It is hard to explain to my friends what exactly is going on with the TV industry, or why the jobs aren’t as available or rightfully paying as they once were. I have written several posts about the future of media and the content overload, cloud chaos amongst us. Here is a video that describes one of the many threats to come:

The question is… will you trust a cartoon animation? We spend billions of dollars watching them on movies and such. Family Guy and The Simpsons are some of the most popular shows on television, although they aren’t computer generated.  Frankly, I prefer the good old-fashioned human approach. We are more unpredictable. :) Besides, people (like my awesome mom) watch Bill O’Reilly for Bill O’Reilly — What is he going to say? What is he going to do?  I think, and would hope, most people don’t watch O’Reilly for the absolute latest, most accurate and objective information possible. The O’Reilly Factor is insight, opinion, commentary, all of which are things many people crave.

My conclusion is this: If you want the truth, watch a computer. If you want an experience, watch a human. Besides, predictable is boring. Most of the television I watch is just to see what other people are doing, wearing, and saying. I get most of my inspiration and ideas from observing other people, that is what life is about. I am not sure how much of that an algorithm can do.

What happened to the post offices, music industry, travel industry and now television, will happen to pretty much every other industry as well… it is cost effective, and frankly probably more accurate and error proof. This digital revolution is just getting started. Each industry will adapt, and make adjustments as we continue to become a leaner, faster, more competitive global economy. What I often wonder is… when computers start replacing our positions, where are all these people going to go? I guess the government could always do their role and create jobs. (ahem!)

My dad is a Facebook newbie and really growing keen on all this digital stuff, I told him tonight that I think he is in one of the safest industries out there. His company, Atlas Machine & Supply ( specializes in industrial machinery and services. They help industrial plants run more effectively and more smoothly. Luckily, everything you look at is either grown, mined or made. Those needs are not going anywhere. I think he is safe…. for the time being. :) When the algorithms figure out how to properly repair custom machinery that weigh two tons, then we will really have something to worry about.

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