By Joanne Wan

On a chilly San Francisco evening, Guba and AlwaysOn hosted a steamy networking event at Roe in San Francisco’s SOMA. The gem of the night was clearly Adriana Gascoigne, Director of Public Relations for Guba. Adriana was decked out a beautiful magenta jewel-toned top and conducted video interviews with guests throughout the night. Many of my usually “well-behaved” male tech buddies admitted to having a little crush on her.

Adriana Gascoigne of Guba and Shirley Owyang (photo credit: Jeremiah Owyang)

Maybe Adriana was the driver, but there were certainly more women at the Guba party than at usual tech parties. This was a nice change for your Bubblicious writer, since I got to watch the men try to work their magic on the ladies. Their efforts to win over Adriana may have been thwarted, but the men certainly seemed more flirty than usual. I noticed a couple of canoodling couples in the dark corners of Roe at the end of the night.

Adriana Gascoigne of Guba conducting video interviews (photo credit: Joanne Wan)

Adriana Gascoigne and some of the lovely ladies from the Guba party (photo credit: Brian Solis)

There were many familiar faces in the room, as many had just come from the Stickis launch party a few blocks away. (Check out Brian Solis’ Bubblicious post on the elegant event.) The most amusing encounter of the night was finally meeting Jeremiah Owyang’s holographic wife Shirley. Jeremiah and I follow each other’s Flickr streams, and I had seen pictures of his phantom wife many times. It was great to finally meet the woman behind the man.

Jeremiah and Shirley Owyang with Joanne Wan (photo credit: Joanne Wan)

I asked Shirley if she has similar experiences as Guy Kawasaki’s wife by telling a story I fondly remembered from Guy’s blog:

At 11:00 pm a few weeks ago, my wife asked me, “What are you doing?” I wish I could have said, “Making money.” Instead I told her, “I’m changing the world, 15,000 people at a time.” To which she deadpanned, “Oh, you’re blogging again…”

Shirley chuckled and said she could commiserate.

Michelle Gascoigne (Adriana’s sister) and Greg Narain (photo credit: Brian Solis)

(photo credit: Brian Solis)

(photo credit: Brian Solis)

Valleywag‘s Megan McCarthy and Brian Solis (photo credit: Julie Blaustein)

ValleySchwag‘s Tara Anderson (photo credit: Brian Solis)

Julie Blaustein of PhotoBucket (photo credit: Brian Solis)

Lorna Li and Karim Tahawi of My Currency (photo credit: Brian Solis)

Giselle Bisson of digit (photo credit: Brian Solis)

Adriana, Greg Narain, Julia French of mingle now (photo credit: Julie Blaustein)

Check out more photos from Joanne Wan and Brian Solis on Flickr…and Julie Blaustein’s pictures at Photobucket.

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