connection between mobile users and their device.

For advertising purposes, the encouragement around location-aware mobile apps means big money. Having the ability to better target consumers means getting even more information on things like their location and purchasing activity. What some of these mobile apps are doing is creating a rather exact profile of individual users, making it far easier to dig into demographic data and create marketing opportunities that are highly personal.

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Kristen Nicole


    Brandon28 January 2010 12:50 pm

    Yelp, Foursquare, Gowalla are pawns.

    This is head-to-head with Apple and Google on the mobile front.

    Kristen Nicole28 January 2010 12:57 pm

    Good point, though Google hasn’t come full force with a Yelp-like service directly through its maps or search just yet. I have a MyTouch, though, and am seeing Google Maps working its way in that direction, rather rapidly I might add. Will be an interesting battle, esp. with Apple possibly abandoning Google search tools for Bing.