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Photo credit: Julie Blaustein

Of all the television commercial jingles that have gotten stuck in my head over the years, the song in those horrible incontinence ads is probably the most memorable – “Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!” We’ve all had those “gotta go right now” moments. And it’s especially frustrating in a city like San Francisco, where many restaurants, bookstores and the like keep their facilities closed to the public. Now there’s a solution – and a bub.blicio.us one at that. MizPee, one of the companies that demo’d at last night’s SF Beta, allows anyone with browsing capability on their cell phone to enter their address and find the city’s nearest – and cleanest – toilet. For more on the new service, check out bub.blicio.us’ earlier post and Techcrunch’s entry, which has made MizPee one of the most buzzed-about topics of the day.

Peter Olfe, who founded Yojo Mobile, the company behind MizPee

Occupying a demo table in the opposite corner of 111 Minna was Robert Yau, who had two sites to talk up: DateMyPet.com, which matches up pet owners, and MyDogSpace.com, which is exactly what you think it is. Since launching at the end of last week, MyDogSpace has gained about 400 users. And yes, MyCatSpace will be available soon.

Robert Yau

Among the other companies showing off their products to the always interested Beta crowd were Loopt, whose Fred Potter was displaying the service on his cell, and Blabberize.

Fred Potter showing off Loopt

The Blabberize demo area

Among the many attendees packed into Minna were:

Hunter Block (LuckyOliver)
Mary Trigiani (Foldier)
Aaron Krane (Technorati)
Joe Neale (ServePath)
Robert Boyle (Podaddies)
Kurt Collins (Lending Club)
Pha Lo (Autonomy)

One other notable attendee was Priyesh Jain, the young co-founder of JaredSIM, who told me he was spending his summer break from a midwestern university in San Francisco to attend events like SF Beta. Say hi if you see Jain at a future soiree — he just might be hiring in a couple of years.

For more pictures from SF Beta, check out T.J. DeGroat’s set and Julie Blaustein’s album. Check out sfbeta.com for more on Christian Perry’s popular monthly event.

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    packed? ummm… This was probably the thinnest crowd at an sfbeta yet!

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    Gosh! Finally I show up in one of these infamous SF Beta pictures and I’m staring at the floor. Doh! (first picture, daft green Threadless t-shirt)

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