AOL has a new logo. That’s some fun flare. With a new lease on life, having begun the process of spinning off from Time Warner, the staple in online destinations is marking its new beginnings with some new designs. The biggest point of differentiation is the use of lowercase letters and a period placed at the end. It’s young, fresh and a little more hip. According to the company, the new logo design aims to pay tribute to the creative nature of the company, its employees and its future.

AOL-logos-1024x757Several companies are having to get creative with their business strategies moving forward, especially those that were web-based and too large to move nimbly with the economic recession last year. Companies such as AOL and MySpace are two in particular that have taken a similar downsize and refocus approach to their business survival.

Aside from the new logo and regaining independence from Time Warner, AOL has also instituted a new CEO earlier this year. Former Google Sales executive Tim Armstrong joined AOL in March, insinuating at a revived goal towards growing its sales and advertising segments.

In many ways, AOL had been aligning its other initiatives with a sales and advertising goal for some time. Many of the more recent AOL products that have been released in the past few years have been ways in which the company can make money through sales and ads instead of through creating consumer products.

The interesting aspect of AOL’s future at this point is the fact that the company may still need to find more ways in which to monetize direct consumer relationships yet again. Should AOL want to consider this route, it could be vastly different from the methods used primarily by social networks. AOL and social networks still have varied goals in the long term, though many of AOL’s current products have a social lean or are used by social networks as integrated services.

Nevertheless, the new AOL logo hails the onset of another new era for the company, bringing fresh hope and promise for 2010 and beyond.

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